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DC Icon Superman

By BroHawk
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Here is the world's greatest Comicbook Superhero.

Wonder Woman is next...
Stay tuned.;)
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something Alex Ross would be impressed by
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Man, i can just imagine this in a shirt. Woo-hoo!
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wow this is old isn't it? but it's still DOPE. this is why you're the boss ;)
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A unique take and great design on Superman!
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I love your superman Logo, I have a digital draw inspirated in it.

Sorry for my English, I'm spanish
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Above all I like the redisign pf the emblem and the belt. I've tried that myself a bunch of times but I never felt fully satisfied with the results.
Thanks for sharing!
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Very powerful image. Reminds me a bit of those old Fleitcher animations.
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U mean "Fleischer"???

If so...
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Yeah. Damn my off the cuff spelling.
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could you do a pic were the suit looks like it's made out of leather?
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it would be something new, i've never seen anyone really try to change the texture of the suit, except Lee Bermejo who's a fantastic artist
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I don't see Supes suit being made here on earth...
It's nots spandex to me...It is Kryptonian...alien...
something other than what we know...
Leather would make it cheap and less grand..
There is an earthly arrogance to people who wear a lot of leather to me...
Same goes for Batman...Leather is not a very comfortable
flexible and stealthy material.
Just beacause it might look good in a drawing doesn't make it right.

Just in my humble opinion
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yeah i can see that, but i doubt all kryptonian cloth would look the same, I'd imagine in kind of like at certain levels of social status would be what would be to your disposal as a kryptonian, and for Superman it would be a wide variety of cloth, and I've always wanted to see it in leather just to see how it would present on film. i know a certain amount of arrogance goes into a persons clothes, and i'm more or less curious to see new areas explored, i did like the fact they used European cloth for superman's cape in returns, and it was new for a lot of fans, and i was just curious as to other areas, if i could draw it myself i would but i suck, lol, and i understand that superman's look can't change because it's Iconic, so if it were to be "updated" i would see that it would have to be the cloth that weaved the suit so that the design can stay. Although you're right it might look bad, i was just curious as to how other cloth's would present the suit, and if i may, i love your batman work, it's got a very elemental texture to it.
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I agree. The comic hero who started it all! Superman is the best!
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Superman the comic book hero that makes you believe that you can do anything
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Wow. I like the "S". Nice twist. It feels more agressive.
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Friggin' Amazing!

Can't wait to see what's next!
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I love it, it's like the day frank miller met alex ross!
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