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Reach for the Love by Broccolini-Soup Reach for the Love :iconbroccolini-soup:Broccolini-Soup 1 6 Light Up My Yard by Broccolini-Soup Light Up My Yard :iconbroccolini-soup:Broccolini-Soup 0 0 Self-Portrait II by Broccolini-Soup Self-Portrait II :iconbroccolini-soup:Broccolini-Soup 0 5 Test Tubes by Broccolini-Soup Test Tubes :iconbroccolini-soup:Broccolini-Soup 1 0 Swamped Ship by Broccolini-Soup Swamped Ship :iconbroccolini-soup:Broccolini-Soup 1 4 Straining for Growth by Broccolini-Soup Straining for Growth :iconbroccolini-soup:Broccolini-Soup 0 0 Lady by Broccolini-Soup Lady :iconbroccolini-soup:Broccolini-Soup 0 0 Fossil Hunting by Broccolini-Soup Fossil Hunting :iconbroccolini-soup:Broccolini-Soup 0 0 Crooked Path by Broccolini-Soup Crooked Path :iconbroccolini-soup:Broccolini-Soup 0 0 Admiring Artwork by Broccolini-Soup Admiring Artwork :iconbroccolini-soup:Broccolini-Soup 1 0 New Horizons by Broccolini-Soup New Horizons :iconbroccolini-soup:Broccolini-Soup 2 2
Time is a slippery notion
A confusing being
Wrapping its arms around every facet
Of our existence
Coiling its body around every mote
Of our passage
Time is a voyage
Leaving port before we could think
And sailing around the Universe
On endless oceans, leaving
Memories and moments and lives and deaths
And love, hate, feeling
In its wake
Time is inflexible, impermeable,
Because every second, hour, day
Is here once, and gone away
And though I wish I had my say
Time marches onwards, forwards, ever ahead
Ignoring my wish for it to pause for a moment;
Time moves, grows;
Still is what time does not stay.
:iconbroccolini-soup:Broccolini-Soup 0 3
Astral Dance
There’s so much empty space out there
And the things we see don’t have enough substance
To hold everything else in the delicate balance
Of the cosmos.
Maybe space isn’t so empty after all.
We are all star stuff originally,
Our atoms are just heavier versions
Of the same basic building blocks
That came from the raw materials of creation.
If you want to know your roots, forget genealogy
Forgo history, screw archaeology
And study astrophysics.
And if you ever feel alone
Keep in mind that you are connected to
The entire, grand universe.
We are all joined elementally
In a brilliant astral dance.
:iconbroccolini-soup:Broccolini-Soup 1 5
Lord of the Flies Monologue
I am the Lord of the Flies.
I have been left here in this forest glade as a testament to the evil that exists in all of us. I may have started out as a mere pig, but I am now a powerful force, even if the children do not recognize me for what I really am. I live not on this island, but in the minds of young boys. I lurk, terrifyingly, in the dark corners and secret hideaways within every child’s soul. I am The Beast. I am Beelzebub, the devil. I am the personification of savage human nature.
I am the Lord of the Flies.
In the beginning, my whispers in the ears of the children were largely ignored. They wanted a society to exist with proper rules and morals. Ralph, the elected leader, wished to have a signal fire built and maintained to alert any passing ships in case of rescue. Piggy, the butt of everyone’s jokes, tried to talk some sense into them. Jack decided he would lead his choir of boys to hunt for food and protect the rest of the children. The littluns mostly just ran
:iconbroccolini-soup:Broccolini-Soup 1 0
I'll Show You A Place
Tangled in steel and concrete
Sand-coloured sidewalks are cracking
Under the weight of thousands of steel-toed boots,
Polished leather business shoes,
Stilettos, sidewalk chalk,
And mountains of formerly pink
Chewing gum.
But if you’re trying to make your way
Through the swirls of mist that come off the lake
And you’re out here not to go to the city’s
Monument for capitalism and consumerism;
You’re trying to avoid the ribbon of asphalt
That coils its way through the guts of the infrastructure
Wrapping up the buildings like a Christmas present;
If you want, I’ll show you a place
That’s hidden by rows of trees
And off the beaten path that leads through
The little bit of suburbia that exists in urbia.
Where the sun shines through the canopy
Throwing dappled chartreuse shadows
On the leaf-littered ground, cushioning
Our footfalls and muffling the sounds of
Our voices as we tread lightly through
One of the few remaining wonderlands
Within the municipality.
:iconbroccolini-soup:Broccolini-Soup 0 0
Shore by Broccolini-Soup Shore :iconbroccolini-soup:Broccolini-Soup 0 0

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Not from concentrate.

Current Residence: Nova Scotia, Canada
Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock, Soft Rock, Musical Theatre
Favourite photographer: Ansel Adams, Logan Fuller
Favourite style of art: Photography. Fanart is okay in limited doses. Also, I like... animals?
Operating System: Windows Vista
MP3 player of choice: Oldschool green iPod Nano
Shell of choice: Conch
Wallpaper of choice: Random Photography
Favourite cartoon character: Calvin, Hobbes, Spongebob Squarepants, Pikachu
Personal Quote: "Live as if you were to die tomorrow; learn as if you were to live forever."-- Gandhi

It sparkles with SHINEY NEWNESS


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