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Toffee x reader part 3
    The next morning came before you had even an hour of sleep. You had only dozed off once but mostly you were reading from one of your old books from when you were younger. It was a book of Mewnian history. You were studying the history of the royal family. This book made you upset every time you read it. Even if the book wasn’t biased like those written by Mewmans, there was no way to tell the story to make it happy. Once you heard the others get up you put the book away. Throughout the day you observed Toffee’s behavior even more closely. Once or twice you would mention something about the crystals or the royal family or the like to see his reaction. Most of the time you couldn’t read his expressions, if they could be called that. 
    Finally, you gave up. Maybe you should just stop trying to find out his intentions and just do your job. Since you didn’t have anything to do you decided to explore the castle. Most of the rooms were e
:iconsandyferal:SandyFeral 44 26
Who is Batya?
“Unfortunately, this place is not well equipped to deal with reality…”
The little girl looked up from her desk. She did not know where she was.
“All of his coworkers were gone. What could it mean? Stanley decided to go to the meeting room. Perhaps he had simply missed a memo.”
Who was Stanley? The little girl didn’t know. She stood up and walked out of the tiny office.
Outside, the room looked the same: Cubicles with computers and papers, but no one around. Feeling curious, she explored the room, knocking at doors, trying doorknobs, pressing buttons on computers. But nothing happened.
She continued through the open door, taking in everything in her surroundings. She skipped along, excited by this strange new place. And then the voice came back. She wondered where it was coming from.
“When Stanley came to a set of two open doors, he entered the door on his left.”
The little girl faced the doors, confused. Which one? She was too young to kn
:icon1schadenfreude1:1Schadenfreude1 4 6
Poor Writing - Pg 5 by Clockwork-Jack Poor Writing - Pg 5 :iconclockwork-jack:Clockwork-Jack 9 9 Cabe Dolls by KupcakeKitty Cabe Dolls :iconkupcakekitty:KupcakeKitty 11 3
Not like Others (Kise x Singlemother!Reader) (AU)
Not like Others (Kise Ryouta x Singlemother!Reader) (AU)

|3rd Person's POV|
(Name) always wondered why would people stare at her weirdly when she spoke of her family situation. Was it because they were jealous of her? It seemed natural - she was the boss of a well-known company after all, who wouldn't be jealous of her economic status? She was pretty as well. (H/l), (h/c) hair and stunning (e/c) eyes, pretty nose and well-sculptred lips. No, she wasn't ugly. So since she had all these things, everybody should be jealous of her. Then why was she looked down by those who once thought she was great? Why?
Was it because she was a single mother and wasn't married? Was it her fault that Christine's biological father - and ex-boyfriend of (Name)'s cheated on her? Didn't she have every right to dump him? And that's what she did. It was best for her and her little girl. Then why do people still judge her for the fact that she was the victim on her love relationsh
:iconmissbrutus:MissBrutus 41 8
Teacher!Japan x Student!Reader
FYI, this is kind of enjoy~!

Together is No Easy Feat

“...and that's how it was concluded in the end. But during the war of—” continued a oblivious Japanese history teacher by the name of Kiku Honda as the rest of class studiously paid rapt attention to the subject. That’s what was wrong with everyone, you thought. They were just so serious about their studies that they didn’t notice the hunk of hotness that was actually before them. Or maybe they did but chose to still study.
That’s certainly a difference between American and Japanese students.
And yes, by hunk of hotness, you were referring to none other than “Sensei” Honda as everyone seemed to call the man around these parts. But it felt weird calling him that. It also felt weird having to remove your shoes before entering your own house and having to give a little bow to complete stranger
:iconlkeiko:LKeiko 485 184
Chubby - Eric Cartman x Chubby!Reader
It's one word that describes me and I hate it. Being chubby means name calling and bullying. I've been this way since I was in 4th grade. I ended up moving when I started junior high because the bullying led me to being in a hospital overnight.
Now I've been in South Park since the beginning of 7th grade and met this great friend of mine named Eric Cartman. I was told by a kid named Kyle that was supposedly friends with Eric that Eric was rude, sadistic, and will do anything for the suffering of others. But ever since I've been friends with him, he's been nothing but nice to me.
The reason I love, and yes I mean love-love, Eric is because he is nice, to me, his hair is a soft chocolate brown that is actually soft when he lets me run my hands through it, and his eyes are awesome, right side brown and left side blue. It's cool, in my opinion. Some people call him a fatass, but I don't care 'cause I'm chubby myself. That's what makes us great friends, we have a lo
:icondaddysebastian:DaddySebastian 9 3
Samurai Jack x Chubby! Blind! Teen! Reader
Chapter 1: the right choice was the wrong choice
"Jack I'm telling you I don't trust her. I don't know if it's the way she looks or the way she acts but I smell plastic from her both in attitude and appearance" the young chubby 16 year old girl known as (name) whispered to her older companion, Samurai Jack. She was a young girl who was sent from the year 2015 by Aku for actually being able to hurt him with her bow and arrows, the arrow tips themselves were said to be made of many shards that fell from the heavens and were said to be so pure it could wipe out any demonic demon if shot by a warrior of great will power and a sound mind. (name) had trouble accepting Jack as a friend at first since while she was in her time period and in the one she is in now she had been backstabbed and betrayed by many even her own family, over the years of her growing up in her time period, which was still ruled by Aku, she had grown up to be independent but had placed a wall of iron around her heart loc
:iconmoonlightwolf15:moonlightwolf15 14 19
You see right through me
    I was walking around Avengers Tower. It was my favorite place to hang out, nobody ever caught me, they didn't even know I exist! Why? Because I'm invisible.
    Not like, high school wallflower, but actually invisible. I have powers; telekinesis, telepathy, invisibility, and mind control. I don't really use that last one often. I like to respect people's free will, but if I come across a criminal, I'm not going to let them rob a store.
     The reason I hang around Avengers Tower is because I like the Avengers. I've hung around the Tower ever since I was eleven, but now I'm (y/age).
     But recently, I've been struggling with keeping myself secret. I'm going to help them every chance I get, that's why I've been struggling, I can only use one power at a time. They've seen me once or twice, but I'm not sure they even realized I was there. Hopefully they passed it off as their imagination.
     The big problem now was L
:iconlookatthesefanfics:Lookatthesefanfics 4 2
Favor [Levi x reader x Petra]
Running your fingers through her hair, you removed the knots before you began to part her hair in three equal parts and braid it.
“Your hair is so silky, you should really style it more often.” you mumbled while you were concentrated on her hair, trying to use the same strength for every new strand you lay over the other.
“I know, but no one can style my hair better than you, (f/n).”
“Lame excuse, Petra! You are just too lazy, aren’t you?”
“Maybe.” the light brown haired woman replied, a smile tugging on her lips.
You smiled as you finished her braid and used your hairband to hold the braid in place. While she turned around, a glint of curiosity sparkled in her eyes.
“(f/n), I’ve been wondering something...”
“You don’t have to hide anything from me, tell me.” you replied with a genuine smile on your lips.
“Who do you love?”
The blunt question of your friend had taken you aback and so y
:icon6221asiangirl:6221asiangirl 417 160
Gone, Gone Tonight~A Levi Ackerman Story
"W-what?" The voice that came out of the mouth was not yours. Too small, too thin, too unlike the normal tone. "I said, we're done. It's gone, the magic. If there was any to begin with." He stated, tone a cold monotone. His eyes no longer their previous gleam, but instead held only a dull light.
You whimpered, frame shaking as you suddenly noticed this change. Your e/c eyes filled with tears, as you stubbornly crossed your s/c arms over your chest. "Why," you hissed, the quaver in your tone barely noticeable. He shrugged, careful, practiced nonchalance apparent. You bit your lip before turning around, rustling in the small closet. You pulled out a small cardboard box, filled with your lover's things. Supposed to be a secret, your ass. Sitting there on the shelf, totally apparent.
"Here," you snarled, shoving the heavy box forcefully into his chest. "Now, grab anything else and leave MY house," words leaving you with ease, too much ease. As if you had been waiting to speak them all alon
:iconemikotheokami:emikotheokami 20 1
Cheater Levi! x Reader His Office.
It wasn't a secret anymore. I knew Levi was cheating. I don't know who with and honestly i don't care. You see, i have known his secret for over 3 months now. I couldn't exactly just leave, you think its that easy? No, In real life it's a lot harder. I mean the house belongs to both of us. I couldn't just kick him out of his own home, and where exactly was i supposed to go. I never had that much money, all my friends were levi's friends first so i couldn't just run crying to them. The only other person i could have gone to was my mother, but being the person she was, i would never hear the end of it. I can almost hear her saying "i told you so".
So here i am suck with this son of a bitch waiting till either levi decides to leave me or i final save enough to get out of this place.
"Y/N?" Speaking of the arse hole.
"Hey, i'm in the kitchen". Oh did i also mention that he and i work together? Technical he is my boss as well as my husband. Hence the reason why i have to act so normal with
:iconmagnagora:Magnagora 15 1
Scars to your beautiful |Levi x Chubby!Reader AU|
(WARNING: Talk about starving )
|| She just wants to be beautiful
She goes unnoticed, she knows no limits,
She craves attention, she praises an image,
She prays to be sculpted by the sculptor ||
“Be ready in two hours brat, we are going out” Levi nonchalantly commented as he was flipping through channels, not giving you a glance. You looked at him with a raised eyebrow.
“You couldn’t have told me that with more time?” you whined as you put down the magazine. “It takes way much more than two hours for me to even look halfway decent” you mumbled, not noticing that Levi had heard you.
You walked into your room and headed straight to the closet to search for something that would help hide your stomach. You have always been overweight, but you had believed that you had grown to accept it. That was until you began working at a modeling agency.
You yourself were not a model, you were the person being the camera, not in front. Seeing all those skinny a
:iconsassy-but-classy:Sassy-but-Classy 149 19
Levi x Chubby Reader
(Name) (Last Name), she's very smart, nice, and pretty, all of her friends loves her but she feels uncomfortable because her family and some random people keep telling her to lose some weight, all because she's chubby, and because of that she hated herself. But all of that changed once she met Levi Ackerman.
One day of school a new student came to (Name)’s classroom “welcome class, we have a new student” said the teacher, then enter a pale, raven haired boy with a stoic face and a pair of beautiful gray eyes “why don’t you present yourself” the boy cross his arms and made a ‘Tch’ sound “My name is Levi, that’s all you need to know, no question, no comments, understood brats?” all the students nodded in fear “alright, why don’t you sit next to...(Name)” said the teacher pointing at the chubby girl, Levi nodded and sat next to her. He looks at her and she does the same, she smiles and waves her hand, he n
:iconangegummywormlover:AngeGummyWormLover 99 25
Levi x Chubby!Shy!Bullied!Reader
You sat down just as the bell rang and sighed in relief. You were sure that you would've been late, and detention was the last thing you needed.
"Class!" Your teacher rapped a ruler against her desk. "Class, calm down!"
Someone threw a paper ball at your head, and another student mooed like a cow. You prayed that the teacher would get some control over them, and soon.
Thankfully, they did settle down. The teacher cleared her throat.
"Class, I have someone I'd like to introduce to you," she said. A short boy (and by short, you meant really short) stepped in and gave everyone a solid death glare. "This is Levi Ackerman. He'll be joining our class. I know it's a little late, but I want you to make him feel welcome."
Judging from the tittering coming from around the room, that wouldn't be a problem.
"Levi, you can sit over there." The teacher pointed at an empty seat next to you. There were a lot of those.
Levi grunted and sat down. He glanced at you and you nervously scooted away. Levi bl
:iconbloodlily16:BloodLily16 292 42
Beautiful - Levi x Chubby!Reader [Drabble]
You stared at yourself in the mirror, tugging at the skin on your body as a deep frown settled itself on your features.
You never were what anyone would define as skinny, or thin. No, you had been carrying this extra weight on your body for pretty much your entire life. You didn’t have an hourglass figure, you didn’t have a petite, slim body, you were just you. And you hated it.
How many times had you tried to go on diets? Too many for you to remember. You’d do your damnedest to shed those few extra kilos, either through eating healthy or working out regularly, but each time you’d end up eating something you weren’t supposed to, forgetting that you didn’t go jogging, giving up on the whole thing and falling back to stage one. It was infuriating, but you just couldn’t seem to give yourself that bit of extra motivation that you needed.
Even at the state of self-loathing that you were at, Levi had still taken an interest in you. One that was big e
:iconwhat-the-honk:what-the-honk 466 113



United States
I like god of war so much. To bad I can get two and not all of them. No system for them all but two.


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