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they say the tide always comes back but i never wanted her to leave in the first place.
see, that salty taste of her was never quite right the second, third, fourth time. something
changed, like some sort of density, salinity. her whitecaps crashed into me like a promise
but just for a moment. that lukewarm feel of her growing cold.

she takes pieces of me whenever she goes. a few granules of sand, pulled. plucked, like
pearls, from my clam - mouth’d center. hurts, hurts, the sting. the loss. i am left in the
heart of her, the belly of her. swallowed and forgotten.

i am so tired. i am so tired of being forgotten.

the tide always comes back but never the same. she moves like someone else, now, fluid
in a way i can’t grasp. always just through my fingers. she comes back to touch me, still,
but i don’t even think it’s worth it, anymore. i want her heart but she never leaves it. i am
not meant to have it for very long. i don’t want to think it belongs to someone else.

the tide always comes back but it hurts me so bad and i am trying not to want her, anymore.
the sea broke my heart and i am trying to move on
© 2018 - 2021 brokenfragilethings
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Nimbue's avatar
I love how your work includes so much of the sea.  It resonates in me.  LoveMy poetry centers around the sea often's sort of just intrinsic, as it seems to be with yours.   Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading more.  :)
brokenfragilethings's avatar

i think the sea resonates in me, too. it makes me sad, most of the time,

but also quite happy. so : )

thank you!

angelserum's avatar
:heart: healing comes in waves, my dear. stay strong.
brokenfragilethings's avatar
an absolute sweetie, thank you <3 
PoetsHand's avatar
This is SO amazing because I just went through this! Thank you for putting it into words that make sense!
brokenfragilethings's avatar
it sucks, wishing you luck.

thank you! 
brokenfragilethings's avatar
thank you for the love. <3 i love you too !
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