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UT :: PVT :: UD :: Playing with Kitty Part 2 by SpaceJacket UT :: PVT :: UD :: Playing with Kitty Part 2 :iconspacejacket:SpaceJacket 220 19
MotS: A Family is Made Chapter 3
He avoided Sans after that, only coming near him to give him some food so his magic didn't run out. The blue-eyed skeleton wished he had known how Error had felt about him, then maybe none of this would've happened. Now his friend hated him and he was carrying their child. He was afraid. Of what, he didn't know, but he was. Sans lay on the floor of the anti-void, looking at the small soul growing in his "womb".
Error had given him the copied information from the Underborn AU to look over, saying that he didn't need it anyway but figured he could use it instead. He was grateful for that, as the information helped him to figure out how long the pregnancy would last and was able to count down the days until the soul would be born. The barrier had grown quite a bit, but the soul had barely grown at all and that worried him a little. Was he doing something wrong? Was he not eating the proper food needed to make it grow? He did need to eat constantly, as most of his magic was put into the ba
:iconmeian-of-yin-yang:Meian-of-Yin-Yang 38 22
MotS: What If...? (Read description)
Error lay on the ground while staring up at the stars of Outertale that shined above him. That had been too close for comfort. He had barely had enough magic and strength to open a portal beneath him and fall through it to escape Ink, G, and Underswap!Papyrus while they had been busy talking. Of course, he had passed out immediately afterwards, but he had gotten away nonetheless. The black skeleton smirked at his accomplishment and pushed himself up into a sitting position, groaning as his joints popped. Suddenly, he heard the sound of crying and felt his soul tug in response to the sound.
He got to his feet and looked around as he tried to find the source of it. A few feet away, Error spotted a small bundle lying in the grass. As he walked over, he glanced around to see if there might be someone lying in wait like this was some kind of trap, but there was no one. Looking down at the bundle he saw that it was a tiny newborn skeleton and, wit
:iconmeian-of-yin-yang:Meian-of-Yin-Yang 63 105
Don't say the F word by Uketello Don't say the F word :iconuketello:Uketello 126 26 Lemme introduce dis Yandere by Uketello Lemme introduce dis Yandere :iconuketello:Uketello 76 13 That's Cannibalism by combiezombine That's Cannibalism :iconcombiezombine:combiezombine 230 22 UT :: PV :: SF :: UF :: Kiss my Asks Comic by SpaceJacket UT :: PV :: SF :: UF :: Kiss my Asks Comic :iconspacejacket:SpaceJacket 157 22 It's our song. Let's dance! 16 by HappYEnDay It's our song. Let's dance! 16 :iconhappyenday:HappYEnDay 65 20 UT :: PT :: US :: SF:: A New Look Comic 2/3 by SpaceJacket UT :: PT :: US :: SF:: A New Look Comic 2/3 :iconspacejacket:SpaceJacket 137 11 The Pouch by MetaLatias5 The Pouch :iconmetalatias5:MetaLatias5 352 524 Home Grown: Baby Frisk by PurpleCarnation76 Home Grown: Baby Frisk :iconpurplecarnation76:PurpleCarnation76 84 3 [JH] One Sunday Morning by HazeSpawn [JH] One Sunday Morning :iconhazespawn:HazeSpawn 1,901 525 Undertale Doodles - Nightmares by AishaPachia Undertale Doodles - Nightmares :iconaishapachia:AishaPachia 303 15 [JH] Sans Concept Art by HazeSpawn [JH] Sans Concept Art :iconhazespawn:HazeSpawn 327 95 [Script Tale] Y'alls Got BURNED by HazeSpawn [Script Tale] Y'alls Got BURNED :iconhazespawn:HazeSpawn 578 155 [JH] At the Carnival by HazeSpawn [JH] At the Carnival :iconhazespawn:HazeSpawn 854 147


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