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Elemtal Glyphs



Theses are the elemental glyphs that are used in the world of Snow By Night for their Alchemy.

These are available as 6.5x6 Prints at the Snow By Night Store

They also come as Buttons!

Fun fact: Alchemy used many symbols that people can recognize today. Symbols of the planets (all you Sailor Moon fans out there know them. Don’t lie! You know you do!) and the zodiac all were incorporated in alchemy. If you go back to where you first meet Bertrande (chapter 2, page 14) you can spot the signs for Leo, Sagittarius, and alternate sign for the metal Copper, and others C:

Each of the elements had a Glyph created for them using traditional alchemy signs and symbols, the occasional rune, and of course some good old-fashioned Geometry. Gotta love the circles C:

For a more in-depth look at the Glyphs here are some of my notes

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