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Pantherapithecine family

By Brobar
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1) Ichtyophagithecus :
The mammal equivalent of the spinosaurus, this enormous fish eating baboon is an excellent swimmer and can grow up to short faced bear size, with 6 feet at the shoulder, but with a longer body, one of the largest land mammal carnivore of all time, only some devil bear and scrofatherid being larger. Created by me.

2) Pantherapithecus :
Apex predator of African savannah and forest, purely quadropedal, the sexual dimorphism is very strong in this animal with males being almost twice the size as females.males also posses the bright colour skin of their ancestors, saber teeth are used for display and hunting. Males do most of the hunting.
The original specie : coveloraptorii is created by Covelloraptor. The specie gredinii is created by Gredinia

3) Leopithecus :
Fill the niche of modern lion, with approximately the same size. Created by me.

4) Primapiscatoris :
Another specie of fish eating baboon, or Lishiopithecid, the Primapiscatoris is a genra of solitary pantherapithec unlike the other fish eating baboons (actually they all descend from mandrill like every pantherapithecs), its mouth is about to become a long beak, an unusual feature for a mammal. Created by me.

5) Neopapio :
A very primitive Lishiopithecid, with very primitive feature with a mandrill shape, but a he possesses very long arms used as "fishing rod" and it has teeth-like pikes on their palm to capture fishes, the small hairs on ends of its snout allows it to detect the movements of fishes.
The original specie : Brobarii is created by me, and the other specie by Gredinia

6)Sanguithecus :
A vampire monkey, one of the smallest pantherapitecs, sometimes it feeds on living prey, and don't even take the time to kill it before tearing apart pieces of flesh and blood. It uses ultrasound frequency to communicate and also to protect from predators. Created by me.

Fish eating baboons art :………

Meat eating pantherapithecines :………
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We have Barugaron as the kaiju equivalent of Dracula but now we have a baboon that is blood destruction. I love it.

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Very awesome work here!
I like your apes equivalent of animals and beasts!

I think my favourite is the Ichtyophagithecus and the Pantherapithecus for their respective saurian and leonine aspect.
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Oh thank you very much, yeah my favourite pantherapithecine is also the Ichtyophagithecus :D !
Jioseph-superfan63's avatar
Hahaha, for me too!

They're so awesome!
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Gives some great visual inspiration for creatures in my D&D campaign. Keep up the great work- it's pretty darn inspiring!
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Oh thank you, i'm glad that it inspired you.
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This is really cool to look at:happybounce: 
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Thank you ;D
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By far my favourite size chart

also I love how you made sub species for different versions of the animal
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yeah i did it because i didn't know wich version to put on this. And i think it's cool, ima do it again for the next charts.
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Oh, you forgot the one I mage btw…
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Oh damn, I'm sorry, totally forgot it :/. That's definitely why we should finish that spreadsheet :/.
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Yeah. But anyway, it's fine :)
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