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Recently I've been looking for work and decided it was time to update my showreel, so I'm very proud to present it for you here: OR…

I've also got a lot of new illustration & design work on my website too:

Check it all out and let me know what you think!
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Yes, I have recently joined tumblr, posting a bit more regularly with a range of my own work (paintings/life-drawing/photography/animation) and you can find me at -

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People of dA! I have finally used one of my drawings for one of the many Threadless competitions, and rather than being on a t-shirt like most of them it is for a Dog Hoodie, so if you feel like it and enjoy my Dog Portal design please go to the link below and vote (preferably the 5!) for it!!


Also, see more of Lucy the dog's adventures in this birthday animation I made for my girlfriend Jess -

Many thanks!
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Check out my latest showreel here -…
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CON: Unemployed for personal best of 8 months.

PRO: Learned Dreamweaver + redesigned my website (leading to working on two other sites).

PRO/CON: Turned 24.

PRO: Returned to Norwich for the first time since graduating in 2008.

PRO: Reconnected with old friends from NSAD and my Foundation Degree.

PRO: Met new people and became a barista for 2 weeks with The Princes Trust and Costa.
CON: Didn't get kept on by Costa but (PRO) they did really like me and offered me a position later in the year (by which point I had another job).

PRO: Got a job at Sunnyside Rural Trust.
CON: Minimum wage and only 25hrs a week.

PRO: Found out I was part of an Art Foundation course's homework study, in Chelmsford.

PRO: My Sunnyside chicken designs were printed on t-shirts.
CON: They looked rubbish.

PRO: Coloured for a visually stunning music-video, an MA film and made new studio contacts.
CON: Still putting the free into freelance.

PRO: Created an animated presentation and earned a proper wage for it.

PRO: Met Tom Gauld, showed him my animated version of his comic and got approval to keep working on it, now working with James on foley and finishing off the last bits of animation.

PRO: Went to an interesting talk by Professor Brian Cox about his Wonders of the Solar System series.

PRO: Saw Flight Of The Conchords live at Wembley Arena!


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Here are a few handy links to see what I've been up to, I'm up to and what I will be up to...




...some are updated more than others, be patient and you may be surprised.
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After a month of learning, playing about and designing the component parts my new and much improved, not to mention, up-to-date website is now complete and fully-functioning online right now!

I compel you to visit it, no promises of cake or cookies, but you will find some illustrations that aren't here as well as the majority of my animation history so far, and some other links to people who make some nice things too.
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I have now worked on several projects at Trunk in London, expanded my portfolio, including a short film using potato print textures, Show Me Show Me for Cbeebies and a music video for Wave Machines' "I Go I Go I Go" and integrated nicely into their small core team.
A few months ago I was offered a job as technician/animator for Trunk and since the short film was completed about a fortnight back I've been helping out with a variety of tasks, including backing up the countless projects and organising their archived material as well as doing odd animations for other projects.
Last week for example I traced, cut and folded six lots of 'Trunk' from card for a little stop motion piece we might be doing and also made some Vegas style lights flash and chase each other for a Channel 4 documentary series.

At the cinema I've seen the latest Harry Potter (IMAX), Transformers 2, Moon, The Hangover, I Love You Man, Bolt 3D, Monster Vs Aliens 3D, Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Watchmen (IMAX) and Star Trek. There's probably a couple more but can't recall them right now, I want to see Star Trek again but at the IMAX this time and Harry Potter would be great to watch twice on the big screen too.

Thanks to the wonders of eBay I have now been the proud owner of a PS3 since April and have ten games to go with it including the fantastic LittleBigPlanet, Guitar Hero III and Motorstorm Pacific Rift. The games all look fantastic and having an HD screen for my computer makes them appear even better.

Apologies for the lack of updates here but if you want more info on my latest pieces then just head here...

Blog  -
Trunk -
Me    -

Until next time!
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Anyhoo, Bee is here and has been for quite some time in fact but hey, you got two posts in November, what do you want?! A cookie!!

So, I'm interning at Trunk at the moment and working with one of the directors on her film which means learning Flash which is a bit annoying as despite it being "simple" I cannot grasp it with both hands as of yet... too slippery y'see.

The ongoing battle between my brain and my gaming heart as Zavvi shuts down and the PS3 becomes dangerously tempting continues, but I'll stay strong.

Right now it's all about the LEGO Batman with Bee and I, it's SO much fun and we've been playing nearly a month and still only on 85% or so.

Recent films seen: Quantum of Solace (third time)/Twilight/Madagascar 2

Films I want to see: Role Models/Curious Case of Benjamin Button/Watchmen/Where The Wild Things Are/Wolverine
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I miss being around her, I know it isn't too long before we are truly together but I still need to figure out what I'm doing with MY life and stop waiting on others or for an answer to fall into my lap. In other words; the job hunt is depressing.

If that didn't amuse you much then here are some other places to see what I'm up to...
My Blog
My Website
My YouTube
My Threadless
My 4mations
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Well that's October done with, journal entries have become sparser as this year's progressed but there are various other places to see what I'm up to...

My Blog

My Website

My YouTube

My Threadless

My 4mations

Come back when you've checked out my entire life in digital form and I'll find you something else to be getting on with!
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I may have a job!

I have a WACOM tablet!!

I will see Bee in less than two weeks!!!

I am doing more animation and illustration!!

I enjoy the new tv shows starting now!

I need to do some exercise.

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And so, in what will probably be my last journal from my Norwich home, I shall regale with my latest escapades and adventures...

~ B came over for a whole fortnight!! which words cannot describe, why is there no better word for awesome things like this?!

~ bought Lego Indiana Jones, just as good if not better than the two Star Wars ones!

~ saw Wanted, Indy IV, Hancock and now am awaiting Wall-E and of course The Dark Knight!!!

~ I got business cards, postcards, dvds all printed up having graduated from my BA Animation course with a respectable 2:2 degree.

~ My film has been getting a fair amount of praise and now just needs to be sent of to festivals, if you would like to see it on a little screen then...

~ go to my personal, hand crafted website showing some better quality versions of my work.

~ moving out at the end of next week, shifting 3 years of stuff back to my parents and trying to fit back in there, should be interesting!

Keep up the good work guys and girls,

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...of awesome - Logic Studio arrived yesterday almost exactly 24 hours after ordering, which I was very impressed by, of course I've had to dump a load of music from my harddrive just to make space to install it, but it'll be awesome once I put it on my Mini.

So, this is my fifth post for 2008, I've made one a month this year, clearly my words are that good, they last for so long... or it could be that next week is the deadline for my final major animation project and the last project at NSAD for me. Then, who knows, an MA course perhaps, slouching about at home with my parents, making more personal animations, traveling the world, job hunting in the "real" world, or going and signing up for the space program with NASA.

In a couple of weeks I should have my own personal website (with my illustration and animation on) up and running, but I need to find a domain name that I'm pleased with, since most iterations of my name (Christopher James Wright) are taken up by various random people across the globe. So, any suggestions in the comments would be much appreciated, even if they don't work they might spark off another name for me.

I wish AFX Hero was real, I think I might own at that game, someone whould make it, or even develop PS Hero as suggested by Penny Arcade months back.

Oooh, Doctor Who on tonight, Stephen Moffat's episode too which is even better, because of his past episodes of awesomeness.

Anyway, I should be doing work, so back to the grindstone once more!
Keep up the great work everyone, x
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...seriously, I kinda liked seeing everyone joined together as one for a day.

Mudkips we hardly knew thee.

Anyhoo, what has happened this past four weeks, well I shall tell you...

~ Avi came HERE!!! for a whole week we were barely apart for longer than a minute or two, and it was fantastic... I miss her dearly and long to be near her again, and in the summer we will once we both graduate!!

~ I have been getting much more used to using a tablet for drawing and have progressed fairly well with my animation FMP, check out my blog ( and for more on that

~ I bought a Polaroid camera, a proper old one too, all boxy and black, it's a Sun 600 Land Camera, if anyone's interested... although of course I realise I'm a bit late in the game to instant photography and the film is bloody expensive now! dammit!

~ Tomorrow I'm in the sound studio recording foley for my film, but I suck at sound although it went relatively alright last time, so we'll see and hope for the best.

Only 6 weeks (roughly) until my final art school deadline (hence the lack of updates journal/art wise) but I want to scan in one or two of the Polaroids soon.

Keep up the great work everyone, x
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Well, would you look at that, it's nearly been a month since my last entry and a fair bit has happened...

~ dissertation handed in, party afterwards I dressed as Bender from Futurama, all made from cardboard! people really liked my costume but it was a bit restricting as I had to be taped in to it by my housemate.

~ visited Avalantis... and now we are together! <3 and in three weeks she will come and visit me here in England, which will be awesome cause I miss her greatly.

~ been doing lots of work on my animation FMP, and have done several animatics, more recently I've been experimenting and getting some good results using a WACOM table (and I mean table, it's HUGE, borrowed from school) which is cool, much to the delight of bee :]

~ it was also the end of term and you had to go as "whatever you wanted to be" so I dressed as an astronaut with help from a friend I constructed another cardboard marvel.

~ tomorrow I'm homehome for a day or so, before a family skiing trip which should be good fun and a chance to catch up with my parents and sisters.

Keep up the great work everyone, x

Films seen recently: Sweeney Todd/Juno/Be Kind Rewind/Lars and the Real Girl (all of which were rather good in very different ways)!
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19th February - 22nd Birthday (Lego Indiana Jones/Lego Star Wars t-shirt!)

22nd February - Dissertation Hand In/End of Dissertation PARTY!!

24th February - Visit Avalantis for 10 days!!!


5th March - Back to the real world and continuing on with my FMP.



I will do a KIRIBIAN at 1000 page views if you send me a screenshot of it and want me to do a little something for you, I'm away for the next ten days (as you can see above!) but if it happens while I'm away I'll get back to you on the 5th.
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So it's the new year and I have to say I don't think I could have predicted quite how 2007 would have played out at all.

I finished my second year of animation and started the third, worked on an amazing collaborative animation project (at college/uni) with :iconavalantis: and made a new friend in the process.

I also increased my profile on DA by adding more than ever before, writing journals! even making an icon pic... now I just need a devID and I'll be sorted.

I'll be starting back at college for the second term, in which I have to hand in my dissertation (film/computer game censorship) and complete preproduction on my final major project.

Not to mention a trip overseas, my birthday and countless other distractions I'm sure.

I shall endeavour to add more work this year, thanks to all the new favs and watches, here's to 2008!



My animations/films -…
My FMP Blog -
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Merry Christmas!! it's nearly over, and I have got a fair amount of new things (digital camera!!! dvds, cd, shirts and much more) to take back to my (hopefully still tidy) house in Norwich.

I am currently working on my final major project for my animation degree which is about Phobias and involves the Swimming Man encountering various things he is scared of.

I am really enjoying drawing him and the various props he will use/wear/destroy and will probably do it hand-drawn in black and white (mostly at least, not sure whether some colour might be a good thing) with AfterEffects for some extras.

Having used a blog to help others see the progress of my last animation
when I worked with :iconavalantis: I now have another blog here - click here!

Thanks to all those who have been faving and watching recently.

Brobe xyz
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Hi, so at the moment I am in my third and final year of my animation degree, working on my final major project - my YouTube with some of my animations…

If you want to follow what I'm doing on that go to FMP Blog

Before I really started on that I was working with Avalantis on a collaborative animation between our two colleges in the UK and the Netherlands, my Collaboration Blog is

I'm glad that so many (for me anyway) more people are looking at my stuff and liking it, I appreciate it, and thanks are due to avalantis for promoting me on her page somewhat <3

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