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So What If Im So LY?
You were the one,
who always said no.
I was the one that just wanted to go.
Now were at a standstill,
Sitting on this anthill.
Getting chew out by little, tiny soldiers.
Cuw you want to grow up
And believe all their lies.
But I’m still a kid
In my own eyes.
And you want to be cool,
With all the kids in school.
So you leave me alone to be your stepping stone.
But I’m not gonna take this now.
I’m gonna get up and shout
Fuck all of you who think you’re so cool,
Get that stick out your ass
And roll in the grass.
Who cares?!
Were all just kids!
Cuz you want to grow up
And believe all their lies
But I’m just a kid
In everyone’s eyes!
Cuz I’m just a kid
And this is my life!
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I'm Really Shy On The Inside by BrkenHeartsBleed I'm Really Shy On The Inside :iconbrkenheartsbleed:BrkenHeartsBleed 0 0 You Cant Break Us by BrkenHeartsBleed You Cant Break Us :iconbrkenheartsbleed:BrkenHeartsBleed 0 0 I Am Beautiful by BrkenHeartsBleed I Am Beautiful :iconbrkenheartsbleed:BrkenHeartsBleed 0 0 I'll Be Just Fine by BrkenHeartsBleed I'll Be Just Fine :iconbrkenheartsbleed:BrkenHeartsBleed 1 0 Lost In Thought by BrkenHeartsBleed Lost In Thought :iconbrkenheartsbleed:BrkenHeartsBleed 0 1 She told Herself A Lie by BrkenHeartsBleed She told Herself A Lie :iconbrkenheartsbleed:BrkenHeartsBleed 2 0 I'm Fantasy In A Real World by BrkenHeartsBleed I'm Fantasy In A Real World :iconbrkenheartsbleed:BrkenHeartsBleed 1 0 This Is The Great Escape by BrkenHeartsBleed This Is The Great Escape :iconbrkenheartsbleed:BrkenHeartsBleed 0 0 Youthful Escape by BrkenHeartsBleed Youthful Escape :iconbrkenheartsbleed:BrkenHeartsBleed 0 3
The Revolution Of Speech
There’s something I’ve been meaning to say,
But don’t worry I will no longer delay.
I used to be scared to say what I felt,
But I need to speak what I feel every day.
And I’ll shout this from the rooftops if I have to,
Because this is what I gotta do.
No one can silence my voice now,
To no authority will I bow;
For no reason will I silence my voice;
And when everyone has freedom of choice,
I will rejoice.
Because no one can silence this voice of mine,
I’ll spray paint it on a sign,
Or shout it at the top of my lungs,
No use to bring your guns.
Just bring a voice and let’s start talking,
Talking freely for what we believe in.
It’ll be the greatest din
This world has ever known.
When we all stand up and it’ll reverbrate in every bone.
Just stand up and say it even if you’re standing alone.
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This I Believe
“Giving off radiant glow who’s lips spoke mute The Babylonian whore”
-Jordan Martin, To Shayna Hobbs from Dark Queen
I believe living without regret gives you a lot of reason to regret. By definition regret is to feel sorrow or remorse for an act and by general consensus people would agree that we learn from our mistakes. So if we truly live a life with no regret then we might find that nearly everything we do is regrettable because we did no learn from our prior misdeeds.
He was an a-typical Satanist, goth. His eyes were brilliant brown; coated heavily in society’s bruises, or the more common known substance eyeliner. Each sarcastic deeply cynical word was perfectly enunciated through his flawless pierced lips. Perhaps it was the rag tag jeans that so closely identified with my own or the mismatch band tees that stole my heart but this boy was my savior. He was my King of Hearts and I his Little Dark Queen.
“Don’t leave me, Jordan!” I sobbed helpless
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Eh...No Title
What I feel inside just won’t stay there,
and it’s a kind of self inflicted pain I can no longer bear.
And the beautiful cuts you call scars are painfully obvious to me,
but they will always be something that you refuse to see.
I wanted to let you know that I havent stopped crying,
life seems only to prolong the dying.
I’ve become some thing that I hate,
something I can’t escape.
And everything you feel towards me is justified,
Everything I loved I also defied.
Loneliness is closing in,
because of my stupid, lowly sin.
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Self Loathing
Self loathing doesn’t even begin to say it,
I feel like everyone can see my weakness like a huge ugly zit.
Maybe if someone had warned me,
What it was like to see something you hate every day
I would have had something better to say.
But now I’m just all alone,
and my cross to bear is the shame I see in the mirror
Everytime I look.
And all I can think of is that fragile heart I took,
and broke like the most brittle bone.
I never thought that the thing’s I hate could do this to me,
And now my concious just wont let me be.
I need to get out but I’m trapped in this mess I made,
And the only thing that looks good is that blade.
And now I’m really going down,
and  I wont make a single sound
When I hit the ground.
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I am the scream queen,
You will bow down before my wretched shouts.
And watch my face become distorted in ugly shapes.
I’m the reject daughter that you can’t control,
With my pounding music and obnoxious mouth.
You’ll die at my feet because I’ll never grow!
This shame in your heart is all to visible,
But I wont go back and you can’t stand it.
This bead wearing debauchery is your greatest fear,
And rightfully so.
I am the freak show attraction,
That they line up to see.
Oh yeah it’s all about lil old me.
I’m the slow moving cancer that you can’t cure.
The fever you can’t sweat out,
I’m the girl they’re all shouting about.
I’m the self-inflicted queen of drama they all hate,
But they’ll never stop watching
And you cant stand that.
:iconbrkenheartsbleed:BrkenHeartsBleed 1 7
Lost To You Visual by BrkenHeartsBleed Lost To You Visual :iconbrkenheartsbleed:BrkenHeartsBleed 0 0



Cant Read Your Rolling Eyes
United States
Current Residence: In My Very Valuable Head
Favourite genre of music: Punk Rock, Techno, Death metal, Foreign
Favourite photographer: Mybarelybeatingheart
Favourite style of art: Anime
Operating System: If I Told You Then I'd Have To Kill You
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Shell of choice: Shotgun
Wallpaper of choice: None, personally i think its tacky.
Skin of choice: My own. I prefer it that way.
Favourite cartoon character: Stewie-Avatar-Inu-Yasha-Vash! I love Trigun
Personal Quote: "Dumptrucks."
  • Listening to: Carlos Mencia
  • Reading: Your Mind
  • Watching: The Phone
  • Playing: With Your Heart
  • Eating: My Foot
  • Drinking: Spirits Of A Different Kind
On January 9th, 10:00 AM, my mommy gave birth to Trista Belle. She was 8 lbs, 10 oz and 21 inches. She is healthy and beautiful.

I'm very excited to have another baby around the house, cuz we all know how amazing it is.

Well i'm redoing my hair...again. Its gonna be wicked.

Well , tootles for now.



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