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**Check this out!**

BroDogz (and Yours!) Art Showcase

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 17, 2018, 2:42 PM
I wanted to do something a touch different with this journal. It is very important to learn from our previous works. It’s a fundamental part of being an artist. Being able to identify our own strengths and weakness will go a long way in the never ending path towards improvement. In that spirit, I would like to propose a bit of a… community activity.  

For this project, I want you to dissect a select few of your drawings. I want you to look at a few of your most popular images, and then a few pictures that you think are underappreciated in comparison. Once you have a handful to look over, try to figure out why some of your popular pics are so highly regarded, and why some of your underappreciated pics are not.

The hope here is to get people to view their own work in a new light in an attempt to grow as an artist. By separating and comparing your most popular images alongside those that you feel should be better represented may allow you to build more compelling pieces in the future and allow them to receive the recognition you know they deserve.

But wait, here is the best part! I don’t want you to keep all this to yourself. I want to show off all your work on this page!

Create a journal with your pictures and findings and link it to me in this comment section so I can see it.  Then I can link your journal at the bottom of this journal for the whole world to see! Fun, right! You will get to learn something about your world while getting extra exposure to boot! That is a Win-Win!

I’ll start by using my gallery as an example, just so you have an idea of what to do here

So, Lets Begin!


Popular Images

-These are some of my images that have done pretty well-


Sonic Boom – Blitz

Sonic Boom - Blitz by BroDogz

I can’t have a journal about my most popular images without including Blitz now can I? This image simply threw itself together rather quickly. I was so energized to draw this piece that everything else in my life got shoved to the side. Once I started working on this, there was simply nothing more I wanted to do but continue. I like to think a touch of that passion seeped into the final product. As for the picture itself, multiple characters can always provide additional attention so there is little surprise this piece was well received. I did some good background work here too, really ties everything up in a nice little bow. 


Taste the Rainbow

Comm: Sonic and Dash vs Metal - Taste the Rainbow by BroDogz

I got pretty aggressive with the design behind this image. The perspective, anglework, posework and draw distance were all on the difficult side here, making for a complex picture. It all blended beautifully however, and makes for an amazingly impressive showpiece. There is simply so much going in this one’s favor. It has a plethora of action, emotion and heart. It tells a story beyond the scope of the frame. It features popular characters from multiple franchises and is greatly reminiscent of a famous scene in animation. That is a winning combination right there.


Metal Matrix

Metal Sonic: Metal Matrix - Color by BroDogz Metal Sonic: Metal Matrix INK by BroDogz Metal Sonic: Metal Matrix by BroDogz

This image started as an attempt to satiate my sweet tooth for adding unreasonable amounts of detail. In the immortal words of movies across time things went horribly wrong… or should I say horribly right? Metal Matrix is a monument for my ability to really get everything out of image. The number of layers and work on display here is absolutely mindboggling, and took copious amounts of pre-planning to make sure everything would work in the end. Honestly, its kind of intimidating just looking at this image, and not just because of Metal Sonic’s imposing visage. My hand starts to cramp every time I even think about this pic and the hours I poured into it. I’ll be the first to tell you it was worth the pain.


Underappreciated Pieces

-Here are a few pieces that I think deserve greater recognition-


Sonic: Freedom Fighters – Costumed Crusaders

Sonic: Freedom Fighters - Costumed Crusaders by BroDogz

So... Much... FANSERVICE!!! Not only is this picture absolutely adorable, I managed to work references and jokes all over the page. I have callbacks to the Sonic comic series, multiple modern games, the classic games, TV shows… it truly spans Generations! Its hard not to smile whenever I look at this piece as it serves as a constant reminder of my fanhood. Almost anyone can find something to enjoy here and that is its own kind of special. This image feels like a font of light in my gallery, and one that continues to spew good vibes for me and my Bro. (Artist’s Note: Those “Badnik Buckets” might be the greatest idea I have ever had about anything eva!)


Short Story: Riders at the Ready!

Short Story: Riders at the Ready! by BroDogz(Story) BroDogz Sonic Fans Network Contest Entry by BroDogz(Cover Art)

I have always taken pride in my diverse skillset, so it always seems a little special when I post something other than a drawing. Enter a short story I penned. Its fun, filled with references for major sonic fans and does a great job of painting a mental image for the reader. Sometimes its nice to indulge my artistic side and tackle things that are outside of my normal routine. A lot of the people who keep tabs on me are here do it for the drawings, and rightfully so. I would be doing myself an injustice if I didn’t let people know of my writing ability as well.


Contest: Babylon Team Takeover

Contest: Babylon Team Takeover by BroDogz

The Babylon Rouges are seriously under represented, so any chance to work with them is special in my eyes. This pic once again seems to follow the trend of fan service and plugs everyone’s favorite trio of hoverboard bandits within a stage in Sonic Heroes. What more could you possibly want? I did a bunch of “research” before drawing this piece logging a good amount of time on a now classic game. Not only was this image fun to prepare for, it was fun to draw. Each rider is in their element here, and it adds to the image as a whole. I had a blast with this one, nothing but good memories.



A cursory glace over the above images revealed something weird to me. Many of my most popular images have a more vertical profile. I rarely give any thought to the profile of my images before I draw something, I just let the pieces fall as they may. Maybe that should change moving forward? Another thing I noticed is how heavily my underappreciated pics rely on fanservice. While that is certainly not a bad thing, using it as a crutch can stifle originality, and to some extent, it has in those images. Little references here and there don’t hurt, but when fanservice consumes your whole image, that is all your picture can ever be. I have simply created a shadow from which it can not escape. Finally I can see how well I am able to branch away from the “action oriented” images. Those who are familiar with my work are sure to know that action packed drawings are my usual wheelhouse. After looking over these images however, I am more confident than ever in my ability to change it up and draw other types of scenarios.


Your Art

-Here is your art!!!-


In this section I want to showcase your popular and underappreciated art! This is your turn to take the Brodogz Art Showcase Challenge! As I started at the top, create a journal of your own, showing off a few of your most popular images along with a few that you think deserve a little more exposure. Make sure to include in introspective to show off what you learned. Maybe other artists are struggling with the same issues and you can help them as well!

After you create your journal, comment on this journal with a link to yours! I will happily add it to the body of this journal for everyone to see!


Have fun and I hope you learn something from this community project! If all goes well your work should be more appealing and thus more popular than ever moving forward!



1.):iconkentami: Brodogz Art Showcase Challenge!Welcome to HUB World Community Art show! :iconbrodogz: started a challenge and I wanted to try it out. F.Y.I. some of these drawing (or pics) are old but, what are you going to do about it. When I looked over my gallery and found which ones I would be using for the journal. It brought some memories and understanding that I improved over the years. This challenge is really fun to do and it does help you grow as an artist. 
Let the Challenge begin!
Popular Images
Like I said before some are these are old
Sonic Boom: Shade the Echidna

Hoo boy! I didn't expect such a great amount of affection for Shade (or a Sonic Boom adaptation of her). This pic began around the time of the SB Rise of Lyric video game. When they demonstrated how Sonic, and his friends new look I was in dismayed of the line up (especially Knuckles). So I made it my main goal to flaunt how a echidna could look like in a SB world. I wanted her design to give off a bad-ass tribal babe. With
Amy Rose VS Wendy a DATE by Kentami .:Zendy:. by Kentami




Comm: Amy Shade Cosmo - We Got This
Another day another comm. :icondarksonic250: is back and this time wants some Sonic Heroes action featuring these three lovely ladies. I never pass up the chance to draw Sonic characters, so you know I was all over this one lol.

It was decided that the trio would be rocking the fly formation, so that each could show off a little bit of what they bring to the table. Cosmo fits right in as the resident fly type, as her petal decent can shepherd her teammates across gaps and down to safety. Amy can bring the heat with her Hammer and can also pour on the fast as the Speed member of the team. That leaves the power type for Shade, who can carve up the opposition with ease thanks to her Leech blades. She never leaves home without ‘em.

This one was fun. Thanks to DarkSonic250 for coming my way for another commission. If someone else out there would like to order something similar, or if you have something else entirely in mind, my doors are open and my price chart is listed right below.

BroDogz Commission Price Chart v3 by BroDogz

Comm: Cyan and Sable - Can I play?
Okay, more commissions line up, more commissions get done. For this one, :icondarksonic250: asked me to draw up two of his characters.

Sable, the purple haired fighter on the right, is busy going through her usual routine on the heavy bag.  Cyan, being someone who likes to push buttons is right on time to make the situation uncomfortable. She knows Sable is the shy type and she seems to enjoy putting the poor gal through her paces

Okay. That’s it for this one. Thanks to DarkSonic250 for choosing me for another commission. Repeat business is best business.

If anyone else would like a commission or two, feel free to check out my price chart and get in touch


BroDogz Commission Price Chart v3 by BroDogz

Tikal - Mystic Melody

Been way too long since I’ve worked on my girl Tikal, a real shame since she is one of my favorite characters. To make up for it, I chose to try out a different style I’ve been developing for a while now. It’s a pain in the butt to do, but the end result is nice when you pull it off. Its almost like a CG emulation. It’s got high resolution too, so I was able to get some of my more detail rich techniques in there. If you zoom in you can see the texture in the clothing. Always a nice finishing touch.


I get good vibes from this image. It has got a great dose of peacefulness and serenity, which naturally flows out of Tikal. I even added in a few Easter eggs in the form of side characters. Those three flickies should appear very familiar to any well versed Sonic fan.


As always I have some more work to do. Commissions to work on and all that jazz. If anyone would like to hit me up for one be sure to get in touch after taking a glance at my commission price chart.

BroDogz Commission Price Chart v3 by BroDogz

Comm: Luke and Mike - Its all gone...
Alright another commission out the door. This time I had some more repeat business from :iconshadowphil666: another entry in this recent line of wolf centered pieces.

Today, I got to draw the end result of the fire and carnage of the last few pieces that were commissioned. The forest fire that was raging through the night has long since burned out, and all that is left in its place is ash and dust. Mike and Luke, looking back on what was once their home, can only stare in disbelief.

Thanks again to shadowphil666 for hitting me up for another commission. Happy to be of service. If anyone else would like to order one up you can find my price chart below.

Comm: Bark and Cheer - Under the Stars

:iconextreme65anime: came buy to order another commission from me. The subject is once again a pairing of Bark and Cheer Bear. This commission had a few built in difficulties due to the size differences of the characters involved. It wasn’t the easiest problem to dance around but I think it came out alright.


I enjoy playing around with the lighting in images like this. Getting a moon to look as vibrant as this one always adds something a little extra to a pic. Thanks a bunch to Extreme65anime for another successful commission. Always like getting repeat customers. If anyone else would like to order something from me, don’t be afraid to get in touch.

BroDogz Commission Price Chart v3 by BroDogz


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