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Hi All!

I have a couple things I want to say…

First, and most important, Thank You! to all of you who visit, Fav, Watch and comment my page and art!
I really do appreciate it!

And second, answer a question / ‘shameless plug’ ;P
I’ve gotten a few questions here, and on other sites about getting prints and other items
with my work on them.
I have a web store at:

There you can get my work printed as t-shirts, mugs, wall art, phone cases… even skateboards and lunchboxes! (they offer a LOT of stuff)
Also, if you are looking for a specific piece of mine that’s not on there, or if I have a design available, but not on the item you want, shoot me a note and I’ll see if I can add it!

Again, MANY thanks!
I look forward to chatting with you all more!


Toxic Greenman by BrittMartin
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Hi All,

I was asked if one of my pieces could be used along with an article on BBC News about the Beowulf legend.
Of course I agreed, because... well, Grendel!! ;)
The story went live today:…

Beowulf's Battle by BrittMartinBeowulfSketch3 by BrittMartin
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DONE!  Thanks a bunch for those who have shared the Kickstarter campaign, and to those who have backed it as well! Many Thanks!!


WOW! fully funded in less than 24 hours!!! 

The campaign is going until April 13th 2018, so there's still time to back this project.
And thank you (from all of the artists, I'm certain) to those who have already backed this!!!
Dragons rule!!!!!!

Hi guys!

I'm excited to announce that ArtOder's Tiny Dragons Art books are now live on Kickstarter!
This is a collection of dragons by many great artists from around the world! 
(And I'm proud to say I have a couple pieces in the 'Not so Tiny Dragon' Book)

Go on over to the Kickstarter campaign page and check it out, 
And I would really appreciate sharing it with others you think they would be interested!


Here's the link:…

Ae2eeaad24a311ffa590703ebdbf79e2 Original by BrittMartin
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I’m really honored to be included again in the Infected by Art book, volume 6 - third year running!

What was that by BrittMartin
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I am really happy, and VERY honored to have my Morrighan piece judged into the next Volume of Infected by art!
There are so many fantastic pieces, I am very happy to be a part of that!…

Morrighan revised by BrittMartin
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Hey all, 
just wanted to pop in and let you know, 
Volume 4 of Infected by art is out now.

I’m happy to say, My Dragon-Lady piece is included!

iba4coverSm by BrittMartin…

And right on the heels of that...

The new issue of Cryptid Culture Magazine is out

Cc-4-cover by BrittMartin…
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Had an opportunity to shoot with a professional model the other day, Rachel Dashae. She was fantastic to work with! 
Although the photos were intended as just reference for some paintings, 
She did such an amazing job that I can't help but to post some.
And she also brought something I did not expect, not that I knew what to expect ;)

As she posed and changed expressions, looks, angles, what-have-you, there are shots I would never have dreamed up if I were only sketching...

I can hardly wait to get to these paintings! But I need to buy more canvases! ;)

Rachel Dashae 2016-06-19 3199-V2 by BrittMartin
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For anyone in the Detroit, Michigan area on Friday the 13th of May, there is a Halloween art show I have some work in
Come check it out!

H2HShow by BrittMartin
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Here is the pledge link for the second volume:…
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Well, I’m happy to say, my piece, Dragon - Lady is being included in the upcoming Infected by Art Volume 4 art book.
Although I didn’t win any of the juried prizes, I’m honored to be included!!…

Dragon-Lady by BrittMartin
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Public voting is done - many thanks to those who voted!

Hi all!

I’ve entered a few pieces into the ‘Infected by Art's 4th Annual Art Competition'

Although it’s a judged competition, they also include some pieces voted up by the public,
so if you like my work, I would appreciate a vote!



Orlok - final by BrittMartin…

Mature Content

Bride 3 by BrittMartin…

Jack's Revenge - Pumpkinhead by BrittMartin…

Baba Yaga by BrittMartin…

Dragon-Lady by BrittMartin…
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Hi Guys,

The next volume of of the Fantasy Illustration Library has started a kickstarter project.

From the site:
This is the second volume in the series "The Fantasy Illustration Library." GODS and GODDESSES will contain over 100 original paintings from fantasy artists, illustrators, sculptors and others from around the world. Each artist picked their subject to do for the book. All the images will be a full 9" X 12" in the book. It will be printed on McCoy SILK paper. The book will be over 300 pages in length and each text page facing the painting has a signature line for the artist to sign.
The artists include cover artists like Kinuko Y. Craft, Donato Giancola, and Chris Moore; one of the set and character designers from LOTR and The Hobbit - John Howe; comic book artists like Tommy Castillo, Bill SIenkiewicz, Franchesco, and Joe Phillips; Star Wars fan favorites Dave Dorman and Steve Palenica; leading illustrators like Chris Dellorco, Tom Woods, James C. Hill and Thomas Durham; movie and television set designers and artists like Rob Prior; fantasy artists like Ruth Sanderson, Tom Canty, Janny Wurtz, Omar Rayyan, Britt Martin, Jeff Easley and Doug Shuler; and Magic artists like Mark Poole, Raven Miura and Charles Urbach and many, many more.
Full list of artists:  GODS and GODDESSES Participating ArtistsThis is the list of the artists participating in volume two of "The Fantasy Illustration Library: GODS and GODDESSES":   Durlyn Alexander; David Lee Anderson ; Ed Beard Jr.; Alan F. Beck; Mitchell Bentley ; Patrick Blaine ; Richard Bober; Michael Budzisz ; Christopher Burdett ; Jim Burns; Armand Cabrera ; Tom Canty; Rob Carlos ; Tommy Castillo; Milivoj Ceran ; Echo Chernik ; Link Chiang ; Brent Chumley Gary Ciccarelli; Matt Cowdery ; Jessica Cox ; Kinuko Y. Craft ; Steve Crisp ; Raul Cruz; Sue Dawe ; Chris Dellorco ; Larry Dixon ; Dave Dorman ; Tom Durham J; eff Easley; Felipe Echevarria ; Ariana Edwards ; Bob Eggleton ; Craig Elliott ; Steve Ferris ; Sam Flegal ; Mitchell Foust Franchesco ; Gabe Gault ; Ashraf Ghori ; Donato Giancola; Linda Graves ; Daerick Gross Sr.;
Mark Harrison ; Richard Hescox; Stephen Hickman; James Christopher Hill ; Bill Hodgson ; Maria Huidobro ; Jael ; Tom Kelly; Doug Klauba ; Edward Ko; Andrew Kudelka ; Jessica TC Lee ; Kiri Ostegaard Leonard; Don Mait

The first book - Lands & Legends - was a blast to work on, I did the two pieces, Beowulf’s Battle and Baba Yaga.
I will be doing a couple new pieces for this volume: The Morrighan and Coventina.
I’m looking forward to get going on these, I’m currently doing the research and sketches for the details (I’ve gotten the ideas locked down... I think ;) )

Please spread the word, and I hope you you decide to back the project!!
You can check out the project here:

Gods & Goddesses Kickstarter project

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Looking forward to these!

Jun’s Anatomy is the new line of anatomy reference models from award-winning artist Jun Huang."…

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A big THANKS to all who have visited my page, commented, faved & liked my Baba Yaga painting after it received a Daily Deviation!
I’m very glad you enjoyed the piece!

I really do appreciate it!


Baba Yaga by BrittMartin
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Since Halloween is approaching (like it’s ever really gone)…

A store with some of my skulls lit with colored lights... 
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I very much appreciate all of the Favs, Watches & Gallery requests - especially the comments - - they’re all great! !

I’m glad that you enjoy some of my work!!!
Muddy Colors: a Fantasy Art Collective is a fantastic blog about the practice & business of fantasy art (and more).
With articles contributed by many of the great artist, art directors and collectors.

I am very pleased to say that yesterday I was contacted to have my ‘Internet Troll’ piece included in one of the articles!

But you should check out the blog anyway...

Direct link to the article:…

Internet Troll by BrittMartin

Many thanks again to Lauren Panepinto for the request!
Michael Publishing, LLC will debut "The Fantasy Illustration Library Volume One: Lands and Legends" book and related limited art prints at C2E2 at McCormick Place in Chicago: April 25-27th.  We will be in the Small Press area at 

Booth # 137.

One great thing about actual paintings, you have store them someplace. One great thing is you have to something to sell!
So, in the spirit of clearing up some wall (and drawer, and desk, and...) space, I'm putting a few of the original paintings up for sale,
including the two recent Lands & legends paintings.

If you're interested, send me a note!


Beowulf's Battle by BrittMartin
Baba Yaga by BrittMartin
Mars Pinup by BrittMartin
Krampus - xmas card '10 by BrittMartin
Muertos by BrittMartin
Goth Girl 09 by BrittMartin
He sees you by BrittMartin