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Sonic doodles 1 by britishman1940 Sonic doodles 1 :iconbritishman1940:britishman1940 2 0 my new oc: jack robinson by britishman1940 my new oc: jack robinson :iconbritishman1940:britishman1940 5 15 Beechcraft Bonanza Takeoff by britishman1940 Beechcraft Bonanza Takeoff :iconbritishman1940:britishman1940 3 0 my new oc: tanner robinson by britishman1940 my new oc: tanner robinson :iconbritishman1940:britishman1940 2 6 akosmia and energeia eating a fruitcake by britishman1940 akosmia and energeia eating a fruitcake :iconbritishman1940:britishman1940 1 4 Akosmia and energeia watching Christmas specials. by britishman1940 Akosmia and energeia watching Christmas specials. :iconbritishman1940:britishman1940 3 2 shizen by britishman1940 shizen :iconbritishman1940:britishman1940 2 7 the chosen four by britishman1940 the chosen four :iconbritishman1940:britishman1940 1 0 christmas shopping by britishman1940 christmas shopping :iconbritishman1940:britishman1940 3 8 building a snowman by britishman1940 building a snowman :iconbritishman1940:britishman1940 2 10 Stranded by britishman1940 Stranded :iconbritishman1940:britishman1940 5 154 super mario rpg remix by britishman1940 super mario rpg remix :iconbritishman1940:britishman1940 4 243 new mario and luigi title by britishman1940 new mario and luigi title :iconbritishman1940:britishman1940 2 247 smbhots preview by britishman1940 smbhots preview :iconbritishman1940:britishman1940 3 10 my comic stars by britishman1940 my comic stars :iconbritishman1940:britishman1940 2 0 trouble in salzburg by britishman1940 trouble in salzburg :iconbritishman1940:britishman1940 0 2


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Sonic doodles 1
hello, everybody, and welcome to my new series of pictures of what i'm calling, "sonic doodles", yes, for the next seconds, minutes and hours, or even days, i will be releasing new pictures of sonic and friends in mini pictures, that's right, five mini pictures in one single picture, now, featuring in the first set in that picture in sonic doodles are...

1. sonic is racing against a formula one race car and driver.
2. vanilla, cream and cheese are shopping for new dolls and princess items to play at home.
3. blaze is watering her sunflowers in her garden.
4. tails is building a new companion robot for sonic to aid him in his adventures.
5. knuckles is always guarding the master emerald on angel island like he always does in the games, anime and manga.

and there you are, five mini pictures of sonic and friends, and i'll see you later with my second picture, enjoy.
my new oc: jack robinson
name: jack robinson.

age: 16

personality: being hip, cool, totally rad, silly, playful, cute, happy, and nice.

occupation: being tanner's son, cedar hills high school student, race driver, motorcycle racer, arcade player, console player, party goer, pilot, stunt pilot, bowler, surfer, driver, stunt driver and skateboarder.

likes: his high school, his friends, his car, his plane, his dad's car, his dad's plane, attending every air show, sonic the hedgehog series, boy's toys, skateboarding, and playing his current console (ps5 and nintendo switch)

dislikes: being lonely, telling him what to do, going to museums, walking long distances, and seeing old tech.

loves: sonic the hedgehog series, race cars, modern rock, modern rap, watching japanese anime, listening to j-pop, being a gamer, winning in a car race and going to arcades.

hates: turning into a giant (he thinks he's a jack and the beanstalk ripoff), being told what to do, losing in a car race, being sick, old and new cartoons, going to boring places and science.

relatives: tanner robinson (his dad), sally robinson (tanner's sister in australia and jack's aunt), michelle robinson (second former mom), tammy robinson (jack's aunt and tanner's mom), richard robinson (jack's uncle and tanner's dad), tim robinson (jack and tanner's grandfather and richard"s dad), molly robinson (jack and tanner's grandmother and tammy's mom), anna glover (tanner and jack's cousin) and emily robinson (first former mom).

friends: tony fuller, peter bright, jake matsumoto, stacy green, connie white, james olive and the rest.

current residence: schenectady, new york, and green peaks airpark.

former residence: honolulu, hawaii, and wakiki airpark.

jack robinson is a good kid with a good heart and being a cool dude, and does surfing and skateboarding all the time. just like tanner was born in hawaii, jack was born in hawaii by his parents, tanner and emily, and they were together all the time, and they taught jack how to walk, talk and act like a cool dude, like his dad before him, and so cool like him, and play all the sonic games from the genesis, saturn, dreamcast and the rest, like him. and after all that, tanner and emily enrolled him to elementary school to know his a.b.c's, 1,2,3's, and learning, and made lots of friends along the way on his elementary school, until his graduation sends him to middle school, and he did, and while in his middle school years, there's bad news, his dad, tanner and his first mom, emily has split up, and his dad, tanner has just told his son, jack, the bad news, and jack takes it, very well, and in his middle school meanwhile, jack met his two friends, tony and peter, and will become his longtime friends one day, and they still is to this very day, and he still does work in his studies in his middle school, but the one thing he failed in his middle school is, science, and since then, he hates it. and although, he got all throughout middle school, then, one day, tanner comes home by introducing his new second wife to his son, jack, to his new wife of tanner, "michelle", and jack met her and soon, michelle becomes jack's second mom in an instant. and jack takes it pretty well, until jack went to graduation in his middle school, and he did graduate from his old middle school, and went to his high school, afterwards, he went to party with his friends in his house in wakiki airpark, and his dad, tanner, and his second mom, michelle, was very pleased with their son, enjoying the life of the party, and one day, after he went to his high school, both tanner, michelle and jack where at the beach, doing beach activities, until some muscular guy came out of nowhere, and michelle was instantly fallen in love with that guy, and decides to break him up with tanner, and left him and his now teenage son jack, for the strong, muscular guy, leaving jack without his mom, yet again, by tanner telling jack the bad news, and once again, jack takes it very well, and now, after they left the beach, they went back home to find out that their possessions is outside, is because, wakiki airpark is closed due to bug infestations, making them to relocate themselves to schenectady, new york, and live in green peaks airpark, and that's what they did, and now, they're here, in schenectady, new york, and now, jack has now enrolled himself into his new high school called cedar hills high school, and he likes it, and jack saw his two returning buddies since middle school in hawaii, tony and peter, and they cried tears of joy, and in his high school days, he bought his honda nsx, and his piper 140 cherokee airplane and brought it to his new and current home in green peaks airpark. and since then, he's bought himself a new gaming console, the ps5 and the nintendo switch to play sonic games, and now, you may never know what lies his new adventures for tanner's son, jack, and his dad, tanner, next.

everyone, here's my other new oc that i have been waiting for, jack, and he's now here, next is tony fuller, enjoy.
my new oc: tanner robinson

name: tanner robinson.

age: 28

personality: being cool, hip, totally rad, playful, childish, being cute, nice, happy and joyful.

occupation: being jack's father, us air force pilot, macy's employee, expert bowler, expert surfer, expert video gamer and expert race driver.

likes: surfing, bowling, flying his own plane, (his beechcraft bonanza), flying his own jet (his f14 tomcat fighter jet), playing his new (and current console) ps5 and nintendo switch, street racing, drifting, legos, and being a macy's employee.

dislikes: losing his job, telling him what to do, old vintage stuff, walking long distance and boring stuff.

loves: his son, his car, his son's car, boy's toys, his own airplane, his son's airplane, cooking, malls and watching japanese anime and the sonic the hedgehog series.

hates: old cartoons, old vintage cars (prefers new sports cars of today), old tech, museums, being old, walking to the park and old locomotives.

relatives: jack robinson (his son), sally robinson (his sister in australia), michelle robinson (his second ex-wife, left for some muscular guy back in hawaii), tammy robinson (his mother and jack's aunt), richard robinson (his father and jack's uncle), tim robinson (he and jack's grandfather and richard's dad), molly robinson (he and jack's grandmother and tammy's mom), anna glover (he and jack's cousin) and emily robinson (his first ex-wife).

current residence: schenectady, new york, and in green peaks airpark.

former residence: honolulu, hawaii, wakiki airpark.

friends: luna, goddess of dawn and dusk, angelena, dark angelena, jennie, brian and the rest.

tanner robinson is a good guy and a very cool surfing dude and has lots of luck when it comes to ride the waves, born in hawaii, tammy and richard has just given birth to their son, tanner, and teaches him on how to walk, talk, and even surf by his dad, richard, and along with his sister, sally, both he and sally gets along very well, and ever since that time, the two were inseparable, those two were together at the time, they joke a lot, they play toys a lot, and they play the first 3 sonic games on the genesis, then sonic on the saturn, then the dreamcast and the rest, and they even see movies a lot, one movie that tanner always catches is, giant monster movies, and also, he likes it, and his sister too, but sally says to her brother that "she rather have dolls and princesses than giant monsters at any day, but thanks for inviting me to see godzilla" to her brother tanner after he and his sister sally watches godzilla in theaters, then, when high school comes around, he made lots of friends, including his first love emily, then college times comes by, along with his girlfriend emily, both tanner and emily were both a team doing college work, and even in their dorms, and after that, they both get married, and after that, tanner enlisted himself into the u.s. air force, and passes everything with flying colors, then, comes back home to see his now wife, emily to give the birth to their son and current one he now has: jack, after jack was born, both tanner and emily live out in the beautiful city of honolulu, and in their first home, the wakiki airpark, as a family of three for many years, until the break up between he and emily, making him really sad, and forcing himself to take care of jack, now a kid, but he doesn't give up, a few years later, while he's working for macy's as a janitor, tanner met a new girl named michelle, and she took tanner's personality very well, and after that, he took her to the beach in honolulu so that michelle can see tanner surf the waves, and she did, and she was impressed by tanner's tricks in the waves while surfing, and she was excited all about it, and after that, both tanner and michelle get married, and also, after arriving back home, tanner introduces jack to his new mom, michelle, and after their introduction, both jack and his new mom, michelle got along very well, and were together for many years, until one evening, when tanner, michelle and jack were at the beach doing beach activities, until michelle meets a new muscular guy, and she decided to break up with jack, and leaving him for the new muscular guy, making him sad once again, and now tanner has to once again take care of jack once again, now a teenager, and that's not the worst part, the next worst part is, tanner and jack has to relocate themselves to schenectady, new york, due to wakiki airpark closing down due to bug infestations, and they found a new home called, green peaks airpark, and they're now happy living there, and also, visiting his sister sally in australia, after she moved from honolulu to sydney, and comes back and lived a happy life, until they saw a news report on tv about two giantess named jennie and angelena, at first, they joked all about it, then, they find out all about it that it was real, and since then, both tanner and jack were happily living in green peaks airpark, by buying his own sports car, his modern 2017 porsche 911 cabriolet and his plane, his beechcraft bonanza, and you may never know what new adventures will lie for him and his son next.

kjl03 and jennie zilla, here is my oc and he's so cool, along with his surfing stuff, next is his son jack, enjoy.
akosmia and energeia eating a fruitcake
well, sailorenergy, here you go, my picture for you is now complete, and i'm sorry that this picture is sideways, and my part is done,
I will be in mario and sonic at the second dimension, and, it will be an action-packed comic type manga, and it's going to be great, and, that's all.


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arnold menendez
Artist | Film & Animation
United States
hello, devianters, i'm here to post of my pictures and my so-called oc, or own character for short, and, i promise you that i will be nice to every anime person that i come in contact, and i drive a 1955 packard clipper.


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