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The Romita's and I Spy-D-Guy

This pic of the Romita's and I was taken over 10 years ago
at a show in Pasadena.

I put the suit on to play a joke on some friends at the show
to see if they would recognize me and say nice or nasty things about me....
As I remember none of them realized it was me and all were very complimentary.
The best part was fooling artist friend Jeff Johnson and the other artist
around him.

I asked him in my normal voice..."Is David Williams here?"
He said "He was here a few minutes ago...he should be back soon....By the way I dig the suit."
I said "Thanks...I'm a huge fan of his work and yours, and I like to draw also."

Jeff replied "Yea? Thanks. Dave is a great artist and a cool guy to meet.... So you said you do art?"

I smile under my mask with a devilish grin....
I said "YES!...Can I draw something for you real quick while I wait for David to come back?"

Jeff said "Sure why not."
As I hunch over the table and grab the nearest sharpie and blank piece of paper...I start drawing whatever superhero
pops into my head...

A small crowd gathers as Jeff is being a little impressed
by what Spy-D can do with a pen and paper....

so I finish the drawing and I turn it towards Jeff and he said...
"Wow! Not bad for a guy in a mask,but you forgot to sign it..."

My devilish grin widens as Jeff and the small crowd of onlookers watch as I sign the piece..."To my buddy Jeff, from...


Jeff and the gang had a good laugh that day.
Hope you guys do too.…

Peep the vid ^ ;)

Costume fabrication by my super talented buddy Larry Go peep him out.:)
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Excellent Spidey suit. The Romita's are legends!
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Great story haha
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Hehehe! I also got devilish grins while reading your story... Devilish EVIL Laughter!
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Ha ha ha... I love the story. You were even nicer to your friends than they were to you, considering the fun you could have had with them! :)
Simon-Williams-Art's avatar
Great story and pic, bro!
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Thanks Chief.;)
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HAHA! That is great!
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GREAT story!!
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AWESOME photo and story:)
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awesome story!
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Thanks for sharing the story and the video Dave.And happy Halloween for you also.I gotta buy that Romita Legacy book now :D
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Haha great story! That spidey suit brings me back to the old TV series..Thanks for sharing
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Hahaha! Love those moments in life! :)
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Alright...I love that story!
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That is so funny. And the best part, they never suspected a thing, did they? Keep up the laughs!
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XD dude, that's awesome
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