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As I finished my class, it starts to make me feel bad. When I pushed my chair and went to the hallway, I saw three guys. They are Sam, Josh and Dan, the guys who I don't want to see. As the teacher said goodbye to everyone, I just ignored my teacher and walked out quietly. I was running quickly to the outside of the school to get away from Sam, Josh, and Dan. I just looked behind me and I could see them towards the outside of the school. Then they followed me out of the door, and began to tease. This is my life of the school.

One day, when I walked to my home by myself, I saw a woman who was holding a calendar stopped in front of me. She asked me a question-whether I was a student who was always bothered by other students in my school. As she asked me, I totally answered "yes" to her, and nodded my face happily. She gave me a small calendar and she explained that, if I just write the name of the student who was always bothering me in my school, then I can get revenge on them. I looked her with thankfulness, and I knew that she was happy to help me.

When I arrived at my home, and I was really excited about getting revenge on the bad guys that always bothered me. So I ran to my desk just quickly as a light, and sat on my chair and prepared the calendar that I got. Then I started writing the names of each of the guys. Sam, the guy who always didn't play with me at break time of the school; Josh, the guy who was always thinking of me as stupid in our school; and the last guy Dan, he always laughed at my school work. I wrote them in same month and same days so I can get revenge.

After a year, I went to my school again with my mind as happy as a rainbow. I thought about my revenge, about the guys who bothered me, and hoped they won't bother me anymore. As soon as, I came to my school, I didn't hear the voice of the three of them. Instead, I saw all the teachers looked as sad as a night. I was asking one of my teachers, and he said that to me that during in summer break, three guys died by different ways. Josh, he died when he was riding his bicycle. He moved fast, then he drown into an opened deep manhole. And Sam and Dan died when they walked through a crosswalk and they got in a car accident. When I heard that happened in this time, I was not actually sad or mad about what my teacher said to me, but instead, my face had just a "non emotional face" as a statue, and my mind was excited as a game. How wonderful was the calendar that the woman gave to me! I got revenge on all students who bothered me!

​After I finished my school again, I walked to my home, and I thought how all these things are possible that the woman on the road said to me when she gave me the calendar. and I still want to write more names of many people that I know that still bother me in my school or in my social life. Now, I just arrived at my home with all of these exciting things in my mind to got revenge all time until I finish my calendar.

But when I arrived at my room and I saw my calendar again, I was very embarrassed about what my mom write on there.In my calendar, as I kept reading, I saw that she wrote me and my parents' birthdays!! In this moment, I was trying to erase what she wrote, but all of these are didn't erase easily. I shouted loudly, and finally I put my head down on the floor with my feeling of despair.
My first original story!
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