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Phantomhive Manor x Mute!Child!Reader x OC
  You have been walking along the same pavement for hours. The sky is growing even darker. You wondered where your mother was. She dropped you off in front of a candy store and said she would come back for you later. But she hadn't returned after several hours of waiting. Being surrounded by strangers all alone is your worst nightmare come true. You start to grow more frightened, for your mother was nowhere to be found.
  Before you knew it, the sky had grew dark. So dark, that eventually you wouldn't be able to see anything in your surroundings. You held your (favourite colour) stuffed (favourite animal) closer against your chest, being the only protection you had from the freezing night air blowing against your frail body.
  Having walked around the town's central area almost all day, your legs could no longer carry you and you collapsed on the cold ground, next to the founder statue standing proudly at the heart of the town. The rain that proceeded to fall only made t
:iconnarokusanagi:NaroKusanagi 32 7
Email Me ~ Kyoya X Mute!Reader
As the bell rang symbolising the end of class you smiled. You were happy that class had finally come to an end. You didn't like group work for one very simple and obvious. This reason was that you were mute. You had never spoken a word in you life. You didn't know why but you just didn't speak. You were perfectly okay with it most of the time, you had learn to live without talking. Though you had been bullied a little due to it, though you were happier after you had learn't to write, then at least you could communicate. You packed away your books and whiteboard into your bag and set off to the library. You had a mission today. You had been thinking about it all week. Well maybe a lot longer than that, but you would only admit to one week. It had all started when you transferred into Ouran a few months ago.
“And this is Miss ______ ______. She will be joining your class.” A member of staff introduced you to your class reps. You nodded sheepishly. The two students standing be
:iconlucyevans11:LucyEvans11 712 165
OHSHC: Kyoya x Reader
You sat quietly, listening to the sound of high-pitched giggles and talking of the other girls in the room. The tea set in front of you was becoming cool but that didn't bother you. What did bother you was the constant 'I didn't know he took clients' or 'I wonder why he's sitting with her, she's not pretty'. 
"Miss _(f/n)_, is something wrong?" Kyoya asked, peering over his notebook at you. 
"Oh yes, I am perfectly fine," you quickly responded while giving a same smile. He rose an eyebrow in a 'I know you are not fine' matter, but dropped the subject getting back to his writing. You stifled a sigh and took a small drink of the now cold _(fav. flavor)_ tea, brushing a lock of _(h/c)_ hair from your face. 
~~Timeskip of Time~~
The rest of the time had been spent in silence between the two of you. As the period ended, the other clients slowly walked out and left Kyoya and you alone. 
"_(f/n)_," he started, no longer needing to use any formality. 
"Yes?" you s
:iconmiskuki:Miskuki 454 31
Kyoya Ootori x Reader: Realize
((A/N: This takes place after the Anime and manga. Kyouya and reader are finishing their last semester of high school and moving on to college.))
Kyoya sat on the couch in the living room of his home, waiting for (y/n) to come back from the kitchen. He had invited her over to watch a movie. As nice as it was to be around his friends, he wanted it to be just (y/n).
From the first day she moved to Japan and began attending Ouran Academy, Kyoya had an interest in her. She wasn't like the other girls, acting more like Haruhi. Her upbringing was fairly similar, as well. Since she lived in America for most of her life, (y/n) knew what it was like to work and get by from paycheck to paycheck, even though her father was a well known doctor. Kyoya found himself admiring the Japanese-American for her dedication and value of hard work. She was very independent, liking to do things herself. (y/n) also knew when to be patient and kind to others. 
This combination of qualities appealed to Kyoya
:iconautumn-maple:Autumn-Maple 205 18
Awkward. Kyoya x Reader
The rainy season in Tokyo seems bearable enough. However, the rainy season is unbearable during school season. This caused the thinning of a certain cool prince's patience.
It was already thin in the first place when his self-proclaimed 'best friend' proposed another theme idea for next month. Food costs, decoration costs, and all the incoming exotic animals...
He was going to get gray hairs from stressing over the half-bred idiot.
The sound of rain didn't calm him at all.
Finally, the familiar sleek of the jet-black limousine came into his view as he calmly walked towards it in the rain. Kyoya quickly opened the car door to escape the irritating precipitation and possibly the blonde at his tail. With his constant glances outside his side of the window, the youngest of the Ootori almost failed to notice the person lightly snoring on the other side.
He slightly glanced at the chauffeur. It was his usual chauffeur, so this person entered the wrong car.
"(First)(Last Name). 2nd ye
:iconempressoflibraria:empressoflibraria 206 31
Thanks (Kyoya Ootori X Reader)
Author's Note: You might want to read the description before reading if you don't remember who some characters are.  ^.^
“Fuyumi…” You muttered softly. “I don’t think this is a great idea.”
“Nonsense! You’re part of the family now; you should meet the rest of the family.” Fuyumi replied brightly.
“Well I’m not technically part of the family; Shudo isn’t actually my brother…” You said, referring to Fuyumi’s husband. Fuyumi furrowed her brows at you.
“Well, I don’t care! Shudo loves you like a sister, and I do too. Now come on! You’re meeting them!”
You couldn’t help but grin at Fuyumi’s stubbornness as she pulled you into the Ootori mansion. She really was a great friend.
As soon as you entered the mansion, you regretted it. There were four men and one woman at the end of the hallway, and they were all staring at you. The men were all tall, with dark hair
:iconmiss-union-jack:Miss-Union-Jack 647 102
Forbidden (Kyoya x Reader)
It was a love that just couldn’t go on. You have known that for nine months. But yet Kyoya still kept coming back to see you.
You became tired of him being a member of the Host Club, flirting with girls that weren’t you. But you knew he did it for his friend Tamiki. So you dealt with it. The Host Club wasn’t the deal breaker.
The love between you and Kyoya was forbidden by your parents. The Ootori Company rivaled your family’s company. When you spoke about Kyoya, your parents looked at you in disgust. You would always tell them love is love, no matter who it was. They argued that you couldn’t possibly love the heir of that company. Your parents became more and more opposed to the idea, until they finally decided to ship you off to Paris. The plane was planning on leaving tomorrow at sunrise.
That is why you sat at your desk in your room, pen in hand. Your hand squeezed the pen so hard that your fingers turned white. The next thing you needed to buy was a s
:iconrhaynestorm:RhayneStorm 342 38
Annoyances (Kyoya Ootori x Reader)
You absolutely loathed that girl. It had all started a very short while ago. You had simply been standing with your friends in Music Room #3, next to Kyoya, all of you watching Tamaki's continuous attempts to woo the newest addition to the club, Haruhi. A perfectly normal day in the Host Club, really.
That was, until, Haruhi had noticed the petite girl watching the group of you from behind the doorframe. Hikaru and Kaoru went to greet her, and Tamaki, always eager, was not far behind. You furrowed your brows, turning to Kyoya to ask if he knew who she was, until your attention was immediately drawn back to the door.
"No! Don't touch me, you're phony!" The dirty-blonde's shrill voice had rung out, making you flinch. She had proceeded to shower Tamaki in insults, almost bringing him to tears. The unanimous gasp from the host club was followed by the blonde teen throwing himself about dramatically, unable to believe that someone had called him a fake.
You had s
:iconally1001:Ally1001 1,185 135
DemonButler!Levi x Reader [1] No Ordinary Butler
Rays of sunlight shone into your bedroom windows through the gaps between the curtains of your room. You were in bed, still donned in your nightgown. Your (hair color) locks sprawled sprawled across the pillows as you laid on your back. You lifted your left hand in the air, staring at the eccentric seal etched on it --- the seal that bonded you to a certain raven-haired man. The man who swore to protect you at all costs (with a price of course) took the form of your butler. It would be easier for him to protect you that way he had said, since it would require him to always stay by your side.
“Good, you’re awake.”
His velvety voice cut through your thoughts. You looked in the direction of his voice, frowning at the smug look he had on his face, his gray eyes fixated on your left hand. You watched as he made his way to your bed, the tail of his suit swooshed in the air. When he reached the edge of your bed, he grabbed your hand and inspected the seal.
“What were y
:icononehelloflevi:onehelloflevi 389 94
The Impossible (Sebastian x Reader)
    It was done. After all those years, your mission has finally been fulfilled. You looked at the dead body in front of you. Blood covered your clothes, blood that was not your own. After all the harm this person caused to both you and your family, everything was done. You knew that this day would come. You just never imagined how or when. 
    "We should go now young mistress." A velvet voice said. You didn't have to look up to know who it was. It was the very person who saved you all those years ago. The one who helped you get this far. Your butler. Your contractor. Your demon. Your first love. Sebastian Michaelis.
    Yes, Sebastian had saved you five years ago. If it were not for him you would have met your demise. Back then when you still had your cheerful and uplifting personality you had lived with your parents and older brother in your grand manor. Your life that of a fairy tale. However, you were foolish to believe that fairy tales always ha
:iconglowing-luna:Glowing-Luna 272 28
Mine (Sebastian x Reader)
    It was a usual day out, and you had gone to the bookstore as you normally did every week. Your loyal butler Sebastian had accompanied you, but you had ordered him to pick out gifts for the other servants. There was no special event, but you thought it was the least you could do for all the hard work they did. They had been with you and watching over you since the day you lost your father to an illness. You had lost your mother when you little and could barely remember her so your father worked hard to make sure he filled the void. You loved him dearly, so when you lost him you felt empty and that was when Sebastian came in and offered his services, and he's been your butler ever since.
    You looked around for a good book to buy and was coming up empty handed. You don't know how long you'd been walking around the store and just when you were about to grab any, you saw a book from your favorite author that you had not read yet on the top shelf. Smiling you went
:iconglowing-luna:Glowing-Luna 109 7
Lucky (Sebastian Michaelis x Reader)
       Soft humming could be heard throughout the front rooms of the Phantomhive Manor. Outside, the sun was shining and a gentle breeze was blowing. Right inside the front door, there sat a girl scrubbing away at the floor.
       She wiped a bead of sweat from her forehead before continuing to scrub. (y/n) had recently been hired as a new maid at the manor. Not that Meyrin couldn't handle things herself (but that was exactly the case). She had no Idea how she landed this job; all she knew was that her arms had become a whole lot buffer since she got there.
       (y/n) had no prior experience with any job, she hardly fit the "strong, hard worker that can easily handle tasks set to him or her, fast learner, and good at following directions" category that they were looking for, yet she somehow ended up a maid at the Phantomhive Manor. She thought the whole thing was pure luck, but it was anything but luck that got her here.
:iconttetra:ttetra 37 4
Sebastian Michaelis x Claude x reader
You were the type of a girl who did not become scared of demons, even if you knew your boyfriend was one.
You were well-liked be everyone in England and more than that you were beautiful you had friends that treated you nice. There was one thing though you actually liked walking at morning time that sometimes led you into step at nighttime which was how you met another demon by chance.
You never minded walking at night however when you were walking you didn't look up so you did not know anyone was looking at you behind a closed up fence.
Claude Faustus was a man you knew did not show a bit of emotion. But when he saw you one day without you even knowing he did a huge dance in his head.
''God she is beautiful she is beautiful'' Claude said seeing you walk up and down the streets of England. Deep inside he was wondering where you were headed in such a manner so he followed you. He followed you quite eagerly. The dress you are wearing is beautiful it is purple and black and so were the bl
:iconmycreativespeciality:mycreativespeciality 13 3
Jealous Sebastian Michaels x reader
Having to admit working at the housing of the Ciel phantomhive house you actually liked pissing off the butler.
Despite you working with Ash Landers before you would still call him time to time, and already having hints of the butler liking you more than cats you called Ash Landers still.
During some of the nights as you slept you would sometimes here Sebastian calling and moaning your name when he would bathe. Even though you already knew he liked you, you would sometimes call Ash Landers Ashy baby and that would make Sebastian grow angry. You also know the butler liked cats, so after working one day you decided to play a prank of Sebastian the butler and carefully opening your drawer in your room you threw on a Neko cat custome of black Neko ears forgetting the tail.
‘’(y/n)’’ are you trying to make me have loving thoughts about you’’ Sebastian asked acknowledging your pink cat ears you thought were fake? Do you like my custome was it nice Ashy gav
:iconmycreativespeciality:mycreativespeciality 67 16
Hashirama x reader Hokage nightmare Chapter 1
You sit in the Hokage chair shaking like a leaf itself as you remembered yesterday you became Hokage after Tobirama stepped down with a sickness. Much to your dismay Hashirama had also stepped down previous from his brother because of the same sickness and has yet to know you his wife is now Hokage, you sigh shifting in your seat. Sitting there wondering how your husband will take the news you do your best to stare at Mito watching you from your chair who was now crossing her arms.
'' OF all people Mito they ask me to be Hokage which means I might have to fight that idiot killing idiot Madara '' you mumbled your shoulders drop when you look up to see Tobirama walking in his eyes and nose puffed up. Tobirama passed out and the medical team rushed in taking him back to his room. '' Now I wish it was me who got sick it should be a crime making the Hokage's wife Hokage Hashirama will probably just life about my situation'' you sighed. But of course, as always you were wrong deeply mistaken
:iconmycreativespeciality:mycreativespeciality 2 0
Kakashi x reader I love you Chapter 1
You just brought the first book of the make-out series you just got done helping one of your students by training and accidentally knocked Kakashi's back into the mud doing practice. You normally dont show your face when Kakashi is training his students but you wanted to tell him something, but then you acting weird around him you accidentally fell on him making him drop his book.
Kakashi yelled at you of course '' all because I wanted to tell him I love him'' you whine walking back to the training grounds-maybe that was the problem I shouldn't even be at the training grounds someone as clumsy as me'' you said.
:iconmycreativespeciality:mycreativespeciality 4 0



United States
I like god of war so much. To bad I can get two and not all of them. No system for them all but two.


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