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Archangel and a Storm are comming to Heroes 2015

Heroes Con...
Make it rain! ;)
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Wow, just wow! This, this right here, reminds me of when I was a kid, reading the x-men comics and wanting to become an artist... 

Thank you for making this, it's truly what I needed to see, in order to continue progressing forward with my own art.
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Forward....MARCH! ;)
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hahaha, Yes Sir!
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amazing composition!
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Make it rain baby!
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This is crazy good.
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Had to share this with my students on FB bruh!!  Your work is truly MODERNLY CLASSIC!!
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Good lookin out.;)
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My Pleasure!
Thanks for doing what you do SO well bruh!
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I would love to see you do a book with the like of Superman, Hyperion or Captain Marvel (DC). You have a style that seems to fit every decade of comics except the 90s (very little design sense i the 90s). Shazam or Hyperion for sure.
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I wish.
Thanks man.;)
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Very cool work!  :)
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Cool, made me think of old X-men comic books I used to read.  
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dat jaw bone.

Loving this angle, and the facial expressions especially. Well done. ;)
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Wow! The perspective is amazing!!!
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