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LIMB-04: Gamma

It's been awhile since I've posted something LIMB related. :)
But here it is!

Gamma - one of the characters for the "LIMB" universe. 
And no, she is not wearing this thing all the time.

Hope you'll like it and thanks for watching! :D

A bit more "LIMB" stuff:
LIMB 03 - Morgenstern by Brobossa LIMB 02 by Brobossa LIMB 01 by Brobossa 
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SUPER SEXY !!! Lick her!lick her!lick her >.<、
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"Now, Im ready to play Healer in WoW on High LVL's" - This is the first thing that came to my mind :D

But it looks so cool! *.=.*
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I think she can handle a healer and a couple of dds at the same time. :D

Haha! Thank you!
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Good looking design but it has a really odd weight balance.
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I was thinking the same thing.
Looks fantastic, but I wonder how you're supposed to walk with it on?
Reminds me of Akira
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Great Design! :D
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Ultra great!
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Mega thanks! 
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How are you leveling up so fast? Like damn, lol.
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Thanks, man! :D Nice to see you around.
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That wasn't a compliment, it was an inquiry! lol XD
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Haha! I'm sure there are tons of ways to improve faster and smarter than I am. I'm just sitting and drawing tbh.

But lately I've rediscovered inks for myself and drawing with just bold black pen or liner helps a ton, it's hard but laying down permanent bold lines from the start makes your brain work hard and think about what are you drawing. I'm used to ways where I'm just building stuff out of clouds of lines, it's fun but too unpredictable. It's kind of no-brainer and you can't affrod yoursefl to do that when working for the client on some specific matter. You cant' be random you need to imagine and draw exactly what you've asked for. And inks helps you to train that skill a ton aaand it's really fun when you get a bit used to it. And it's whole new level of challenge when you have to do values with just black ink. :) I post some of my mess in my Instagram, so check it if you interested.

I don't know if it's any help (your lines always been much more smart and cleaner than mine), just felt like sharing. :)
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I just checked it out, and I'm even more impressed now, I have to build up my lines slowly in order to get them like that. And in ink, there is no way I'd be able to do that without an under drawing in graphite or something. It's funny that you mention the scribble technique as well, all I've ever gotten out of that is weirdly caricatured faces and even then I'd have to be making scribble for at least 20 minutes on average before I see anything in there. I even tried this thing from Keinan Lafferty and it doesn't work for me q.q:…

Maybe it would do me some good to even get back to traditional drawing in general since I rarely ever do it.
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All this "seeing shapes in a mess" thing just happend to me like "click" one day couple years ago, I didn't saw or used this kind of technique before that. And I don't think you need to force that in any way, it's just "unlocks" somehow at some point if you drawing consistantly. Brain is a wierd place for sure.

And, yeah, I think that getting good old pen/pencil and limiting yourself from digital freedom and confusion, from time to time, is a very healty approach.
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Thanks for the discussion man, it gave me some things to think about :).
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