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Hawkeye in color

Written by PAUL TOBIN
All Hawkeye wanted was to show the Blonde Phantom a new exhibit at the art gallery, but the art gallery is in a bank lobby, and on this day the bank lobby is featuring more than art; it has a gang of bank robbers! And they're not just any bank robbers...isn't that Bruce Banner with them? Or, hey, maybe it's not. If that's NOT Bruce Banner, then a little old fashioned detective work on the part of Hawkeye and the Blonde
Phantom should put an end to the "Banner Bandit" crime spree. And if it IS Bruce Banner, well then...umm...let's just hope it's not.
32 PGS./All Ages ...$2.99
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Great Hawkeye pic.
Trueform's avatar
brilliant shot if you'll pardon the pun :nana:
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Awesome, I love this. Classic Hawkeye is one of my favorites and a complete badass, I love the way he's shooting two arrows backwards, that's why he's a superhero right there haha I would love a print of this for my wall!
BroHawk's avatar
Glad U dig it.:)
magickbeliever77's avatar
I love finding the artists of comics I've read on DA. :)
NaGaSaNe's avatar
ur great sir! c",)
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Aww man you gotta reference how archers shoot a bow. So many people make that mistake of not knowing how to position the hands.
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I did it EXACTLY the way I wanted to.
He is a Marvel Superhero that does above and beyond
what the average and above average archer can do with a bow and arrow.

Im just sayin...

So my friend,good lookin out..BUT...No "mistake" here. ;)
1pez's avatar
Don't take this the wrong way, man. As much as I love your work and how bad ass this is, I disagree man. It's like drawing a car with triangular wheels and saying it can drive smoothly just because it's a bad ass looking car.

The mistakes are there, and it's not the hand positions. Contrary to what some people will tell you, you DON'T need an anchor point. SO the hands are fine. But you can't balance the arrows in thin air and expect them to fly. In this case, the arrows arent' straight back from the bow, they're off center, so the arrows would literally just somersault from the bow. The arrow's fletchings would also get caught on his hand. The arrows are not on the string either, so they would not launch. SO no man, it's not that he's going above and beyond the norm. He's just violating physics, which is not one of his abilities.

I totally DON'T find it wrong that the bow is upside down. I'm sure that with practice, he could do that. And being a major bad ass, i'm sure he would. After all, if my boy Byron Ferguson can shoot a bow with his feet and still hit a target, there's no reason why he can't hold his upside down. I'm sure with some modifications to a bow and lots of practice any good archer could do it so OF course Hawkeye would! ^__^

Still it's a righteous piece man. This isn't about you not being a great artist. Archery just get's no proper representation. I'm sure when I draw someone holding a gun though, I do worse mistakes than you did here lol

And I get it man. It doesn't have to be right. Like it's been pointed out, that's a lot of water towers. And it looks kick-ass like that!

Much respect man ^__^
GoldenSagittarii's avatar
I find that when it comes to archery, drawing correctly the hands holding the arrows within the expected physics to be the trickiest trick.

I didn`t knew you could actually shoot an arrow with the blow inclined like that...well I haven`t actually tried, but that is good news!
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The color makes this great piece even greater. :-)

By thy side,

MarkEricElton's avatar

Only...are there really THAT many water towers in New York?
BroHawk's avatar
In my NY there is.;)
SpiderGuile's avatar
So damn perfect pose and attitude! I love your background rendering too! ;)
bam217's avatar
I likes! Very cool piece.
thelearningcurv's avatar
wow, they got you all over the place=]
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