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DemonButler!Levi x Reader [1] No Ordinary Butler
Rays of sunlight shone into your bedroom windows through the gaps between the curtains of your room. You were in bed, still donned in your nightgown. Your (hair color) locks sprawled sprawled across the pillows as you laid on your back. You lifted your left hand in the air, staring at the eccentric seal etched on it --- the seal that bonded you to a certain raven-haired man. The man who swore to protect you at all costs (with a price of course) took the form of your butler. It would be easier for him to protect you that way he had said, since it would require him to always stay by your side.
“Good, you’re awake.”
His velvety voice cut through your thoughts. You looked in the direction of his voice, frowning at the smug look he had on his face, his gray eyes fixated on your left hand. You watched as he made his way to your bed, the tail of his suit swooshed in the air. When he reached the edge of your bed, he grabbed your hand and inspected the seal.
“What were y
:icononehelloflevi:onehelloflevi 387 94
The Impossible (Sebastian x Reader)
    It was done. After all those years, your mission has finally been fulfilled. You looked at the dead body in front of you. Blood covered your clothes, blood that was not your own. After all the harm this person caused to both you and your family, everything was done. You knew that this day would come. You just never imagined how or when. 
    "We should go now young mistress." A velvet voice said. You didn't have to look up to know who it was. It was the very person who saved you all those years ago. The one who helped you get this far. Your butler. Your contractor. Your demon. Your first love. Sebastian Michaelis.
    Yes, Sebastian had saved you five years ago. If it were not for him you would have met your demise. Back then when you still had your cheerful and uplifting personality you had lived with your parents and older brother in your grand manor. Your life that of a fairy tale. However, you were foolish to believe that fairy tales always ha
:iconglowing-luna:Glowing-Luna 270 28
Mine (Sebastian x Reader)
    It was a usual day out, and you had gone to the bookstore as you normally did every week. Your loyal butler Sebastian had accompanied you, but you had ordered him to pick out gifts for the other servants. There was no special event, but you thought it was the least you could do for all the hard work they did. They had been with you and watching over you since the day you lost your father to an illness. You had lost your mother when you little and could barely remember her so your father worked hard to make sure he filled the void. You loved him dearly, so when you lost him you felt empty and that was when Sebastian came in and offered his services, and he's been your butler ever since.
    You looked around for a good book to buy and was coming up empty handed. You don't know how long you'd been walking around the store and just when you were about to grab any, you saw a book from your favorite author that you had not read yet on the top shelf. Smiling you went
:iconglowing-luna:Glowing-Luna 109 7
Lucky (Sebastian Michaelis x Reader)
       Soft humming could be heard throughout the front rooms of the Phantomhive Manor. Outside, the sun was shining and a gentle breeze was blowing. Right inside the front door, there sat a girl scrubbing away at the floor.
       She wiped a bead of sweat from her forehead before continuing to scrub. (y/n) had recently been hired as a new maid at the manor. Not that Meyrin couldn't handle things herself (but that was exactly the case). She had no Idea how she landed this job; all she knew was that her arms had become a whole lot buffer since she got there.
       (y/n) had no prior experience with any job, she hardly fit the "strong, hard worker that can easily handle tasks set to him or her, fast learner, and good at following directions" category that they were looking for, yet she somehow ended up a maid at the Phantomhive Manor. She thought the whole thing was pure luck, but it was anything but luck that got her here.
:iconttetra:ttetra 37 4
Sebastian Michaelis x Claude x reader
You were the type of a girl who did not become scared of demons, even if you knew your boyfriend was one.
You were well-liked be everyone in England and more than that you were beautiful you had friends that treated you nice. There was one thing though you actually liked walking at morning time that sometimes led you into step at nighttime which was how you met another demon by chance.
You never minded walking at night however when you were walking you didn't look up so you did not know anyone was looking at you behind a closed up fence.
Claude Faustus was a man you knew did not show a bit of emotion. But when he saw you one day without you even knowing he did a huge dance in his head.
''God she is beautiful she is beautiful'' Claude said seeing you walk up and down the streets of England. Deep inside he was wondering where you were headed in such a manner so he followed you. He followed you quite eagerly. The dress you are wearing is beautiful it is purple and black and so were the bl
:iconmycreativespeciality:mycreativespeciality 13 3
Jealous Sebastian Michaels x reader
Having to admit working at the housing of the Ciel phantomhive house you actually liked pissing off the butler.
Despite you working with Ash Landers before you would still call him time to time, and already having hints of the butler liking you more than cats you called Ash Landers still.
During some of the nights as you slept you would sometimes here Sebastian calling and moaning your name when he would bathe. Even though you already knew he liked you, you would sometimes call Ash Landers Ashy baby and that would make Sebastian grow angry. You also know the butler liked cats, so after working one day you decided to play a prank of Sebastian the butler and carefully opening your drawer in your room you threw on a Neko cat custome of black Neko ears forgetting the tail.
‘’(y/n)’’ are you trying to make me have loving thoughts about you’’ Sebastian asked acknowledging your pink cat ears you thought were fake? Do you like my custome was it nice Ashy gav
:iconmycreativespeciality:mycreativespeciality 65 16
Hashirama x reader Hokage nightmare Chapter 1
You sit in the Hokage chair and seat shaking like a leaf itself as you remembered yesterday you became Hokage after Tobirama stepped down with a sickness. Much to your dismay Hashirama had also stepped down previous from his brother because of the same sickness and has yet to know you his wife is now Hokage, you sigh shifting in your seat. Sitting there wandering how your husband will take the news you do your best to stare at Mito watching you from your chair who was now crossing your arms.
'' OF all people Mito they ask me to be Hokage which means I might have to fight that idiot killing Madara '' you mumbled your shoulders drop when you look up to see Tobirama walking in his eyes and nose puffed up then he passed out and the medical team rushed in taking him back to his room. '' Now I wish it was me who got sick it should be a crime making the Hokage's wife Hokage Hashirama will probably just life about my situation'' you sighed. But of course as always you were wrong deeply mistake
:iconmycreativespeciality:mycreativespeciality 2 0
Kakashi x reader I love you Chapter 1
You just brought the first book of the make-out series you just got done helping one of your students by training and accidentally knocked Kakashi's back into the mud doing practice. You normally dont show your face when Kakashi is training his students but you wanted to tell him something, but then you acting weird around him you accidentally fell on him making him drop his book.
Kakashi yelled at you of course '' all because I wanted to tell him I love him'' you whine walking back to the training grounds-maybe that was the problem I shouldn't even be at the training grounds someone as clumsy as me'' you said.
:iconmycreativespeciality:mycreativespeciality 4 0
Sebastian Michaeli's x reader: Passion chapter 4
You watch as Sebastian moves out of bed and towards the window. You watch him open the window curtains of his bedroom, at first last night you were going to make another move to move out of his arms and run away but of course that was humanly impossible because he had such a strong hold. A tight hug hard against your waist you could not even move an inch. And I didn't even tell you the worst...
Sebastian Michael's never slept.
He gets back into bed and keeps you in his strong hold his hold was so strong there was no way you could move and even the kisses rained down your neck but even though he was kissing you against your will you have of some sort made a feel moan's. You could have swore he smirked when you made a moan and he enjoyed every part of it and even smiled when closed your eyes and acted as if you were asleep not knowing he was still watching you sleep. Looking up you heard a heave of his chest moving up and down. You thought he was sleep because he stopped kissing you when
:iconmycreativespeciality:mycreativespeciality 7 0
Sebastian Michaelis x reader May I hold your hand?
Winter blew through the manor. It is not like anyone literally blew the door open you could just feel cold air rushing through the air. You shiver at the scene you may possibly left your scarf and gloves at the store yesterday when you were out with Ciel, to make sure sure you rush out the manor and run fast downtown and towards the shop you last visited. Just as soon as you make it towards the shop you saw that the shop was boarded up and was gone. Whatever you left was taken with the store you think sadly then your face smiles happily'' maybe someone else can be of better use of them during this cold winter'' you said and move off. You weren't a worker at the manor you were just a passing figure but that still didn't surpass the fact you didn't know anyone who worked there.
You stay as a guest at the manor you sometimes call people and have them deliver food for all the worker's who work there just to be nice and of course they will all say thank you. Sebastian never eats, but you al
:iconthebeautifulcreator:TheBeautifulcreator 3 2
Black Butler - Boyfriend Scenarios ( Confession )
(Y/N) = Your name
(H/C) = Hair color
(E/C) = Eye color
(H/L) = Hair length
(S/C) = Skin color
POV = Point of View
Note: Try to put your perspective in the period of the 19th century. Aka the 1800's. This means to place yourself in the proper clothing, hairstyles and so on. It just makes the story ten times better.

You were sitting in the drawing room with Ciel playing chess. It was quiet for the most part for the both of you were in a major thinking mode. The sunlight came in at such a perfect angle reflecting your face making your beautiful (S/C) brighten. Ciel looked up and saw this, your eyes (E/C) seemed to sparkle in a way they've never before. He gulped a bit and began to speak when you looked up to him.
"(Y-Y/N)... I have something to tell you..." He said a little shaken.
"Go ahead." You said in a sweet soft voice as you smiled to him. Even though you were unsure as to w
:iconcurrykitten:CurryKitten 8 0
Makkachin! {Victor Nikiforov x Reader}
Soulmate au where the name of your SO is tattooed to your arm. Enjoy!
*    *    *

You knew him. Well, you didn't know him, but you knew who he was. Your soul mate. The person you were destined to be with.
Victor  Nikiforov.
That name is forever tattooed on your arm, his name beautifully written. You knew, the moment you saw him on tv that you were destined to be with him.
He skated elegantly on the ice. And you knew his victory was because of dedication, hardwork, and talent. You were proud to know he was yours, at least you hoped it was the same for you. He never showed the public the name on his arm, saying he wants to find his soul mate on his own.
You glided your fingers over his name as you saw Victor skate his program on television. Apparently, this competition was set in your city, though you didn't have the will to go to it. A part of you believed that revealing yourself to him would be selfish. He has such a fantastic career set for him,
:iconkawaii--kiddo:Kawaii--Kiddo 250 15
Reader x Viktor - Cradle Me
Depressed!Reader x Viktor - Cradle Me
Trigger Warning; themes include self harm (cutting) and depression.

Before the events of Yuri on Ice
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Looking up at the entrance of the ice rink, you take a deep breath and remind yourself you are only here to drop off the borrowed  leotard from your friend that works the booth. Nothing more and nothing less.
         Inside, you make the exchange and keep small talk to a minimum, wanting to rush home as soon as possible. You are almost home free when a voice booms and calls forth everyone’s attention. “(F/N)! IS THAT YOU MY LYOBOV MOYA? COME HERE, WE MUST SHARE OUR STORIES ABOUT OUR LIVES,” the voice calls out. The moment you hear the heavy Russian accent, you know exactly who spoke.
         The accent alone takes you back years, to times when life was happier and filled with good times. Viktor Nikiforov and you met the win
:iconmythiica:Mythiica 141 21
Reader x Sebastian Michaelis - My Lady / Tears
Reader x Sebastian Michaelis – My Lady/Tears
The heavens cry for you; rain droplets fall from the dark and heavy clouds, painting the cobblestones with tears. The pits of Hell themselves weep for you; the ground around you has cracked, bits and pieces of concrete scattered around the area.
         Metallic crimson bubbles in your throat, and when you cough the liquid dribbles down the side of your mouth. Pain has long been forgotten for you can barely feel the wind’s touch, caressing your cheek and urging you to go to sleep. Your breaths become more and more laboured by the moment – it’s not long now. Soon you’ll be amongst your friends and family. It’s relaxing.
         And then, he’s next to you. He’s holding your limp hand in his own, black painted fingertips massaging the skin on your palm. He brings your limb to his lips and gives you a kiss as delicate as that of a butterfly
:iconmythiica:Mythiica 139 77
Reader x Sebastian - What Would You Do For Love?
Reader x Sebastian – What Would You Do For Love?
Warning for cringe and possible OOC
You cling to Sebastian’s chest, tears glinting in your eyes. “He can’t do that! He can’t do that…” you muttered over and over again. No matter how many times you tell yourself those words, you knew, deep down, he could. Ciel was smart.
         Sebastian tips your chin up and looks into your bright coloured eyes. “Sadly, he can, (Y/n). I’m sorry…” He bows his head in shame, “I couldn’t be one hell of a butler for you.” With that, he cracks the smallest of smiles.
         Cupping his face with your hands, you shake your head and whisper, “No, Sebastian, you were better than that. You are better than that. He can never take that from you.”
         He kisses you gently before a sharp voice barks. “Sebastian! Seeing
:iconmythiica:Mythiica 68 29
Ciel x Reader - My troublesome maid [1]
A/N: Ciel and the Reader will be the same age in this fanfiction. This is a request from Heavier-Lobster and the looks are based on the request. You can just replace that details with your own looks if you want.
He cupped my cheeks with his large hands and gently lifted my face to look at him. His deep blue eye stared intensly at me before he brought his face closer to mine until our lips lightly brushed against each other. I could already feel his soft touch. Riiing!!!! His hot, shallow breathing was replaced by the shril ringing of my alarm. My wonderful dream ended all too soon and I had to heave my tired and sore body out of my bed to start my daily duties. If my alarm would have given me just two more minutes than I would be more than happy with just the dream of kissing my longtime crush. I knew that this relationship could never work outside my fantasies, because he was my boss and an aristocrat to top it all off. Who was I talking about? Earl
:iconcanyoutrustme:CanYouTrustMe 10 2



United States
I like god of war so much. To bad I can get two and not all of them. No system for them all but two.


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