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Poor Birdo

Yeah, made out of boredom. =P

Toad and Birdo © Nintendo
Art © *BrokenTeapot
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Chill out, Birdo; Nobody likes a drama queen, after all! ;)
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Nitro does have a big point but she to spit them out to the other areas. P.S do not kill bird or her baby's.😨😨😨😧😧😧😦😦😦
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well actually if those eggs were never fertilized then there's no childeren
CosmoTheSeedrian8's avatar
That birdo looked so fake
shyho's avatar
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DONT KILL DA BABYSNoo NOO NUUUUUU NO...WAI... :noo: :notthat: :nooo: 
Pas6fisX's avatar
birdo got one HUGE point
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Birdo, if you don't want the heroes to throw your own eggs at you, DON'T SPIT THEM AT THEM OBVIOUSLY!!

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birdos a guy so how did he do that...
Feline-Intellect's avatar
Well, Yoshi is a guy and he does it.....somehow.....
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Toad is a murderer!
AlexGamer9000's avatar
Toad is am murderer!
TheRazgar's avatar
How did I not notice that before?
ScorpinokX's avatar
Mario: first i'll-a take your-a egg then i'lla beat you up with it
bepopee's avatar
Your the one trowing unborn kids at people dumbo. :icontrollfaceplz:
NinSega's avatar
Consider the fact you ATTACK me with your unborn children. :XD:
OmegaRobotnik98's avatar
I'm Omega RRRobotnik I love it! :trollface:
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