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this pic was done for a concert poster i did in tech class it took me a week to complete because i only got to work on it three hours at a time usually portraits take me about a day to finish. miyavi's short hair on the side of his head was the hardest thing to do. I really like this pic because its the longest i spent on one single pic.
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Wow... I stumbled up on this on a google search. And it took me a loooong time to realize that it's not a photo. So I figured I'd stop by and tell you that this is amazing.
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It looks REAL.............
great job ^^
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you came from North County tech right lol I love your poster. I go to That school now i was so excited when i saw that hanging on the wall.
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yep I did years ago for graphic design when that's what I thought I wanted to do haha how things change now I'm in game design, ^w^ fun school though better then central... god I hated central.
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me too lol i'm going to the art institute for game design lol....
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OMG, I think I died for about 5 seconds, just by your epic skill ;)
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I coulda sworn this was a photo!

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:D helooo magnus bane <3
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...can he BE any sexxier? I mean, HELLO! Do you WANT me to kidnapp you? OMG! He's probably one of the sexxiest people to walk on the face of the EARTH!!!
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You are a great artist :)
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Torso, jacket and pants look like they were drawn, arms, neck, face, hand, and parts of the hair look very realistic. Except the eyes didn't look as realistic.

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I really had to stare hard to tell this was a drawing and not a photograph. I'm thoroughly impressed!
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This is amazing, I thought it was a photograph in the thumbnail :)
!!I saw that yesterday and i thought it was a photo....! It's amazing!!! Great work!!! *__*
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Wow! I thought this was just a photograph until I read "Digital Art / Drawings / Portaits". Damn! That's awesome!!
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IT'S LOOKS SO REAL *_______* u're Gorgeous
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this look too good to be a drawing amazing!
AMAZING!!!! omg im in love with it
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owww my, it's so beautiful and so realistic.. :)
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I thought this was a photo....
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awsume O__________O
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