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Cloudy with a chance of cuteness.

By BritishStarr
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EDIT: Thanks for featuring me THREE TIMES on Equestria Daily, guys! You're so nice with me! *Flail*
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*tickles her hooves*
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Chance of cuteness... Good thing we apparently have a pony talking pictures of the cute Dashie.
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The title makes me think of cute Dashies raining from the sky. 
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Bzzzzzzz.... Bzzzzzz.... Bzzzzzz.... Krrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrdoooooooooooooooooooo...

This is a severe weather warning message. The Equestria Weather Service in Canterlot has issued a severe cuteness warning for the following towns: Ponyville. This storm may produce strong winds, heavy rain, hail, heart attacks, diabeetus, and squeeing. Ponies in the path of this storm are urged to seek shelter in a sturdy structure next to a ready supply of insulin.

Bzzzzz.... Bzzzzz.... Bzzzzzz.
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This pose gives me a clear picture on how hooves and pony legs from this angle should be drawn.

Thank you.
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Chance? I'd say "quite a big probability" X)
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Not 20% 120%!!!!! Dash is the cutest of them all except maybe fluttershy in some cases. Nice work keep it up I alredy have 5 pics of yours in my screensaver slideshow
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You draw the ponies 20% cuter than they are in the actual show^^
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this styleis so so cute
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Tickle her belly!
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and 100% chance of DIABEETUS!!!!
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Why is Dash one of the cutest (apart from fluttershy) in the mane 6? Seriously she could start a pandemic of heart failures if she decided to be cute! 
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More like world wide heart failure 
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one of cutest pictures about Dash EVUR!!!!!
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So fwuffy! The adorableness kills me!
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lol nice name for it!
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OMG that's too cute :3 That's my girlfriend right there :3
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