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Well, I ALMOST got caught back up on dA! I didn't realize it had been quite so long @_@; Apparently I broke 3,000 views too: maybe it's not a lot for some people, but I think it is! Thanks so much to everyone! <3

It's been out of town-->sick-->out of town--> sick pretty much; gallery opening in DC, San Diego Comic-con, and Dragon*Con. Awesome times though. The gallery opening was my first ever, very exciting. SDCC is almost interminably epic; I have a nice big Flickr gallery up for SDCC if you like that kind of thing. And then I met my most long-standing Creative Hero at D*C: one Terry Gilliam you may have heard of. Kind of blew my mind, especially because he's a really nice dude. When people you admire have any clue you exist it makes you want to work hard on your art, doesn't it? Nothing wrong with being a fan, but I want something beyond that, too. I'm proud of myself for not being a total moron in front of him (I think), maybe slightly less proud of slipping him a business card (he had a tip jar! I gave him like $0.75 too XD;;; )

Alas dA has been running insanely slow and being bizarre so it took me a dreadful amount of time to catch up here. Somehow I have to scrape up the cash for a subscription, I guess, since I don't hear the subscribers complain! :| It might motivate me more. Well, I'm motivated; but frustrated too, and haven't been working lately, sorry to say . . .

Anyhow at least posting up my Plush You! stuff for now. They get awesome stuff every year and I'm very excited to be a part of it; there will be lots of artists you'll recognize if you like plush, and new ones you'll be excited about too. My work will be showing at the Bluebottle Gallery. BTW, I WILL KNOW if you live near Seattle and don't go D: One day you will wake up to find a plush standing over you and . . . well. You don't want that.

If you DO want that . . . there is stock in my Etsy store now!
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September 22, 2009