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Scott and Barda going to Heroes 2014

By…  hope to see you at the show. ;)

I call this piece.... "Bound by Love" :)
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This is holy and perfect and should be worshipped.
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I need a print of this so bad.
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glad u like it.:)
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This is a really wonderful image. Scott and Barda both grew up on Apokolips, a nightmare world of pain and cruelty. But out of that they found each other, and against all odds, got away, and had a life together. Barda first appeared in the DC universe in ’71 and she still remains a special character over 40 years later.

I have one Big Barda piece in my gallery. I was inspired to make it after viewing an awesome Youtube video I found called


Big Barda (DC Girlz Tribute)


I would try to get any fan of Barda to view this video, because whoever made it did a fantastic job, it’s epic!

Once again, really heartfelt artwork. Shows that despite her physical power, and how she was trained all her life as warrior, on the inside she was very sweet and had a good heart. Great job.

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Very nice and above all fun!
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Goddam amazing, brother.

Good Lord. I love this.
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Why weren't you guys at Heroes?
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We were originally supposed to be at a show in Australia. Adam had to cancel that for work reasons, so we decided to stay home and work through. Deadlines can be a bitch.
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Indeed..... You two were missed.
Next time.;)
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Woo, she's a big one! Awesome work :)
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Excellent. What medium did you use? I can guess but...
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Outstanding piece!
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