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So here is the situation as it stands, the group
British-Artists has been closed due to lack of a committed admin team.

I made this group so that British artists can still come together as a community sharing and creating art for everyone to see under friendly and enjoyable circumstances.

As with original group, the focus of BritishArtistGroup is on deviants within Britain [as members] to help promote British artistic talent and help other British deviants discover one another and help promote their awesome Britishness to the dA world.

Please note that the following regulations are subject to change without notice and enforced almost immediately. Changes will likely only be minor and mentioned in journals!

About Us

:bulletblue: This group is intended for British artists to gather together, to make friends, share art, and also help contribute into making this club more enjoyable and friendly!

:bulletwhite: The main focus is on deviants within Britain [as members] to help promote British artistic talent and help other British deviants discover one another [and possibly make friends!]
But it is absolutely fine for people not tied the UK to take a look and watch the club!

Becoming a Member

:bulletred: You must have ties to the United Kingdom [also Ireland is acceptable] to become a member, of course. Deviants who originated from the UK etc. but are living abroad, are also welcome to join. Just let us know!

:bulletblue: Just hit the join icon at the top of the page, and give us some time to confirm your application.

Submitting Deviations

:bulletwhite: You are welcome to submit anything as long as it is not explicit gore, nudity, racist, defamatory, etc.

:bulletred: As we are now a Super Group, we have decided as admins to step it up a notch and only accept the highest quality of work. Please do not be offended if your work gets declined. We have chosen Quality over Quantity.

:bulletred: Finished artwork and clean, shaded sketches are allowed to be submitted. However, please do not submit plain sketches or unfinished artwork, otherwise these submissions will be rejected although step by step tutorials are welcome and there is a folder for them provided in the gallery!

:bulletblue: Your submissions must be made by you! Please do not edit/alter the work of others. If you are caught stealing art, you'll be kicked from the club.

:bulletwhite: The Features folder will be used to highlight pieces of art that the Admins like and in doing so creates more exposure for said artist! We'll attempt to do this as often as we can :D

Group Affiliations

:bulletwhite:Any group is allowed to affiliate with us!
.Just leave us an affiliation request and it should be accepted.

Contacting Us

Leave a comment under a journal, a comment on the page or send us a note and we will tend your problems, concerns or complaints as soon as possible! The quicker you tell us is the quicker it will be dealt with!

Gallery Folders

J. by IndyMan33
Writhe. by IndyMan33
Inflorescent by IndyMan33
Legion by IndyMan33
Daisy Meadow by WorldII
Scotland by newcastlemale
Ethan of Childhood Toys (I) by IndyMan33
Alex and Ethan of Childhood Toys (II) by IndyMan33
Traditional Art, Mixed Media
Purple Tulip - Watercolour Markers by GeeMassamArt
Day 4 by NesoKaiyoH
Cosmonaut by UNEARTHLING
Raven doodle by xHideFromTheSunx
Digital Art
Cosmic Spark. by IndyMan33
5. Shatter. by IndyMan33
6. Arrival. by IndyMan33
7. Glass. by IndyMan33
Anime, Manga, Cartoon, Anthro + Chibi
Alex Sketch by Sarasaland-Dragon
Palkia, Legendary Pokemon - Marker drawing by GeeMassamArt
Character Design: Faith the Fairy by Sarasaland-Dragon
Maya and Professor Newton by Sarasaland-Dragon
Literature, Prose + Poetry
Black And White Party by n2n44
Field Of Dreams by WorldII
Work in Progress: Maya and Professor Newton by Sarasaland-Dragon
Icon - UK by fmr0
Feed me? by Farumir
Farumir Works presents - The Wendigo by Farumir
Star of the Halloween Freak Show! by Farumir
Turban and jacket wearable sclupture artised by overlord-costume-art
Photo Manipulation
Flyer Super Modern Fitness Club Advertising Openin by n2n44
Modern Bikers Ride And Party by n2n44
Pink Paradise Paris Lingerie Shop Opening by n2n44
Stamp - Paddington Bear by fmr0
Fan Art
Flyer Homme Paille Tanbou Lezans by n2n44
Artisan Crafts
Commission: Medium-sized N.Brio Plush Doll by Sarasaland-Dragon
Culinary Masterpieces
Pizza Cat Cake by ginas-cakes
Sketches and Rough Work
Fruit realism attempt by SulaimanDoodle

Newest Members

Hello All,

We are looking for two new people to help govern the intake of art we are receiving; many of your pieces are expiring due to the load that is being submitted.

We are wanting to welcome members who have an eye for, and can judge the quality of art being submitted fairly, this group is solely for the purpose of showcasing the best of all things British and so we must have the best of people able to manage them.

Please put your name forward via comment below or noting the group if you think you are up for the job.

Looking forward to working with you,

Until next time;

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AngelGhidorah Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2017
If you don't mind me asking, why do my submissions to this group keep getting declined?
PhaseChan Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2017   General Artist
Hi there! We're currently quite low on admins so submissions are taking a while to be accepted, but if you look to the left of the groups page at the FAQ regarding submissions, this should help. ( As a general rule we accept a very high standard of finished refined work over quantity but don't let that put you off. Submissions are sometimes declined. )
AngelGhidorah Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2017
I find it unusual that some of my submissions have been declined, especially considering I've submitted less impressive looking work before (like this picture of DC character Manchester Black) and it's been accepted.
I'll have a look at the FAQ page, regardless.
IndyMan33 Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2017  Professional
Could you link to the one that was declined. I’ll check for issues. 
AngelGhidorah Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2017
I've had a few that were declined:

The Return of Scar - 'I have a plan!' - fan art from The Lion Guard, showing Scar's return (video in description).
Bow before the fury of the Gods...  - fan art of Godzilla (design based on the 2014 film).
Cooker...  - fan art of the antagonist/deuteragonist from Wallace and Gromit: A Grand Day Out.
Doctor Who: An Angel Among Demons...  - an idea I had for a follow up to Evil of the Daleks, showing what happened to Beta and Omega.
Anti-Virus...  - some digital art I made when I was bored.
IndyMan33 Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2017  Professional
Okay, well re-submit and I’ll review and get an approval on the appropriate ones :)
(2 Replies)
TheDarkestNight51 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello there, I am curious to know if this group is still active. I've tried submitting work here, they expired, and now I've tried to resubmit them again, but as of yet the work hasn't been accepted.
Please let me know what's going on, thank you. 
PhaseChan Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2017   General Artist
Hi there,

Thanks for the comment. The group is still active but I think only two admins are still around at the moment ( myself included! ) - we need to hire some new help to be honest!

Please resubmit though if you have had expired pieces - I will admit that even I haven't had as much time over the last 2 months. Apologies!
TheDarkestNight51 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello there,

Thank you for getting back in touch with me. It's nice to know that the group is still active, but I am sorry for the problems your group is experiencing with regards to its lack of Admins. I wish you luck in finding the help you desire.

I have just resubmitted them to the group, so you should see them. It's alright, I understand how busy life can make a person. 
It's okay, I'm happy that you got back to me. 
PhaseChan Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2017   General Artist
Aaah I can see them now. I've voted but there needs to be approval from 2 admins, this is likely why it takes a while. I shall prod the others! I'll see if i can change the settings so that it's just one admin too, rather than 2. That should speed up the process.
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