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My Bio

I draw and write for my own entertainment and therapy. I purchased a modest Wacom tablet and am self-teaching myself digital art along with practicing traditional drawing techniques.

I post my little works now as a scrapbook of my progress and interests.

I am in the Winter of my years and drawing is one of of my near-retirement hobbies; it works hand and hand with my other surprise hobby -- becoming a Furry.

I always liked to doodle, but only do it off and on. Mostly I drew in the margins of notebooks and sometimes on real sketchpads. Pencil and paper are my favorite medium, and I haven't really figured out color.

I built models of WW1 and WW2 aircraft and armor as a child, I also built model rockets and static spacecraft and was a casual Trekie. I have a love of B movies and loved swords and sorcery, and was enamored with Tolkien. I played D&D and did historical recreation in the SCA -- making my own garb.

My art and hobbies were mostly put on hold in my adult years (25-55) while I was struggling to keep a house afloat, doing elder care and attempting to manage my own life and mental health issues. There was no passion, just depression, anger, and anxiety.

During the boredom of Covid Lockdown, I found out about Furries and they were a perfect escape -- blending my lifelong love of Hanna Barbera cartoon characters, fantasy elements, Star Trek (specifically, The Caitain race, ST: The Animated Series 1973-74).

I decided on becoming a dog, took a Beginners Art Course to knock some of the rust off my skills and made my fursona.

I found DA and Fur Affinity and joined so I could look at all the art work and I added my own to the pile. I tried to keep the furry stuff on FA, but there is a lot of crossover.

Rewritten 23 September 2023

More human sketches and studies
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Drawing a little, but mostly Furry.
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I haven't been drawing much. I did some stuff with Furry Telegram stickers over the summer, and commissioned an artist to make my sticker ideas come to life, but nothing much else. I haven't had much to say art wise. I wrote a short story and a monologue on FA, as words are more my medium but even there, I am relatively silent. I like to doodle, and pencil and paper are my most favored tools. I've done some things with Painter and have made half hearted attempts to learn digital art, but I keep running out of energy. All I get out of it are WIPs and ideas but to actually do the backgrounds and shading and such. I liked the idea of a 2D image over a 3D backdrop -- like on "God Worries Me" on Netflix in the outros. I did one of a person walking into the Dollar store, but then got tired of working on it and did a layer on top of a photo (it's in my scraps folder). As I said in one of my bios, this is my refrigerator to hang my art, as I did a art and here it is. Thanks for
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