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.:[RINGOX] Anniversary Event 2020 Coming Soon! :.

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Hey, everyone!
Those who have been part of the Discord already know about the event, in addition to the announcement made in the group, but I wanted to put it out there that the species will be having an event! (I'm copying this all from the journal for the sake of ease lol)

YOU DO NOT NEED TO OWN A RINGOX TO PARTICIPATE IN THE RAFFLE OR OTHER EVENTS. The only event where one would need a Ringox is the Stardust Gala portion.

Event Details


There will be a FREE raffle! Users that enter the raffle have a chance to win a myriad of prizes!
-1 Custom will be given out, with up to 3 Mutations
-1 Common Custom
-3 Free MYO slots
-5 lucky people will win 50 Ethereal Dust!
-1 slot for HYBRID MYO/Custom with another species (your own CS!) OR a Custom with 1 mutation

Stardust Gala

There will be a drawing/writing event for people to join! Each entry will earn them 20 Ethereal Dust. It's a simple prompt: Draw your Ringox in the attire they will wear for the event, or write a scene with them in it! There limit so far will be 2 entries per person, but I may extend that depending on how many people ask me to.

More details will be provided during the event, including the scenery and some spiffy outfits for the Progenitors.

Special Adopts

Planning some adoptables for the event that will have exclusive traits! I plan on at least one Draw-to-Adopt Ringox, and another to be raffled off! I will also have ONE Write-to-Adopt Ringox.

Hopefully we can all have fun with this event! As always, more communication can be done through Discord as it's much easier to update people there. :>

As always, thank you so much for your support, guys! This species couldn't be what it is without you all.

If you have any suggestions for more events, please let me know! I'm super willing to hear suggestions~
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