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Power Man and Iron Fist commin at cha Heroes Con

You gonna get a knuckle samitch or a toe knuckle samitch.
Take yo pick.
Either way.....Yo a$$ is grass. 
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I really like this one!!!
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Oooh, love the motion and the expressions in this one, solid! HIIIYAAAH!
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Love it. Nice stuff on this.
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So damn good...makes me wish for the 70's again and I didn't even live through them.
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Thanks  Jason.;)
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This kicks SSSooooo much A$$!!
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HA! I hope they do a flash back on the Dare Devil series with this look.
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Only in our dreams.
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Aloe Blacc "The Man," playing when I look at your artwork.
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Man I love these two when done right (which is rare) and this is top notch!  Great one Bro.
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Thank you very much kind sir.:)
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Soooo freaking awesome!!!!
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Brings back some great memories of their early stories.  MCU should tell their adventures, but set it in the 70's....

Great job!
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