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EDIT: SCREECH. HOLY CRAP. This was featured on the official Halo Facebook page as well as on
the front page of Halo Waypoint for Fan Art Focus! [link] I'M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW.
And even though you'll probably never read this: THANK YOU, WAYPOINT. <3

Cortana - because she has to be one of my all-time favourite female characters, and because Halo is
and (likely) always will be my favourite video game series. And also, the last time I drew Halo fan art it was
a picture of Thel 'Vadam and I drew it when I was ten or eleven, so, needless to say, it sucked. Badly.

I think you can probably tell that I took some liberties with those patterns of hers. They were too difficult to
copy, so I simplified and modified some of them. (Don't hurt me) I was originally thinking of using the
Halo 3 patterns but decided to just stick with the Halo 4 design.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the way this came out. Although, I think I've found a new hate for drawing
human feet. I honestly think they're worse than hands, but that's probably because I don't draw them much
at all.


Approximately 6 hours.

Drawn while listening to . . .
Halo 3 OST: Keep What You Steal, Wake Me When You Need Me, High Charity Suite, Black Tower, Never Forgot
Halo 4 OST: Green and Blue, The Beauty of Cortana, Never Forget
Frozen Sleep by Malukah

Artwork (C) Brittany Willows
Halo franchise & Cortana (C) Microsoft, Bungie, 343 Industries
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