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Black veil Brides by Broken-little-girl Black veil Brides :iconbroken-little-girl:Broken-little-girl 0 0
Hush now child
don't you cry
Momma's gonna sing a broken lullaby
please don't cry everything's gonna be alright
because momma's here to say goodnight
close your eyes close them tight
and let the world slip tonight
please don't bleed
momma's here to sow the seem
your not perfect and neither is me.
but hush now child
now don't you cry
don't you slit your wrist tonight
don't let the blood fall down to the floor
because momma's here to sing the broken lullaby.
:iconbroken-little-girl:Broken-little-girl 2 1
Foxxie!! by Broken-little-girl Foxxie!! :iconbroken-little-girl:Broken-little-girl 5 1 Always by Broken-little-girl Always :iconbroken-little-girl:Broken-little-girl 1 0
I sit in class
My mind a blank
nothing to do
nothing to see.
It's like arms covering my eyes
and hands chocking me
everything is different.
I don't really belong
I'm not smart
or pretty.
Just pretty damn dumb
they smile, I grin
but they don't really care.
It's like voices
but there high
and undefined.
I can't tell what there saying
or what it means
I just know I'm pretty far behind.
They laugh and point
I try to laugh along
I just want to fit in
I want a friend
I want someone to stand by me
To help me kill this monster
It hurts they have there groups
but i sit alone
trying to be brave
Just...Just trying to fit in.
To be smart in Class
and my mind not so blank.
:iconbroken-little-girl:Broken-little-girl 3 7
To far gone
Music blares threw the walls
to hide what i am doing.
so no one would worry .
so no one will be sad .
when they see me gone.
Please don't open the door.
I don't want you to see
the Pain that i live everyday.
I'm to lost to be fixed
to broken to be helped
to lost to be found.
I'm Sorry, let the music close on me
the pounding of the songs
wont save me
its time for me to close my eyes.
and let the music
bring me safety
from the worlds cruel words.
when i'm found nothing will be left
i wont be found on newspapers
i'll just be the girl who just left
no sign, that she was even here.
:iconbroken-little-girl:Broken-little-girl 3 3
Sing Me a Song
Sing me a sweet little song
Don't stop not in till morning break
little girl you're strong
everyone else around is a fake
See just look around
Let the song break out
the beat of the sound
just stand up and SHOUT!!
so just sing a little song
let the music flow
because you are strong
let everyone sit back and watch the show
Don't let the song go out
help start a new sound
jump up on Desks, Chairs, Benches, anything and just SHOUT!!!
Let the music come out
the blaring on the walls
pounding in your ears
there aren't any flaws
and everyone around us disappears.
:iconbroken-little-girl:Broken-little-girl 2 0
Stared into the eyes of madness
Have you ever stared into the eyes of madness?
I have, my own eyes stared back,
Hoping it was sanity that i lack,
How wrong i was,
I was breaking my own laws!
Those eyes held insanity
Covering my own Vanity
This was Fucking Inhumanity!
Dear god someone help.
My own subconscious yelps,
What is Insanity?
Its a breakdown of Humanity,
The killing of your sanity
Hiding your vanity
this isn't insanity! this is Madness!
coated with sadness
Dear lord this is MADNESS!!
:iconbroken-little-girl:Broken-little-girl 3 1
Spring time by Broken-little-girl Spring time :iconbroken-little-girl:Broken-little-girl 4 0
Daddy? Why?
i remember when i used to smile and it wasn't forced.
I remember when i didn't cry because i miss you.
I remember when we used to be a family not broken and divided.
My father how could you.
Walk away like we weren't in your life before how could you laugh at my pain.
Daddy i was your little girl not a door mat you use now. You look at me with  anger and disgust.
I held my head up for so long I'm falling while you laugh along.
I'm Alone
I'm falling
Your laughing
Your screaming out
Daddy what am i to you
am i your daughter
or just a play toy
Daddy what happened to make you hate me
is it because i never smiled
is it because im broken that you laugh at me
what did i do to you
what did i do to you to make you so angry at me what did i do Daddy please tell me.
I'm falling daddy im to far gone i wont be here soon
so no more Pain.
I'm alone
I'm Falling
and your just laughing
:iconbroken-little-girl:Broken-little-girl 4 7
When i was little
When i was little, I wanted to rule the world.
When i was little, i never thought of pain.
When i was little, I always smiled.
When i was little, I would never scream out.
When i was little, those scars i have were never there.
When i was little, I saw color all around.
But now that im older, I want to hide away.
Making sure i don't see day time light.
I wear long shirts or braclets to hide the truth.
I see the world as a dark cloud sucking me in
making me scream and cry.
Breaking me down till there is nothing left.
But, when i was little, I felt never Insane like i am now.
:iconbroken-little-girl:Broken-little-girl 1 2
See there's the girl
See there's the girl
The girl who's losing grip
Who is slowly losing everything
her screams of pain and sorrow
Fill her heart.
Do you hear her
Can you see her
Can you
Listen to her
Look at her scars that bleed
She means no harm
She's just dying inside
Help her before she's gone
Don't let her slip
Do you hear her
can you see her
can you listen to her
look at the scars that bleed
There she lays
The girl who cried out
the girl who everyone
Laughed at
The girl who did the permanent  
Solution to a temporary problem.
DO you hear her
Can you see her
Can you listen to her screams
Look at her she's six feet under now
:iconbroken-little-girl:Broken-little-girl 9 0


Elements comic- Meeting Lloyd by ElementJax Elements comic- Meeting Lloyd :iconelementjax:ElementJax 492 74 TMNT || Ostek p13 by Tenshilove TMNT || Ostek p13 :icontenshilove:Tenshilove 80 61
BigBrothers!Nordics x Bisexual!Reader
Title is too fucking long, so it's going here >>>> ( I Kissed A Girl )

 You loved your big brothers. Yes, they were overprotective and bat shit nuts in general, but you loved them all the same. The oldest, Berwald, you affectionately called Bear. He was the reason your tumblr room was on fleek. The second oldest, Matthias, well. He knew how to party. He was kinda stupid sometimes, but whatever. The middle child, Tino, taught you self defense and how to shoot a gun when you turned thirteen. He didn't want any boys besides him to even make eye contact with you. The fourth oldest, Lukas, was the one you were closest to. You told him most everything, the two of you went shopping together, neither of you bought any article of clothing without the others permission, and you often terrorized the white girls at your local Starbucks on a regular basis. The youngest of your brothers, Emil, was very moody. In front of anyone, it would appear as if he hated you. But that c
:iconescapedfromhelltwice:EscapedFromHellTwice 201 59
Inter Schminter ep. 1 (Entire ep. FLASHanimation) by Spintherella Inter Schminter ep. 1 (Entire ep. FLASHanimation) :iconspintherella:Spintherella 389 259
Baby China x Mummy Reader
The best mother in the world~
Your P.O.V
” Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~!” the young infant wailed as his mother tried to calm him down. The (h/c) haired woman cradled the amber eyed boy.
”Shhhh..., it's okay  宝贝. 妈妈 is here.” you cooed at him sweetly while you tried to make him to stop crying. When Yao  heard your loving voice, he stopped crying and looked very curiously at you. You smiled back and kissed his chubby little cheek . The child giggled and cooed back at you.
Even though it wasn't always easy taking care of Yao by yourself, you knew you will never stop treasured every moment of the time you were sharing together.
Your boyfriend of several years, Yao's father quickly left after you caught him having an affair. It was first a couple of weeks later you were aware that you were pregnant with (bf/n)'s child. At first you expected him to grow up to the responsible man (bf/n) was suppose to be and
:iconblue-yellow-cloud:blue-yellow-cloud 298 56
America x Reader- Shampoo Obsessed
America x Reader
Shampoo Obsessed
   You plopped down on your couch. You were holding a shampoo bottle in your right hand, and you flicked the cap open with your thumb. You brought it up to your nose, and inhaled the aroma of the liquid inside. You smile. It was a delightful smell. 'Jasmine..' You inhale more of the soft and delicate aroma.
   Nobody, and you mean NOBODY, knew about your obsession with shampoo. Not with the shampoo itself, but with the smell. You have whole boxes of different-smelling ones under your bed. Everyday during your freetime, you'd take a bottle from a box, and inhale it for hours. You didn't know if it was bad for your health, but you didn't care. Today, you were sniffing at an Oscar Blandi Jasmine Shampoo.
   You never use your shampoo collection for your hair, though. You used them strictly for smelling. Your current favorite was the L'Oreal Blueberry Smoothie shampoo for kids. For your hair, you use the Head an
:iconzheawesomecat:ZheAwesomeCat 198 87
England x Tsundere!Neko!Male!Reader
England x Tsundere!Neko!Male!Reader
Title: The Brit and the Cat
(M/n) – Male name
(E/c) – Eye colour
(H/c) – Hair colour
“When two hearts are meant for each other, no distance in relationship is too far, no time is too long, and no other love can break them apart.” ~ Unknown
He always was handsome. I mean, it is Arthur Kirkland we’re talking about! You had fallen for that guy, not that you would ever tell him. You knew he was gay, heck everyone did! Although, you knew he was crushing on this American called Alfred, but you had secretly hoped that he was into you, even if it was a tiny bit. But you were a tsundere, acting violent and not always saying the kindest things.  To top it all off, you were a neko with small (h/c) ears and a long (h/c) tail. 
People tended to look at you really just because you were
:iconnoneofyabusiness:NoneOfYaBusiness 309 89
DPxDF - Pant by The-OxyG DPxDF - Pant :iconthe-oxyg:The-OxyG 61 19 DD by Promsien DD :iconpromsien:Promsien 347 33 Chase Young x Jack Spicer by sdaki Chase Young x Jack Spicer :iconsdaki:sdaki 392 13 For the fans ENG [Spideypool] 6/7 by RockingTheWorld For the fans ENG [Spideypool] 6/7 :iconrockingtheworld:RockingTheWorld 682 13 The boy with the dragon tattoo by resave
Mature content
The boy with the dragon tattoo :iconresave:resave 241 10
wizard and Dragon Prince by resave wizard and Dragon Prince :iconresave:resave 467 24 I Need It by KameChuu I Need It :iconkamechuu:KameChuu 236 113
Hetalia x Reader - What Sex is Like
Italy: Romantic and passionate, he's definitely done this before.
Germany: Inexperienced at first, he's shy, but a bit rough once he gets into things.
Japan: Slow, as he's beyond nervous of letting anyone like this, even if it's you, and very sweet, as he tries to make you feel as good as he can with his extreme shyness.
Prussia: Fast, he picks the worst times to start, and rough, he can't control himself around you.
Romano: He may talk big, but he's really shy when it comes to this sort of thing. He's a giver in terms of love, trying to make you feel as loved and pleasured as possible, and he likes for you to be dominant more than he cares to admit.
America: He's a confident bottom. He feels dead sexy with someone inside of him (or with a girl riding him)
England: He may act like an uke in most things, but he's t
:iconescapedfromhelltwice:EscapedFromHellTwice 343 68



Broken-little-girl's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Other
United States
Nothing much just small normal teen i love art more than anything, poems and stuff like that.
Live your life.
Listen to your music Way to Loud!
Be as crazy and different as you want to be
and always remember your never alone
- Andy Biersack
My most favorite saying ever i always remember it when im sad. just those words can help me out of a bad day.
  • Listening to: Last one standing
  • Eating: candy
  • Drinking: Coke




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