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DepCom Guest Comic: Pointless Advice

By Brochu4628
Now for something completely different.

Depression Comix (uncommonly shortened to DepCom) is a webcomic from the same artist behind Sexy Losers. The comic follows several characters as they battle depression, along with the trials and tribulations of those around them that do not themselves have depression, but are affected by it all the same.

This idea had been percolating in my brain for some time. I'd thought about actually showing characters talking, but I can't draw to save my life, and exactly who's talking really doesn't matter.

Too many people still seem to think that those with mental disorders can just up and change the way they think. This opinion really needs to be stamped out. When a person's brain is wired differently than usual, they do not have the freedom to think how they want, no matter how much you might think otherwise, and no matter how much the person themselves might wish they did. It is as involuntary as a physical illness, because at its core, it is a physical illness (brains being made up of cells and all); it's just in a place where you can't see it.

I did have a lot of fun making my own DepCom blank, and mixing and matching fonts to emulate the various writing aesthetics of the original comic. This along with the fact that I didn't really draw anything original myself is why I've categorized this as a typography work.

You can find Depression Comix at, or at :icondepressioncomix: right here on dA!

EDIT: At Clay's suggestion, I added some characters! Took me 4 hours to draw them, but I like how they turned out.


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Hi! Thank you for the wonderful comic! It reminds me a lot of Robot Hugs' comic (… ) but it juxtaposes the lousy advice with advice for depression. Great work!

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Thank you, senpai! (sorry, just had to say that.) Please feel free to share it on your main site (it's why I made it in the first place).

One other thing I'd like to mention while I have you: I remember once on the DepCom site there being a spot for a blank template that was "coming soon". I don't think it's there anymore, but I was wondering, if I were to upload the blank I made for myself here, would you be willing to link to it from there for others to use (assuming you don't have any immediate plans to put up a blank template yourself)? I put a lot of effort into making this have a similar look and feel to your comics, yet I don't know how many more of these I'll make myself, so I feel it would find better use being available for others.
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I'm grateful that you spent a lot of time on this. I took down the notice about a blank template after realizing that most comic making programs actually do come with this template (Comic Studio, Clip Studio Paint). There are also artists on deviantArt who have made their own templates (e.g.… ), and none of these I could improve upon so I dropped it. In the end, no one has ever asked me for a 4koma template, so I just removed it entirely.

I'm grateful that you took the time to create the strip but unfortunately I am hesitant to post it to the site because of the lack of illustration -- depression comix is really about illustrating depression and how images can be used to represent the illness. Depression comix exists because I want people to draw out their feelings. Your submission is all text, and you might want to consider adding your own art -- not only would it give it more visual appeal, but also it adds a human and personal touch.

Best regards
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Here you go, I finally got around to illustrating! :D I just hope I did your characters justice.

P.S. If/when you share it on your site, if you decide to include my description as well, just the "Too many people still seem to think..." paragraph will do (everything else is just me rambling).
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Hi! And thanks a lot! I added it today. Thanks for the great work!…
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Ah. Understandable.

I really should seriously consider trying a draw. Being mostly a writer, I'm used to conveying ideas solely via text.
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