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Tech U Pack 2

Second edition of my "Tech U Pack" collection. This pack includes 7 brushes, one of them being a light 2d overlay (1600x1200px)

Photoshop 7 Brushes

Tech U Pack 1 : [link]

Please if you use, either send me a note or leave a link to it here.
Note: or

Please remember to comment so that I can make even better brushes next time.

To Download:
Simply press the "Down" button under the preview, thanks!

EDIT: Decided to scrap the VasBrushes Idea. From now on Ill upload everything to BrokenVolt.


By Vas / BrokenVolt 1990-2005
© 2004 - 2021 BrokenVolt
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Awesome brushes!
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I've never used brushes before, I'll have to see how these work... They look excellent though.
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love them...i might use them...but how i download a lot of's hard to go back all the time to the one i took them from so...if u keep track of my works u will recognize those using ur brushes...if u find them..let me know..and will credit u.
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Eek. The problem is that I use the things that I make so many places, it is hard to tel. I bet the places I would most use them is for contests or sigs and avvys at: [link]

or, perhaps for images at [link].

Looking forward to trying them out *plans next sig with them*
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Cool, show me the results :D .
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Theres something I made with yours, with some other brushes for the background.
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Ooo, nice man, show more if you make anything ;) .
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Don't worry, I will ;) :P
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One more! combined with a few other techs.
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i love these brushes I plan to use them with my latest I will note ya with it as soon as its up
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Thanks, that would be great.
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not a prob i am waiting for a mate to come on so he can help me out a tad and then i will upload :D
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Okay, if you need any help just ask :) .
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its inamongst my scrap atm i dont know what to do with it
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Very well thought out brush set! (Just wish there were MORE!!!!) Keep up the good work. Check this out for te first WP I made using your wonderful set. [link]
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yippppiiieeeehhh my 2n tech brush set I found....:D Your brushes are great I'll use them :)
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Thanks, if you need brushes. Check out [link] .

If you use them please try to give me a link of the final piece :) .
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I thank you for the link m8 :D
Here's another techsig by me (I'm sig-designer)...don't know if I used your brushes on this one...I mix many brushes for my sigs...thx again!
Your brushes enhance my possibilities :)

Merry christmas!
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man... i so need to upgrade from photoshop six!

i love these packs.
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