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Harumi's Outfit Sheet

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Harumi's reference sheet for outfit's.

Outfit 1: Harumi's standard outfit what she wears M-F.

Outfit 2: Mission outfit. Most Suna Ninja's wear clothes that cover most of there bodies despite the heat, except the females who often show their legs. I assume it's to protect their bodies and skin from the sun. I didn't keep this in mind when I was originally designing Harumi, because she works in an office most of the time working a 9-5. I decided to add a hood, that she wears during the rare occurrences she goes on missions, or travels through the desert. Also added water gourds on her belt.

Outfit 3: She wears the standard Sunagakure uniform during the Fourth Shinobi world war, with a few alterations. The bag is for her scrolls and some supplies.

Outfit 4: Her weekend/day off outfit. A very simple sundress and hat with more open sandals.

Outfit 5: Undergarments, what she wears under each outfit. No bra, it's hot in Suna.

"Outfit" 6: What she sleeps in....Yeah...Harumi lives alone, and as I said before Suna has hot nights.

Outfit 7: (AU/Alternate Universe) Common Era outfit. I find it funny that if Naruto took place in Modern Era Japan, Harumi could actually have the same job. So I thought this outfit would be appropriate, small pumps, pantyhose, button up shirt, sweater vest and glasses.

Outfit 8: Cosplay. Hogwarts Student, Slytherin. I was originally going to make her a Ravenclaw, but I decided slytherin was more fitting since she's cunning, self-preservative, ambitious, and a lot of her income is totally embezzled.

Apple Blossom Brush: [link]
Naruto Symbol Brush: [link]
Naruto Logo Stock: [link]
Pose and Style Ref: [link]
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I love how the night time outfit says 'CENSORED' xD