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Brittany M. Willows
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
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Prices have increased. This does not apply to those already on my wait list as of March 2018! 
Commission progress and slot status can be followed HERE
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I am a self-published science fiction author, freelance digital artist, and avid gamer living in rural Ontario, Canada. The Calypsis Project is my debut novel and the first in a series of the same name. When I'm not writing about space lizards and future soldiers, you can be sure to find me hunched over a tablet working on commissions or personal artwork.

I'm also a giant nerd who will descend into incoherent squealing while talking about anything Halo related. Especially Sangheili.

CilusKadaver's Gamercard

*casually rewrites journal entry because the old one felt kinda whiny reading it back*

Well. That year certainly went by fast, didn't it?

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't glad for it, though. While I won't resent 2017 as I have the past few years, it was still a tough year to get through. My financial situation is no better than it was (in fact, it's worse). I'm mentally and physically exhausted 90% of the time, and I rarely have the energy to even socialize these days.

That said, I did accomplish quite a few things in 2017, so I'd like to focus on that.

  • I stayed away from home alone for the first time (like, entirely alone. I had my aunt's place to myself for nearly three weeks while I was cat-sitting, and that's kind of a big deal for me because I've always had a lot of anxiety around being away in general).
  • I finished and published my TCP short story, We Have Each Other.
  • I relaunched my Patreon, and I'm happy to say that it's been a success!
  • I drew. A lot. Mostly commissions and sketches, but it was a lot more than I've drawn in a good couple of years. And I even managed to squeeze in a few pieces of my own -- one full illustration and a couple of book covers.
  • I attended my first Pride Parade.
  • I started cooking/baking a lot more (I always used to go for the simplest meals. As of staying at my aunt's place, I've grown rather fond of experimenting with different recipes and I CAN ACTUALLY MAKE GOOD FOOD NOW).
  • After many months of searching, I finally landed a steady job as a comic colorist.
  • And perhaps most importantly, I started taking better care of myself. 2016 really wreaked havoc on me. I lost a lot of weight that year due to stress. My hands/wrists suffered from overwork, and my whole body suffered from too many hours in my computer chair. Since allowing more time for rest, however, I've seen a decrease in back pain. My hands don't ache as often, and my neck doesn't stiffen up so easily anymore. So I'm definitely carrying this change into 2018.

And with any luck, 2018 will bring more positive changes. It's already looking promising!

My mom, my sister, and I are hoping to go into business together this summer. I'll share more on that later, when the whole thing is a little more set in stone. Right now we're just waiting to see if we get approved for a business loan -- because if we don't, it isn't happening.

Oh! Speaking of next summer, here's a bit of exciting news: I'm gonna be an aunt come June! :D I mean, technically I'm already an aunt. I'm a half-aunt to my half-sisters' kids. BUT THIS IS DIFFERENT. THIS IS MY TWIN SISTER'S KID WE'RE TALKING ABOUT HERE. And I'm gonna make it my mission to be the best aunt and introduce this little nugget to all the nerdy shit my sister and I have consumed over the years (though, I'm sure she'll do a damn fine job of that herself. I'm just going to add to the pile).

So yeah, all in all, it's shaping up to be a good year! I hope it will be for you guys as well. <3



1. Wrap up Pulse's first draft - Some bits are actually in their third or fourth draft state, but others I haven't touched since the rough draft. And there are some scenes I haven't even fleshed out yet. So uh . . . kinda?

2. Finish and publish my f/f TCP short story, We Have Each Other - DONE. CHECK. FUCK YEAH.

3. Complete at least one personal illustration - *POINTS AGGRESSIVELY AT "IGNITE" PIECE*
4. Read 20 books - Hah, no. I think I read maybe ten in total, including short stories. To be fair, though, I was doubtful of hitting this goal from the start.

5. Work out more, get fit. Bonus points if I can achieve some form of abs by the end of the year - Did not work out more, did not achieve some form of abs. I did keep up with my casual weight lifting for the most part, though. Unfortunately, it doesn't show -- probably because I'm not eating enough, or well enough, to build up muscle. >3>

6. Try to be an actual decent human being when it comes to staying in contact with friends - I mean . . . I tried? I'VE BEEN BUSY OKAY. xD

2018 GOALS

1. Complete PULSE's final draft

2. Finish revisions on TCP1

3. Draft another short story

4. Draw more original art

5. Hang out with friends/family more often? Maybe? HOPEFULLY?

6. Reach some form of financial stability??? (it actually seems a little more possible this time around)



BY AN ENTIRE MONTH (and a bit)



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