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Diabolik Lovers: MORE BLOOD by Aeiyrra-42, journal

Diabolik Lovers by Aeiyrra-42, journal

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My Bio
Introduction/About Me: I like to write, read, sing, listen to music, play video games, draw, watch tv, anime and movies. I sometimes like to make and edit pictures in Gimp. I rp on Tumblr in the Kingdom Hearts fandom where I mostly spend my time rping as Kairi.

I mainly use this site to like/favorite pictures. Kingdom Hearts is the main one. I love Sora and Kairi as a pairing they're my OTP so you'll see a lot of favorited Sokai pictures. I also like a few other minor pairings from the KH fandom. The other two I love are Roxas/Namine and Terra/Aqua. The others I ship/support are mainly just crackships. However, I do not support or ship Sora with anyone else besides Kairi.

I also like Sailor Moon (Serena/Darien/Tuxedo Mask), Bleach (Ichirukia and Ulquihime) I also love Harry Potter (I ship Dramione, Harmony, Fremione/The Twins + Hermione) ... Sherlock & Irene, Destiel, 10th Doctor & Rose Tyler... Loads more to add here in the future.

I used to make graphics here and there, but as of late I have lacking inspiration and too critical of my own work. That's all for now.

Please note that if I've favorite your work and such, I apologize for not commenting on it.

With that aside, thank you for visiting my page. :)

*stamp/icon credit to artists*

:iconkiddiesokaikiss1plz::iconkiddiesokaikiss2plz: :iconkh1sokaikiss1plz::iconkh1sokaikiss2plz: :iconsokaikiss1plz::iconsokaikiss2plz:
:iconrokunamikiss1plz::iconrokunamikiss2plz: :thumb276016361: Anti-SoKai Stamp by HeartlessKairi KH II RiKai Stamp by HeartlessKairi RokuKai Stamp by HeartlessKairi VanKai Stamp by HeartlessKairi

:thumb390708822: :thumb391684929:

:thumb392075052: :thumb392073305:


Free! Stamp: Haruka X Rin 3 by wow1076 Free! Stamp: MakoHaru 3 by wow1076 Free! Stamp: Nagisa X Rei by wow1076 Free! Stamp: Seijuurou X Gou by wow1076

Diabolik Lovers Stamp: Ayato X Yui by wow1076 :thumb390695479: Diabolik Lovers Stamp: Sakamaki Ayato by wow1076 Diabolik Lovers Stamp: Sakamaki Laito by wow1076 Diabolik Lovers Stamp - Shuu by LaraLeeL Diabolik Lovers Stamp - Subaru by LaraLeeL

SoulxMaka Stamp by AdryJustend Kid x Maka STAMP by LisaTheRaichu :thumb121597698: :thumb253884727: Kid x Crona Stamp by DrakkenlovesShego12 SteinxMarie icon FREE ICON by OliviaMilligan :thumb211989142:

Stamp - Asuna y kirito by Chelimka

Favourite TV Shows
The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Beauty & The Beast, Buffy, Family Guy, That 70's Show, Sherlock, Supernatural.. too many to list
Favourite Books
Harry Potter
Favourite Games
Kingdom Hearts: 1, 2 and 3D, Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, GTA: Vice City & San Andreas, Bloodrayne, Harry Potter POA-GOF, LOZ:OOT, TWEWY.. many more.
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS2-PS3, 3DS

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Hey!!! Hi :happybounce: ! Thanks for the fav +fav !!! 
Thank you for favoriting!

If you want your own OC or comic, just name one of my characters on
Wip- We Need Names!!!!

Sorry if that seems annoying! I just think it would be cool if someone did that for me. By the way, your stuff looks great! Still waiting for the next season of Legend of Korra, which is the next generation of Avatar the Last Airbender.
You're welcome ^_^
Ah no it's not annoying at all. I'm really terrible at coming up with names, though I wish I could help. :/
Thank you :) oh the next season has started actually. Today's episode was the 3rd in the 2nd season. I'm sure you can find all three episodes online if you've missed them.
I meant that I was willing to make you your own comic. It could be different and you would give me all the details and I would do all the work! But thanks for trying to help. :)
I'm also willing to do the same to make you any OC you want! You give me a name and the details of the character, and I will do all the work and put it up!

It's fine if you can't think of any names too! That's why I put this up! :D
Oh I see. That's all right, I don't have any ideas right now, but I appreciate the offer. :)
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amg thankiez for the fave again~!