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One of these days I WILL learn how to keep up with dA properly. Or anything properly :P Pretty overwhelmed by how behind I am on everything from being sick for so long, and really stressed out by having the house on the market. We keep having to scramble to clean up for someone to come, but no one's shown any real interest (and we got stood up, too!). My dolls are packed up, almost all of my toys are packed up, and my supplies are all shoved under things etc so they're out of the way. x.x; No fun at all.

Sorry for the plush spam :X All intentions of going back to a steady pace of coming here again.

I DO have a Twitter account so I can carry on Short Attention Span Theater style :P So if you feel like stalking me a bit, my account is… . I mostly talk about TV, movies, and plush (and TRON LEGACY *flail*).

But I have updated Etsy with a few Halloween things, very limited stock (but if you miss out on something, you can always contact me). Check it out:…

Either in a few days or early next week I'm putting up a few additional, non-Halloween items; I'll post again when I do so.
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Submitted on
October 10, 2010