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I'm Not Sure What To Do Anymore...
hey... Lately I've been thinking, and I just realized something...
Most of the time, people think, "they are smiling, therefore they are happy." They connect smiling to happiness. but what nobody seems to realize is that smiling could just be a person's way of saying, "I'm on pain, and I am silently crying out for help, but I just don't want to tell people about it, so I'll hide it." Few times do people actually ask the simple question that is a complex answer. " are you okay?" Now we've all been asked that at least once in our life, and sometimes, we lie. We lie and say 'I'm fine' like everything is all dandy and okay when it's not! We are breaking in the inside and we refuse to show it or ask for help so we slowly fade away... And then we lay, forgotten, in the corner of life. Pushed away by society, unloved. We at there, all because we refuse to admit our feelings. We cry to give up, we whine, we bitch, we do everything in our power, all to make ourselves feel worse in the end. And
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Lion and Tiger VS Wolf by BrokenWarriorYT Lion and Tiger VS Wolf :iconbrokenwarrioryt:BrokenWarriorYT 0 0 I was looking for you! by BrokenWarriorYT I was looking for you! :iconbrokenwarrioryt:BrokenWarriorYT 1 0 The Horse I Usually Ride: Outlaw by BrokenWarriorYT The Horse I Usually Ride: Outlaw :iconbrokenwarrioryt:BrokenWarriorYT 1 0


Le derp xD by Kay263401 Le derp xD :iconkay263401:Kay263401 10 3 Happy Birthday Shin! by mist07000 Happy Birthday Shin! :iconmist07000:mist07000 6 4 Donna and Melody by mist07000 Donna and Melody :iconmist07000:mist07000 8 2 ALIEN PUPPY! 0.0 by iceiceSnowy ALIEN PUPPY! 0.0 :iconiceicesnowy:iceiceSnowy 4 8 Losing someone (episode 8 spolier of TDWOP) by mist07000 Losing someone (episode 8 spolier of TDWOP) :iconmist07000:mist07000 5 2 I'm scared that you'll never know.. by mist07000 I'm scared that you'll never know.. :iconmist07000:mist07000 6 2 Free Lines - Curly Coated Retriever by tuketi Free Lines - Curly Coated Retriever :icontuketi:tuketi 61 0 Free Lines - Whippet by tuketi Free Lines - Whippet :icontuketi:tuketi 238 12


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For MysticSims
We may not be together anymore but you’re my friend always
2018 Christmas Multi-Song Mep
SIms 3 only
I will give you a song and you will choose your favorite 30 seconds (ONLY 30 SECONDS!) of that sog and do map part.
must be dedicated to someone!
it is not required t tell me but id apprexiate knowing who yours was dedicated to!
you cant do the sane song as another person.

dedicated to (optional bit appreciated):

Me: ALl i want for christma ifs you (dedicated to E(mo chara is fearr)💜)
I was really bored

1) Their first design vs. current design
I’ll do a normal DA post for this cause I’m on mobile.

2) Why are they your fursona?
Because I love dogs. I don’t really have a reason except they’re awesome.

3) Whats different between you and your fursona?
She's an Mutt, I’m a human.

4) Their theme song
Ehm, there is a lot. Can’t choose

5) Give them a canon voice!
I dunno...

6) What does your fursona love and hate?
Likes: Respect, getting into fights, protecting friends, playing with rocks, dirt
Dislikes: Crowds, people trying to be the boss (she is an alpha), the ocean, skirts, bows, pink

7) Their body type vs. yours

8) How strong is your connection to your fursona?
:3 very.

9) Is your fursona shipped with someone elses character? if so, who?
No, but that would be fun XD

10) Who/what is your fursona based off of?
11) Do you wish your fursona was real?
Yes. I would finally have a friend *cri*

12) How much did you spend on art for them so far?

13) Where would your fursona live if they were real?
In the woods.

14) Have you ever sold/traded them before?
I don’t understand what you mean by this.

15) Their favorite holiday

16) Pick a movie character they relate to most!
Paul Lahote mixed with Embry Call And Quil ateara from Twilight. She is like me, hotheaded, but I can be fun to joke around with.

17) Pick another fictional character they relate to!
Ehm, ive gotta say... probably (idk if this counts XD) Storm from Survivors by Erin Hunter

18) When were they born (created)?
May, 2018?

19) Who is their best friend?
Well, her best friend I don’t have the fursona for, but definitely MysticSims.

20) Did you create them?

21) Their favorite season

22) Do you have a fursuit of them? if not, do you want one?

23) How long have they been your fursona?
Since May  of this year I think?

24) How many times have they been redesigned/altered?
3 times

25) Their favorite restaurant
I can’t have many foods, so idk.

26) Do they have any phobias?
A LOT it’s hard to list XD

27) Name one thing people forget when drawing them
Ehm, Nothing really. Nobody draws her.

28) Favorite art piece of them
I don’t really have one, nobody has ever drawn her

29) Do they represent you or a part of you?
Part of me.

30) Tell me one fun fact of them!

Ehm, she was bred with my gay friend’s fursona and they had two sons. Does that count? If not, then probably she seems aggressive and rude but then if you take the time to get to know her, she is a big floofball and will be very kind and protective of you. Also she has depression, anxiety, and is slightly insane.


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