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Scattered the Runestones.
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The NeverEnding Story
Lackadaisy on Patreon
Uh...something's up with the Journal widget here. Apologies for the repeat journal entry. I tried to edit my old one and it disappeared entirely. I've recently left my job in the game industry so that I could focus more of my time and attention on Lackadaisy.  Patreon is my weapon of choice in trying to see this to fruition. If more Lackadaisy comic updates, illustrations, tutorials, mini-comics, books and other things interests you, please do check it out! Notes on Character Design I received the question pictured below at my tumblr blog.  In case it's useful to anyone here, I decided to go ahead and use this otherwise dormant journal to
A guide about referencing
We are a group of artists that have noticed there's widespread confusion and misconceptions spreading about the limits and ethics of referencing, so we have decided to help the community by clearing up the idea of what referencing is! -- You can also watch a video about it, just click here! What is referencing? When we talk about “referencing,” we could also talk about “searching for information.” Imagine that you have to do an essay for school about plants, animals, planets, in other words, a subject you don’t know much about. What’s the first thing you do before you start writing? Search for information
The Best Way
Time Wasted
The meaning of Life should not be about a destination but the journey, because the moment you stop running is the moment you have arrived, the moment you will end. Life is short, you may be in your 20s or 30s and it seems like you have so much time ahead of you but take a moment to think about it. How many years of quality life do you have left before you reach an age where you no longer can freely run under the sky and let the sun shine on your skin? Maybe another 30 - 40 years tops, think about it, 30 summers to go, does not sound much now does it? And one third of the time you will be sleeping, another quarter spend with work. Time is pr


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December 15, 1981
United States
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Winter Break is here. I can finally art again.
..Because doing 10 college hours, lots of homework, and working 38 hours on the same campus, doesn't leave me much time to do hardly anything. My former full-time late summer job didn't allow me to do a whole lot either except ..sleep in. @_@ Whatever. I'm gonna try to push my ass back to it. Back to the drawing, coloring, and posting stuff within the few *and hopefully, not as busy* weeks of break that I have. At the moment, I'm listening to some Boston. Earlier I was listening to some Legend of Zelda. Trans-Siberian Orchestra will probably be next on par. Otherwise, have a great Christmas and a safe New Year out there.
My turn. (Deviantartist Questionaire)
How long have you been on DeviantArt? What does your username mean? Eleven years and counting. Britt is my nickname. Demesne means domain. I see my art page as my domain. Since I was an avid Heretic / Hexen player, I liked the names of the various stages and locations. It also helped that I communicated with three people from Ravensoft via email and they answered my questions, one of them was where they found the names that they gave to the stages they created for their games. "From reading lots of books from different genres, especially fiction and horror. Various books written by Stephen King also help." Demesne is pronounced as [dih-mey
More Inspirational quotes.
"What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare?" -W.H. Davies "Without even going out of the door, one can know the whole world." -Lao Tzu "For fast-acting relief, try slowing down." -Jane Wagner "Softening your attitude opens your heart." -Fortune Cookie "If the only prayer you ever say in your life is, 'Thank you', that would be enough." -Meister Eckhart "To look backward for a while is to refresh the eye, to restore it, and to render in the more fit for it's prime function of looking forward." -Margaret Fairless Barber "Always do right. This will gratify some people, and astonish the rest." -Samuel Cle


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I usually don't thank people for faves, watches, llamas, ect. because, I don't want to spam up your pages with Thank You messages. 

However, I can be silly or leave an actual critique if I like your work because lack of commentary seems kind of lame IMO.
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britts-demesne|Hobbyist General Artist
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Yeah.. I take forever to make art stuff.  However, I'm still making art stuff.

So, check back.
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I love your clay sculptures and pencil drawings.
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JJJMadness|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Glad you like my work by JJJMadness  
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:woohoo: :party: :iconcakelickplz: !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! :iconcakelickplz: :party: :woohoo:

It's December 15th which means it's that time of the year again and your special day is here! We hope you have an awesome day with lots of birthday fun, gifts, happiness and most definitely, lots of cake! Here's to another year!

Many well wishes and love from your friendly birthdays team :love:

Birthdays Team
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