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Tue Jan 11, 2011, 11:31 AM
Yep, I have been doing almost nothing besides making Adventure Time worms to fill Etsy orders. Phil Rynda was kind enough to send the link to the Frederator Blog, and things sort of exploded after that! Actually I found out if you Google Image search for "plush worm" I'm all over the results. lol.

At this point I'm pretty much only putting them in stock if someone convos me and asks why they're NOT in stock (for a preorder!). I also had a bad spell where I couldn't sit up for like a week for no apparent reason (dizzy/tired) so now I'm more behind on everything else ^^; *flail*

If anyone here wanted to buy a worm and hasn't seen them in stock, you can leave me a comment here. I'll reply to you with a relist. I've had a least one person who said they were doing a Finn cosplay, so I definitely want those people to have one if nothing else. A WORM FOR EVERY FINN

Trying to nab some time for dA, been keeping up fairly well with deviations but not so much with comments/favs/etc. So don't be surprised if I pop up at you like a ninja. A very late ninja. But that's when you LEAST EXPECT THEM.

It's too late for Christmas but you can put them on your... Valentine's tree (they really have those) or your rearview or whatever. Finn and Jake Adventure Time ornaments:

Here's the link to the Instructable/pattern. I might do a tutorial post here as well if I'm not too lazy to figure out how to do it all in one picture thingie :P

I have not heard whether I'll be selling at Ohayocon or not, but I have a badge so I guess I'll be there. I'm also waitlisted for ACen. I need to find another event to go to lol. Open to suggestions~

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January 11, 2011