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Sonic and Raa : Haunted - Unleashed 10 Year Anny

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“It always feels like – SOMBODYS WATCHIN MEEEEEEEE”
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*insert Michael Jackson Whooo*


Aw man. It feels good to get another picture like this under my belt. For all intents and purposes, you lot can consider this image a follow up to the one I did for Halloween Last Year.

Sonic and Raa - Gonna Steal Your Heart! by BroDogz


If everyone’s favorite Ghost Girl is anything, its tenacious and she hasn’t given up on her Master Plan to steal Sonic’s heart and reincarnate the more Ferocious Persona of her Hedgehog Hubbu.

(Whoo! Persona 5 references FTW)


While some midnight magic and a horde of Moon Medals failed to do the trick last year, this time she seems to have gotten her hands on an upgraded digital version of a familiar camera. Fans of Unleashed should have instant recognition of that device, and should know full well the main purpose of its flash. Poor Sonic thanks he’s posing for a harmless photo with a love-struck fan. Little does he know that Raa is trying to pull something out of his Shadow.


Will it work? Who knows. But nothing stands in the way of true love.




While I’m here, I’ll also use this space to wish Sonic Unleashed a happy 10th Anniversary.


Unleashed was easily one of my favorite games in the franchise (it holds down a spot alongside Sonic 2 and Sonic Rush as my Favorites). Between the stunning graphics, the exhilarating sense of speed and the unrivaled speedrunning potential, Unleashed was a pure joy to play and is the game that put Sonic back on track to greatness.  


I can’t believe how times fly.


So I’ll be sending a toast over to Sega and the guys behind the Knight of the Werehog Animation tonight while I am stuffing my face with Snickers and Reese cups, blasting Pumpkin Hill at 11 and watching said short film. I wish you guys a spooky, fun and safe Halloween and I hope you’ll look back to 2008 for a few moments and appreciate what came from it.


If anyone likes this blast from the past, and would like to commission me to do something similar – my doors are always open. If you’ve got an idea for something else for me to draw that’s fine too. Take a gander at my price chart (link below) and feel free to get in touch. I’ll be sure to get back you as soon as I get over the impending Sugar Rush crash that I got coming to me lol.


  BroDogz Commission Price Chart v3 by BroDogz



Till next time. This is BroDogz signing off with a howl at the moon.



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superham064Hobbyist Digital Artist
Will Lah archive it? I hope she will...
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BroDogzProfessional Digital Artist
I think I like the idea of drawing these two every Halloween.

Maybe one year she'll finally get what she wants ^^
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superham064Hobbyist Digital Artist
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I love the style you used here, it looks freaking cool and I can't believe it has been that long since seeing the Night of Werehog and playing unleashed, time sure does fly, I should go back and play unleashed at some point, great job on this picture, you did both Sonic and the Ghost Girl perfectly.
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BroDogzProfessional Digital Artist
Oh thanks. I really tried a few new things with this one. I think they came out pretty well ^^
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Sonic-fan17Hobbyist Artist
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Gotta hand it to Raa, she's determined like Amy and that ain't no small feat
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BroDogzProfessional Digital Artist
Oh Yeah, Raa is right up there with the best of them

Gotta fight for what you want lol
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BroDogzProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you ^^
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