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I draw and write for my own entertainment and therapy. I purchased a modest Wacom tablet and am self-teaching myself digital art along with traditional drawing techniques.

I am posting my little works now as well as a journal of my digital and traditional training sessions.

My writing is mostly my journal keeping these days, along with Twitter posts and on-line chat banter. I once wrote dialog and script for D&D games as a dungeon master.

I am in the Winter of my years and drawing is one of of my near-retirement hobbies.

I have had several hobbies over the course of my life: In my youth, I built models, both scale and flying aircraft. I dabbled with D&D, and got into a SCA group for a brief period of time in my late teens and early twenties, where I hand sewed my own garb and drew comics for the newsletter. I also self taught myself soprano and alto recorder and was learning mandolin and playing early music and folk songs.

My adult years were all about business and family obligations. Life took a cruel turn and my father died early. I had to focus on making a living.

I changed majors from education and English Lit (my dream was to be an English Professor like Tolkien) to Office Automaton and Business Administration.

There was little art during this period, except for clip art. At home, I watched cartoons / animation, listed to my records, and made the occasional hand-made Halloween costume.

Computers and business were my livelihood, and gaming my relief. I spent hours on PS2 and the PC with platform games and Combat Flight Sims and some strategy games.

In this year of Covid-19 lockdown, 2020, several months after my mom's passing, I found Furries while looking at game reviews on YouTube.

I went down the Rabbit Hole and found in the Furry Fandom a world of costumes, performers, streaming games with online chat, comics and Art. Two Kinds and Poppy Possum are my favorites comics thus far. I love mostly all the different furry creatures drawn.

My search for art led me to DA and I had to create an account in order to keep looking at all of it.

I have a fursona, Charlie Dunbar -- a big brown dog. In addition, I have adopted an OC -- Beverly Frasee, a Lynx . I have commissioned works of them both from the original artist.

I took Beginner's Art lessons to improve my skills, so I could present concepts to artists I commission and create works that I want to express. I post most of my furry stuff on my Fur Affinity Account.

My DA account is the refrigerator for my inner child's artwork and a diary of all the things that make my art look like it does.

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Quick sketch for my Avatar's story. Trying a Now and Then view
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I am making a slow return to drawing. I have lost all of my muscle memory from what I can tell. I was questioning whether or not it may be the software I am using. I have been using PaintShopPro for a long time -- with a mouse and vector lines. I have been using a Wacom tablet for about a year, but my curved lines are creaky and faltering. I don't know how other artists get a smooth flow. Wave shapes like hair and floof are especially hard for me. An artist I know on twitter suggested I try Clip-Studio. I downloaded the program for a 30 day trial and my initial efforts after warm up were similar to that of PSP. I did the same warm-up and sketch side by side and there wasn't much different with the results. I know it is because I have not been drawing for three months and I have forgotten my drawing lessons. All I can do is repeat my lessons from Beginners Art School with Clip Studio and take the tutorials and see if I can get any better with remediation. Finally, I am depressed and
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As I stated in my previous status updates I had to move. I was living in a toxic environment (to my psyche and physical health) I tried everything I could do to escape while living there, including VR gaming, but the Pink Wolf in my head would not stop agonizing and complaining. I basically stopped all my drawing. I expended all my energy on the move and getting settled. I have been overburdened with IRL issues regarding maintenance of the apartment, furnishing it, and now some financial issues. I have had NO INSPIRATION to draw. My Muse is comatose and the suffering I am experiencing is NOT making for better art. I have lost most of my muscle memory and my lines have deteriorated. Recently, I started drilling again. Today I began with face drills, drew my fursona's face and then did a rough sketch of my fursona playing VR games. My fursona mirrors what I do IRL, so, since I'm not in a happy place, I have no happy poses or scenes for Charlie to be in. I should perhaps step
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