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Political debates in the USA

By BrokenTeapot
The full title was supposed to be, "Nearly every political debate in the USA", but of course, that exceeds the 30 character limit. Anywho, I remember making something like this in my Drawing and Prints 2 class during my junior year of high school, and I was very hesitant to put it onto dA in fear of some sort of flame war between the two parties. But after mustering up some courage, I finally decided to make it in a digital format. And this is not making fun of one side or the other, both sides tend to insult each other, and both sides tend to get angry when the other side does something. So I beg you guys, please don't get into some sort of argument over politics, because it's not really worth it. ^^;

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Well you must admit: They have a point!
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Holy shit, this is so funny, great work !
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Rename it politics in a nutshell.
This is why a major third party candidate pops up every now and then. No one can simply agree with one another.
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I used to be Republican (mostly because my parents were) but then I realized neither party really supported the "values" they supposedly supported. It's all about bashing the other's ideas these days.

At least that's what I see. There are a few excpetions, of course (the VERY RARE, good-hearted politicians) but the way our current governmental system is set up, I feel like we ENCOURAGE the bashing a bit. Which is not cool.

When I turn 18 (I'm 17 right now) I'll still vote, because I still believe that the presindency greatly effects our nation.

Anyway, not trying to fight, just stating my opinion. I've got a couple politically related posts in my gallery, under "Spectrums" if you're interested.
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And this is why i hate politics in general.
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Understatement of the century.
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One of the reasons George Washington didn't want political parties :P
democracy everybody
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Isn't this politics worldwide?
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That is EXACTLY what it amounts to in any debate! This is the ultimate end to it all!
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Love it. It's perfect.
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Oh God, it's the same on Poland, though here are few smaller parties to and they interrupt the two biggest their quarrel, so the burden is even bigger ;p
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Haha, it's true.
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(is independent)
I'll admit this is generally how they go. Most political commercicals I see are smear campaigns, and the fact that Fox News is so biased with lies to benefit Republicans doesn't help either. I tend to go more democrat though as I find alot of Republicans stupid. (Bush, Palin)
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