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TF2: Sailor Scout

At first I thought this idea was extremely original, but then after browsing deviantART, I saw several images that had the same concept. I was tempted to just not post it, but it was already drawn and everything. Also, this is meant to take the place of the usual 2 Nosfera pages that I usually do, but I've been so busy with school and family stuff. D=

Sailor Moon © Whoever made it
Scout © Valve
Art © *BrokenTeapot
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This definitely should be a customization option in TF2.

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when you selec the wrong loadout

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sailor mars' agent from planet mars is credit to team!
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Imagine scout, leaping over the buildings, a picture of grace and damn legs, skirt waving in the air...
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Trololololololololololol :3 lol
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I would watch that transformation ^^
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Oh I'm sorry my toast wouldn't cook and I had to become a SAILOR SCOUT!!
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"By the power of the moons, IMMA BEATCHO @$$!"
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I just died of insane laughter
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Totes cute and I know you feel...every good idea has been done at least once already.
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Duce: Don't worry, Scout. I've had worse things happening to me, like playing dodgeball with rednecks in a trailer park.
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Scout is fabulous! :iconfabulousplz:
run scout the yaoi fan girls are after you
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That's it I'm drawing all the mercs as sailor scouts.

Heavy is obviously the prettiest.
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I'm going to go bathe in bleach now, thanks.
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