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30 MINUTE CHALLENGE: Mega Rainbow Dash!

Come on, tell me she doesn't look like a mega evolution!
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the rainbow six do look like mega evolutions! That's just what I thought when i first saw that!
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I was thinking she resemble the Super Saiyan 3 from Dragon Ball Z.
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This actually makes me like the rainbow powered version of her. Dang. I love this.
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her ability should be reckless, because her special move does recoil and it surely would pack a punch :)
chemicaIity's avatar
Mega Dashie used Sonic Rainboom! It's super effective!!
FrostBiteStrikes's avatar
Well, Rainbow Dash naturally had the best "mega evolution" in the season finale....
seriously, Pinkie and Rarity looked absolutely ridiculous.
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Mega Rainbowite or Meg Dashite? 
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Epic depiction of the Rainbow Power Rainbow Dash!
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Once again a fan-artist makes a character look better than the official art-work does! This is a particularly dynamic and personality-full realisation of the Rainbow Power Rainbow Dash.
GammaEspeon's avatar
As much as I don't really like the whole Rainbow Power thing, this is quite beautiful. Good job~
Bunnygirle26's avatar
Shes even more rainbow than ever before!!!!! This is so awesome :)
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naaa creo que se ve mas como una Super Sayayin fase 3 pero igual esta genial 8FAVORITOS9
Fist-of-doom's avatar
You actually made the eye sore of a forme into something actually cool looking
PokeponyAquaBubbles's avatar
if only it looked like this in the actual show '-_-
RandomPersonOnDevART's avatar
Umg she looks like she just dipped herself in rainbow paint! Amazing! :D
BritishStarr's avatar
She became a Super Saiyan!

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Gossip Rainbow Dash TO COOL FOR MULE.....No offence                                                                  :draggingass: "Yeah....That totally sounded like a compliment!"
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Also may I ask the type of program you use 0:3?
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