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The Space Age - Earth

Earth, 2048. Space travel is becoming more and more efficient due to the discovery of neutrinic acids to fuel the new Eurodia class boosters. Moon colonies have started to blossom and Mars will be soon colonised, populated and terraformed. By this time Earth has around 8.1 billion inhabitants and is improving it's living standards for people all over the world, due to an increase of food productions.

First in a series I intend to create. Hope you like it.

Minor edits preformed

Photoshop CS4
Wacom Graphire
3Ds Studio Max
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Looks like it's gonna be a cool series. I already am liking the two you've created. :D
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Thanks I really appreciate it :D
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This looks awesome !
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If I was NASA I would use this as an advert. :) Who cares about little inconsistencies. :D
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Ghehehe, thanks for the praise :D
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Africa appears to have mountains up to the clouds;) normal map overachievement?:P
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Meh... Bump map was at around 50% if I'm correct... Clouds are 2nd sphere about 1% higher :P I just liked the extra drama of huge mountains ;) Gives it a bit of 'je ne sais quoi' :P
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