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Boing! Boing! You CAN use my stock, just let me know with a LINK to your work in the original stock so I can see and enjoy it.
Boing! Boing! CREDIT me in your work with a direct link to the original stock when submit in DA.
Boing! Boing! You CAN use it outside of DA, just CREDIT me. 

Boing! Boing! You CAN use my stock for premade backgrounds. Let the art flow!
Boing! Boing! You CAN use the work that you create with my stock for DA prints!

Boing! Boing! You CANNOT use my stock  for make another stock without any changes and claim my stock as yours!

Boing! Boing! Take respect for my stock, you can ask me whenever you want.
Boing! Boing! Don't use my stock for abuse, porn, racism...

Boing! Boing! Please fav my stock if you use it.
Boing! Boing! And the most important: ENJOY!!!

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dulcezuki's avatar

Thank you so much for sharing!!! :hug:

tbeener's avatar
Thank you...very generous....
Breathless work! Thank you so much for sharing!!!
DigitalButterflyy's avatar
Thank you again... superb work here. I appreciate all your effort. :)
Brizzolatto55's avatar
Thanks to you! I feel truly realized when my stock is used to create a piece of art! Hug  
DigitalButterflyy's avatar
:) always love sifting thru your work...
Brizzolatto55's avatar
You're very kind! Hug 
EthericDezigns's avatar
Is commercial use allowed?
Brizzolatto55's avatar
EthericDezigns's avatar
Okay, very cool! Thats generous of you! :D Well soon enough I will be using your stock mostly for personal use and posting here on D.A. I asked about commercial because I noticed you have one of the BEST lion shots I've seen on here, and I work with a lot of hebrew israelites, and sometimes a roaring lion is what they'd ask for, and you have it! :nod:
Brizzolatto55's avatar
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