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A commission done in a Flash

A piece overdue 4 the very patient and 4giving Viet Hoang [link]

I haven't been able to draw in weeks...
This is a good warm up for me to get back into the swing of things.

Enjoy...or not.;)
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JokerHarley2345's avatar
It looks like it was worth the wait. Your style is awesome.
AndrewJHarmon's avatar
I enjoy! Oh I enjoy!
core-e's avatar
great lookin flash.
RCC2002's avatar
Wooooow:giggle: wheres the drumroll
in that one
prialanis's avatar
You draw a lot!! \o/
BroHawk's avatar
Nah...Not nearly enough.
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
BrenGun's avatar
M-House's avatar
Yay the Flash
he looks great :)
ravensdojo's avatar
love it. Get a dave johnson vibe off it. I think it's the trails coming off his arms and stuff.
BroHawk's avatar
Dave Johnson???:?????
ravensdojo's avatar

Totally a compliment (from me at least!)
BroHawk's avatar
I know who he is...
I just don't see all.
ravensdojo's avatar
Really? Too bad. Like I says, thems compliments from me!
azharmaa's avatar
is it colored using markers and pastel?

nice style....unique & classy..
laikhra's avatar
u use wat to color this??
Jose-Ramiro's avatar
Flash- Okay, I'm here; where's that pizza?
Sempai-Tem's avatar
I just love how you use color and white to high light. Particularly on his head, brings the eyes right into focus.
n-h-c's avatar
holy...that's some awsome drawing there
RTHaldeman's avatar
I only WISH I could use markers like you do...
mentat0209's avatar
Flash from the 90's series right?
harbour's avatar
duh nuh nuh nuh....FLASH!!! WHOOOAH-OOOHHHHH...
augustustodopoderoso's avatar
I can´t really never get enough of your amazing marker pieces mr Williams. I´ve been learning a lot from your step by step tutorials, and from some older sketches that you did (your Space Ghost, sublime :worship:), and eventhough I still suck big time, I would like to take this opportunity to really thank you for sharing your artwork and your techniques. I greatly appreciate :)
Get well soon, mr Williams
All the best!
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