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The Giant Panterapithec !

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If there was a true mammal equivalent of the spinosaurus, it would certainly be the Huge Ichtyophagithecus this enormous fish eating baboon can grow up to short faced bear size, with 6 feet at the shoulder.
This late Xenocene pantherapithecine has long mustache on its snout to detect fishes, its main diet. But this opportunistic predator often steal the prey of smaller predator.

This monkey is an excellent swimmer, able to stay on water during hours, that's probably what allowed it to reach Rifteria. But it can also climb large trees to take a sleep like its ancestor.
The teeth like pikes on their palm used to catch fish or climb wood.

Another detail u probably didn't miss is that this giant monkey live on both fresh water and coastlines, being the only animal of his niche on Rifteria probably helped it being very invasive and successful.
Rifteria isn't an island but a very small continent, just like Australia, but since we talked about island gigantism for Meglania the ichtyophagithecus can be considered as an island gigantism example.

Scientific name(s): Ichtyophagithecus (fish-eating monkey )
height : 6 feet (shoulder) / 1m80
Lenght : 5m (16 feet)
Weight: 1 ton
Habitat: rivers, lake, coastlines
Evolved from: mandrill

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how fast are they

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Again, cool idea.
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Is that a rainbow on it's hiney ?
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are you guy's ready for the war for the planet of the apes?
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Dude if this guy was with the apes, humans would be fucked up !
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Does he have a rainbow-booty:D?
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