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DC Ego Death: First piece
DC fanfiction
EGO DEATH: First piece
Xander stared down at the painted symbol on the ground. It was huge and had taken Cassia a good hour to make out, but only because so much of it was filled in with black. "I thought you said you were making a chaos symbol for a ritual or something." It wasn't an intricate work like that he would often see in horror movies or in wiccan shops. "It looks like a compass," he concluded.
Cassia, still on her knees and rinsing out the paint brush in the water bucket, smiled brightly up at him. The left half of her face was still covered by the sea-rusted helmet that he still couldn't place the name of but seeing half her face was enough to feel disconcerted. She looked like some normal young women under the helmet. She wasn't too pretty or ugly, just average, but she'd told him that she was something more than a god and so he didn't like how Cassia looked at all. He would have been more comfortable if she looked like some Lovecraft monster reject, r
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DC Ego Death: Prelude 1
DC fanfiction
EGO DEATH: Carver's prelude
"That's… very meta," I decided on finally. I pulled away from the shirtless man and was incredibly happy that my resin Red Hood helmet hid my expression. The scars he had been happy to let me poke at were not fake. He had literally had the Superman shield, slashed through, branded onto his chest.
He loomed over me, peering through the eyeholes of my helmet. "Very meta."
I easily revised my earlier thought of his smile being very in-character to it being very fucking creepy. He was the only Superboy-Prime cosplayer I had ever seen and he was just as batshit crazy as the comic book character.
"Like, oh my gosh!" I flinched at the high pitched voice. A weedy Miss Martian cosplayer had run up to us with a disgruntled Sailor Moon trailing behind her with her phone out. "Can I get a picture with you guys?"
I nodded, already pulling my BB gun out of its holster while Superboy-Prime's expression turned even more psychotic. She situated her
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Poem: Truth
blue and green parade as white
luminescent as boiled bones
Caging us now
in these cold thinned sheets
                   I’d ask you to hold me
I would, but your lips are lined with salt
the machines are now quiet
Your good friends are waiting
in your bed I lay watching
“All your wallowing is unbecoming”
It’s getting pathetic & I’m almost done
                                       you’re dying here
I’ll see the ending with a smile                  
 None of my smiles have ever been any happy
You forget how
             I chose not to learn
 I’m perfect       with all this
   staring still
your breath shallow—and you twitch every while
when you do wake  
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Poem: Chased the Dragon
Had I breath I’d laugh
So proud was I, The Loser—no
King me
It’s hilarious
Bruises somehow forming
from the beating on my chest
covering every inch of my throat
              I can feel it
Back against the tiles
sweat dripping off my trembling body
Blood only from my nose
I know
I was the ruler
Everything within my grasp
All of This
The drumming, the screeching of a Life
a wonderful sensation
Feeling it all Being
Ending pulse worn within
feeding off and feeding me
For once, with a hearty handshake
Mutual symbiosis turned to suicide
for the World and I
Was happy
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Poem: Writing
Behold this city
turned corpse
for inspiration
A forum held
no praise true
We slap Aesop
But keep his words beneath our trees
Caged by columns, giddy
placing scalpels to each others’ veins
if we bleed out
discomfort for the crowds
edge as it drains
Unless they hurt you
Heed Bias
keep alone
save pen and paper
A pretty time hiding
in organs
For research
When in company
Flirt with Sappho
Beg Melpomene to favor you
And never forget to
Ignore and detach from all
the blooming flowers outside the city
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