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Happy Birthday!!

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Art done for Mimi-McG's birthday<3<3 of her precious boy Walnut and I couldn't help myself from adding the flirtiest girl, Azraelynn, around into the mix. She's attempting her best to make him change his thoughts on natural mares only... as expected from the flashy, flirtatious girl XD
I hope your birthday was the most fabulous, Momma<3<3

    Lynn walked slowly through the forest, her multicolored eyes flickering up every once in a while to the, finally starting to darken, sky above the mostly pine needle covered canopy. She had spent most of the day preparing for her next trip out to spend time with her brother at the Ancient Oak. Now that she was finally ahead of schedule, only really needing to “borrow” some items from the ranch, the chimera mare had decided to take the rest of the day off for a stroll out to the far ridge. She would have greatly enjoyed company out to the location, but Nicky had, sadly, gotten roped into helping Jackie around the ranch long before Lynn had made her rounds that morning.


    The large Leo stallion’s work started just after the sun started showing itself over the far off horizon. Strike one for the day. Jackie had tacked him up in a harness and he immediately knew what that meant. Heavy lifting. Strike two. By the time Nicky was ready to go, he was already showing an irritated look winding itself through his entire stance. The red-haired female decided to tack up Erebres as well, one for her mount out to the location and two as a backup worker for Nicky. As the shorter stallion complained and expressed his disdain for the workload today, the pure black Phabis only shook his head with a snort.

    When their owner returned with the rest of her supplies for the trip out to the fields, Nicky tossed his head and pushed his weight against the ends of the ties. A quick reprimanding from the fluffier stallion, the dunskin’s ears pinned with warning. Erebres didn't flinch, following up with telling the dappled Padro how hard his work could get if he misbehaved. Jackie unclipped the two stallions and lead them outside to make it easier to mount up. She looped Nicky to Erebres and climbed up the mounting block to hop gracefully onto the Xormas male. Once she was situated in her seat, the freckled female cued Erebres forward, dragging a still reluctant Nicky along and off to the fields for a day of moving large logs around for new jumps on the ranch’s cross country course.


    Lynn sighed. Surely there was someone out on the range that she could meet up with. Her eyes scanned the area again, hoping to catch a glimpse of at least one of her or Amara’s forest friends. Her search came up empty. Her dark rimmed ears flickered back and forth, but again, she couldn’t sense anything except for the soft breeze rustling the large trees’ leaves. As the chimera mare took a deep inhale and prepared a snort, a new smell caught in her freckles nostrils. She immediately halted and looked around. Nothing. Lynn decided to take several more strides until she reached the closest location to the edge of the forest cover. Here her multicolored eyes scanned her surroundings again, this time taking in a large opening with a river running through the middle from the waterfall spouting from the closest mountain.

    The sun was setting behind the mountain, leaving a brilliant shadow casting itself over the plains. It didn’t take Lynn but moments to catch sight of a pinto individual down at the water’s edge. She tilted her head with a soft smirk as she observed from the tree line and judged her approach. “Who are you?” Lynn muttered to herself with a gentle squint of her eyes, waiting for the moment to arise that would signal how to make her way to the stranger’s location. As she watched, the moon began to toss blue hues over the lands and those tones seemed to create a glow from the whites that wound over the other equine’s body. The wind brought another whiff of the dark pinto’s scent and it solidified the classic champagne’s plans.

    After another moment gazing across the opening, Lynn let out a songful whinny and half-walked, half-pranced to her side of the river. She tossed her multi toned waves as she made her way down to the location. Once the petite mare reached it, she could immediately see the bright emerald tones of the newcomer’s eyes glinting from the moonlit twilight. Her ears pricked forward and her eyes slowly studied and took in what she couldn’t from afar. Lynn watched the larger equine flare his nostrils and how every breath he took attracted the glistening moon to shine off his coat.

    The smaller Padro took a few more moments to stare at the other before speaking. “Hola. ¿Quién eres tú?” The large, dark pinto immediately tilted his head and furrowed his brows, clearly unsure of what she had just said. It wasn’t difficult for Lynn to get the message. With a gentle shake of her dappled body, she positioned her eyes down briefly to the rock walkway that lead across the rolling river. Lynn bounded swiftly, but carefully across the water washed stones, unable to keep her eyes off the prize.

    Once safely on the other side of the rushing water, the chimera female shook again to clear her tail and feathering of the cool liquid. She took a deep breath and looked up to lock gazes with the stranger again, this time within feet of his stunning green eyes. “Let me begin again,” the petite mare started in a soft, sultry tone. She stepped forward until she was nearly up against the stallion’s chest. “I’m Azraelynn. And who might you be?” Lynn asked in a lower tone as she rubbed up under the seal brown’s chin and slowly wrapped her long, wavy tail around his neck.

    The newcomer’s dark ears flickered back against his poll as he swallowed. “The name’s Walnut.”

    “Well, isn’t that unique,” she replied with a raised pale brow and half-smile. “So, Walnut, would you care to accompany me on the rest of my journey?” Lynn questioned, running the end of her tail along the stallion’s chin.

    “Well, I-I’d love to, but my Momma doesn’t take too kindly to the idea of me hanging around unnatural mares. That being said, it looks like I’m going to have to decline your offer.”

    “Well, now, that’s the beauty of it all. Momma’s not here, and what Momma doesn’t know won’t hurt her.”

~~And tune in next week to find out what happens next~~

sorry couldn’t help myself XD


Shaded Fullbody = 5PP
Detailed Background = 3PP
Literature - 1104 words = 10PP
TOTAL: 18 PP for Lynn & Walnut

Literature - 251 words = 2.5PP for Nicky

Literature - 188 words = 1.5PP for Erebres

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Eeeeee my handsome lad! And looky he's made a friend ;) ;)

Thank you so much Britt <333