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Left 4 Mario

I would of called this, "Left 4 Game Over" but someone already beat me to that title. (Darn you ~Medaforcer for being so clever!) Anywho, this is just something I thought up, and I figured that it would be worth drawing. It was tough coming up with some of the characters, but I think I pulled it off moderately well. =3

Left 4 Dead character © Valve
Mario characters © Nintendo
Art © *BrokenTeapot
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i think the tank should be the boom boom due to its large arms. btw nice piece o' art
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If they were Animal Crossing, they'd be...

Bill - Dog (Cranky)
Zoey - Small Bear (Uchi)
Louis - Cat (Smug)
Francis - Bunny (Cranky)
Coach - Hamster (Lazy)
Rochelle - Mouse (Snooty)
Nick - Koala (Smug)
Ellis - Squirrel (Jock)
Boomer - Hippo
Hunter - Wolf
Smoker - Frog
Tank - Rhino*
Witch - Bird
Charger - Bull
Spitter - Deer
Jockey/Jackal - Monkey

*Which is funny because there's already a Rhino named Tank!
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Heh, it's so cool and creepy at the same time...
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I like the line up but what if peach was the witch
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You think I should do this sort of thing with Pokémon as a quick gag? If you have ideas, let me know:

Bill: Remoraid
Louis: Exeggutor
Coach: Gallade
Nick: Meowth

Boomer: Garbodor
Hunter: Dusclops
Smoker: Lickitung
Tank: Golurk
Witch: Gardevoir
Charger: Rampardos
Spitter: Victreebel
Jockey: Sableye
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Bill: Lucario or Poliwrath or Herdier
Zoey: Mawile
Louis: Buizel
Francis: Geodude

Coach: Munchlax
Rochelle: Snubbull
Nick: Scraggy
Ellis: Furret
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Thank you for the ideas!
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I like your lineup, but one question: If Shy Guy is the Jockey, Goomba is Zoey, and Koopa is Louis, what are the standard zombies? Those are the three main punching bags I remember from Mario games.
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Could be Galoomba or Shroob.
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This is so funny !!!
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mhm yep this should be a hack
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Dude!! Would Nintendo and Valve have a blast with this and make some serious shit right here and keep the fun all in the line of craziness and slightly bloody? Just think of all the money they could raise!!
You combined two of my favorite games into one epic looking drawing. Good job!
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I get Bullet Bill. Bullet BILL get it… oh well. I could see this as a cool addon. Someone should make an addon based on this picture. I would download it and play it all the time. Nice work. :D
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This is so surprisingly fitting and it's the most adorable apocalypse ever <3
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