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Home At Long Last
Familiar sights;
Ah, I'm truly home at last!
But how to settle?
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Mature content
Sexual Urges? :iconbritish-prophetess:British-Prophetess 11 9
The Wrong Side Of The Law Chapter 4
Chapter 4 – The Glorious Path Of Success?
(Norio’s POV)
As we approached the familiar metropolis that was Shinjuku I was still fuming. I know wallowing in strong emotions wasn’t so much a wise idea, but after what happened, and of course Katsumi fleeing away, I wasn’t in the mood to cheer myself up. I remained outside the warehouse for a good two minutes after the bitch escaped, just pacing up and down in order to try and relieve the immense fury bubbling up inside of me. It took a while for Michinaga to convince me that we should head back to the police station. There was nothing we do at all – she along with her two bodyguards was long gone. Also we didn’t have a clue as to which direction she must have taken. As much as I disliked the idea of going back empty handed with our tails tucked between our legs like pathetic dogs, I soon relented, my decision pleasing Michinaga in the process.
I felt utterly defeated. Defeated and half crazed to the poin
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The Wrong Side Of The Law Chapter 3
Chapter 3 – When Two Forces Collide
(Katsumi’s POV)
“I want you to teach them a lesson they certainly won’t forget,” Mr Imagawa said, a faint glint in his dark eyes. “So, Miss Yania, are you up for the challenge?”
Even though I expected him to say something like that, nothing could prepare the faint shock waves coursing through me, travelling from my head down to my feet. It felt like an adrenaline rush, but instead of feeling a mild surge of anticipation I felt worry knotting in my stomach. When he said he wanted me to teach them a lesson, what did it actually entail of? Surely he didn’t expect me – the Black Mist - to engage the bosozoku gang just for the purpose of senseless killing?
If there’s one thing I was strongly against, it’s murder. Just the mere idea of taking someone else’s life away went against my strong principles. I consider myself a streetwise criminal, a warrior of the Japanese underworl
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The Wrong Side Of The Law Chapter 2
Chapter 2 – End Of The Line, But For Who?
(Katsumi’s POV)
“Boss, I still think there’s somethin’ fishy about that damn taxi behind us.”
I rolled my eyes upwards in response to Hiro’s statement. Not this again…For the past ten minutes neither Hiro’s twin sister or I could get him to shut his mouth. Like the stubborn jackass that he is, he still stuck to his guns, vehemently insisting that this particular yellow cab was deliberating following us for some strange reason. What I didn’t understand is we seen many taxis during our journey. What the hell was so special about this one?
The more his gaze flickered to the rear-view mirror, the more his apparent paranoia would worsen considerably. Also, it was beginning to kinda piss me off.
“Hiro, I’d appreciate it if you keep your eyes on the road,” I said. “Or should I transfer driving duties to Asuka in the future?”
A faint chuckle came from the blue hai
:iconbritish-prophetess:British-Prophetess 0 0
The Wrong Side Of The Law Chapter 1
Chapter 1 – Right Place At The Wrong Time?
(Norio’s POV)
I glanced down at my phone, frowning when I noticed the time. What could be taking her so long?
We were meant to meet outside Starbucks promptly at 11:30am for a mid-morning coffee break. Judging by the fact it was nearing midday, she was almost half an hour late. Pretty unusual since Chieko liked nothing than maintaining an excellent manner of time keeping – something we both shared in common due to upholding the law in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo. Being a Detective was a privilege on its own, albeit a career that comes with severe risks you can never imagine of. In spite of the danger and the constant threat of death lurking around each corner, there’s no greater reward in bringing a direct end to a case that’s been dragged over weeks, or even a couple of months. Seeing a criminal be brought to justice is the reason you dedicate your life to protect citizens at all costs, even if you put your ve
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Mature content
The Epitome Of The Devil :iconbritish-prophetess:British-Prophetess 3 4
OTP Challenge: Day 20 - Dancing
From their secluded table right at the far back, Rosa and Adrian watched with clear fascination and interest, surprised at the sight before them. In the many years they’d known Carolina and James for, this was the very first time they’d saw the couple dance before – and God, they were certainly killing it. The dark haired male, smiling from ear to ear, twirled his fiancée of two weeks around on the dark floor, their feet and bodies moving in time to the fiery beat of the Latino music complete with passionate guitar riffs.
Rosa leaned back in her seat, her hands sprawled across her stomach, noticing how slightly bigger it has grown considering the fact she was four months pregnant. She sighed upon thinking that shortly she would have a lot of difficulty in fitting into her normal clothes in the coming months. She ought to prepare for the changes of her body she was about to go through. Maybe it would be in her best interest for her and Adrian to take a trip into t
:iconbritish-prophetess:British-Prophetess 4 4
OTP Challenge: Day 10 - With Animal Ears
Rosa covered her ears with her hands as soon as Daniel let out another deafening cry that could have put the mythological Banshee to shame. Unfortunately Adrian didn’t have the luxury to muffle out the sounds, wincing slightly as he caught an earful of the shrill scream while he held his six month old nephew close in his arms.
“God, for someone so small he has a freaking set of lungs on him,” Adrian remarked for the third time within fifteen minutes or so. Much to the British woman’s surprise, he remained taken back by how exactly loud a baby can be at times.
Then again, what did they know about children when they were both in their early twenties and still attending university? Barely anything considering the fact the couple had been dating for an entire year.
“I’d say we call either call Alex or Sean,” she suggested, trying her best to help out. Adrian tried to discreetly hide the fact his jaw was clenching by bringing his mouth closer to the
:iconbritish-prophetess:British-Prophetess 1 0
Don't Mention Spoilers!
Laying rather comfortably on his stomach, Donut stared dreamily into space while thoughtfully chewing on the end of his pen. He was so close to finishing a RWBY fan fiction he had been working diligently on for the past two hours or so. Problem is he was completely stuck on what to write for the finale of his masterpiece. It would be a mighty shame to give up right now, especially when he poured all his passion and dedication into weaving a story about how two of his favourite characters from the anime finally fell head over heels in love with each other.
Ah, Pyrrha Nikos and Jaune Arc – the valiant, headstrong huntress and the socially awkward guy with an underlying sense of courage and gentleness. What a perfect couple they make indeed! Even around the galaxy most people, mostly on the internet forums, perceived Pyrrha and Jaune as quite a popular romantic shipping.
Just as his pen was about to meet with the paper, he forced himself to resume writing no matter what came to mind
:iconbritish-prophetess:British-Prophetess 4 18
Sticking Together
“So what’s the deal with you and Wash?” South asked, a not so innocent smile upon her attractive face as she peaked behind CT’s locker door.
CT just stared at her in mild disbelief. Why did everyone jump to the conclusion that her and Wash might be dating when in fact she wasn’t interested in him that way. Honestly they were no longer in high school – for goodness sake they were professional soldiers, the best of the best according to the Director, the scientific genius behind a secret military organisation known as Project Freelancer.
The brunette heaved a sigh, shoving her helmet into the locker before shutting it close with a quiet thud. Knowing that this was some kind of girl talk, something CT honestly had no interest in participating, she perched herself on the nearby bench. Needless to say she wasn’t surprised when the blonde haired woman followed suit.
“There’s nothing going on between us two,” she admitted, not caring
:iconbritish-prophetess:British-Prophetess 4 4
The Prodigal Leader Returns
Church appeared beside Carolina in his holographic form, smiling at his surprised friends. Words cannot express how actually happy he was to see them all here, especially after Carolina had saved them from getting exploded in the nick of time.
As usual, he had to be his smartass self, not really caring for soppy and emotional reunions. Church spread out his arms, holding them straight in the air while arrogantly boasting, “Miss me, assholes?”
A few seconds passed by and much to his surprise no one spoke or even moved a single muscle. Any moment now they were going to express their happiness at their arrival and maybe even offer undying gratitude for teleporting them to a safe place. Hell, a part of Church looked forward to listening to Caboose chattering away about the many adventures he got himself into – maybe overtime Church came to accept the idiotic Blue soldier as one of his closest friends no matter how irritating he can be most of the time.
Tucker was the firs
:iconbritish-prophetess:British-Prophetess 3 0
Y'all Can Suck It!
"My night's about to get a whole lot worse, isn't it?" Nevada asked, a low groan escaping his throat when a certain cheerful Irishman disturbed him from smoking in the Freelancer common room. Rhode Island, amused by the American’s reaction, sat himself down on the chair opposite from him, dark eyes twinkling with mischief.
“Ya know, you may have so-called unlimited luck but I’m a cunnin’ trickster with the charm of a devil,” Rhode Island claimed proudly.
The green and orange Freelancer just stared at him, wishing he could wipe the smirk off the male’s face. He blew smoke in his face, watching with satisfaction as Rhode coughed slightly.
“So I lost the fight,” Nevada admitted with a shrug. “No fucking big deal.”
“You cannot turn back on yer word. Loser pays the price, remember?”
Nevada pursed his lips, nodding. Since both Agents were well versed in close quarter combat they agreed to a training match to see which on
:iconbritish-prophetess:British-Prophetess 1 5
Cold Feet
For once in her life, Carolina was understandably nervous to some extent. In no less than five minutes time, she along with the Reds and the Blues were to have their photograph taken with the most influential person of the United Nation Space Command.
Why, the Chairman of course.
Much to their surprise it seemed that those who were in positions of authority seemed to have caught wind about them successfully taking down the Director as well as Project Freelancer. It only had been two weeks ago since that happened, so all of them were baffled as to how the news spread like wildfire.  Then again it didn’t matter too much since throughout the colonies, inner and outer, the Reds and Blues managed to build quite a large reputation for themselves.
They were known as heroes. Valiant heroes who saw fit to bring justice to a corrupt militarily organisation whose questionable actions and unlawful ethnics were very much frowned upon. It seemed they could do what the UNSC failed to do.
:iconbritish-prophetess:British-Prophetess 3 0
One Man Army
“Tell me again why I let you convince me that this was even remotely a good idea,” York grumbled, glaring at Wyoming from his position behind a metal pillar. Bullets peppered the support beam, causing small chunks to sail past the tanned Freelancer.
“Well, Carolina did ask us to move up,” the British Freelancer defended himself, keeping an even and polite term despite rolling his eyes in his helmet. He didn’t appreciate the blame being pinned on him, especially when he was just following orders.
How was Wyoming supposed to foretell that they were going to be pinned here by the enemy for the past five minutes? Before both the Freelancers infiltrated the main hanger via jetpacks, catching the Insurrectionists by surprise, they successfully managed to overwhelm the forces in spite of the odds. It was quite laughable to say the least that they got bested by merely two guys, but then again lady luck was on the Agent’s sides – that is until they foun
:iconbritish-prophetess:British-Prophetess 2 0
Money Grabbing As Usual
“The question is very simple. But also very difficult. How high a price are you willing to pay for protection?”
Embarrassingly Church’s knees started to give way after hearing those bold words spoken by Tex in such a cocky manner. In order to not make himself look week in front of his former girlfriend, he stood up taller, stared directly at her and puffed out his chest.
“It’s always money with you, isn’t it, Tex?” he scoffed, slightly shaking his head. In the years they’ve known each other she still hadn’t change one bit at all – always a money grabbing bitch. “I mean, couldn’t you do a favour for once in your goddamn life?”
“Well, what do you expect?” She shrugged as if to say she didn’t really care if he seemed to be pissed off with her. She followed the Blue leader as he stormed out of the base to rally up his soldiers. “It’s not like you can handle the situation when Wyoming
:iconbritish-prophetess:British-Prophetess 2 0

These are the pieces that I have produced for various things. Some of them are fanfiction while others are original works. Most of my work consists of writing stories and poems. I have a few drawings existing.


These are the drawings/writings that have stunned me to say the least. All of them are blessed with talent in my opinion. Feel free to browse through them! :XD:


Why do every man on this planet hate virgins? Honest to God, I think that every man hates me and doesn't see me as something special or worthwhile. I mean, should I become a lesbian? Because I'm having no success with men at all. 

19 deviants said Answers?


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Hi everyone!

My name is Kayley, but most call me Kay for short. I'm 28 years old and I hail from this town called Dagenham in England. I'm proud to be half Irish as I'm a descendent from the well-known Mulvihill clan back in Ireland.

My birthday is 3rd November. I share a birthday with one of my favourite video games character, Seong Mina from the Soul Calibur series. My Western horoscope is Scorpio and my Eastern horoscope is a rabbit.

:bulletred: :bulletblue: Proud owner of my 1st Red vs Blue group: :iconprojectbloodgulch: :bulletred: :bulletblue:

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I Lost Someone REALLY Special...

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 18, 2016, 12:26 PM
  • Listening to: Babooskha - Kate Bush
  • Reading: A Storm of Swords - George R.R Martin
  • Watching: Game of Thrones Season 2.
  • Playing: Halo 3.
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  • Drinking: Tea.
Unfortunately not only have I lost a lover today, but I also lost a really close and awesome male best friend today. This time it was neither one of our fault - it's just one of those shitty situations in life you have absolutely no control over I guess. But having said that, it doesn't mean that it does not hurt because in some way it does. It hurts so much when you lose someone that was so damn special to you in so many ways for so many reasons.

I think as  most of you know by now I was seeing an older man for a past few months, a 'relationship' that I kept a secret from my parents. Why? Because of the 28 year age between us. You guys know what my parents are like as in my last journal that I made I clearly said that my mum and dad would never approve of me romantically seeing someone much older than me. They claim they're trying to be protective of me because according to them I am naive when it comes to men and in a way I lack experience in real life relationships. All I've had in the past was these lackluster and rather stagnant online relationships with men and only one of them developed into an actual offline relationship.

And you know something? If my parents found out what I've been up to with this man, especially when I have been intimate with him (not full sex btw), they would fucking hit the roof. My parents, especially my mum, are too fashioned in their beliefs in me dating someone close to my age. Hell, last year I had a crush on a 42 year old bloke I made the mistake in telling my mum all about it and all she did was bitch about that it's all wrong. True, it was a bit unfortunate as the man had a girlfriend at the time, but nonetheless her verdict is it's okay being friends with an older man but strictly no relationships with them. I put it down to the fact she's tying to bring me up the same way she had been brought up when she was younger. So yeah, you can say it's old fashioned and traditional in a way.

She even says that if a male friend invited me back to their place then I should decline, simply because in case he attempts anything sexual. How bloody backwards is that, right? And another thing that infuriated me is last month I was a bit late in starting my time of the month. I knew it didn't mean pregnancy in my case and sometimes it's late for various reasons. But you want to know what my mum said? She said, and I quote, "The only time you should be worried about your periods being late is if you have done something you shouldn't be doing."

I didn't make a remark about what she said, but deep down I was seething with silent fury. I thought it was wrong of her to refer to sex (or anything sexually related) to "something I shouldn't be doing" when a) I am 29 years of age, which means I am WAY over the age of consent to have sex in this country and b) I'm not promiscuous nor do I sleep around or engage in one night stands. Call me crazy or whatever, but I heavily suspect that mum is strongly against the idea of me having sex when that time comes. What. does she expect me to remain a virgin all my life and deny any sexual urges/feelings I might have for someone? Up until a few months I've experienced the true meaning of intimacy with a man and I've also learned that there's more to intimacy than just sex. I've came close losing my virginity as well.

Oh, and not surprisingly my mum was furious when I said to her I'm thinking of going on the pill a few weeks ago and she made it so difficult to talk to her that I didn't press it any further. I could tell she wasn't happy when I told her I got my prescription, however I knew if I were to confront her about her displeasure then we would have an argument about it. According to mum I have no reason to go on the pill because 1) I'm not sexually active and 2) there's nothing wrong with my periods. Mum told me that the timing is strange due to the fact I'm going out more and socialising more, especially with Andy (the guy who I was seeing). I couldn't tell my parents the truth that I was seeing him more than a friend when being questioned by them. Mum made it very clear to me if she found out there's anything going on between him and I, then I am out of the house and I have to find somewhere else to live. My dad just stays out of the conversations - all he said about the pill business is instead of me telling them I could have done it on my own and discreetly take it without them knowing.

Problem is if I kept the pill a secret there would be a chance of mum finding them when I'm still living with my family. When I went to see the nurse I talked about it and she suggested the idea of telling my mum I have bad periods. I just told her it wouldn't work whatsoever, so she said I should tell my mum that I'm going on the pill to prepare myself for when I do meet someone special. Any said more or the less same thing basically. He thought it was daft of mum to be scared of what I will do when it comes to the pill and that instead of treating me like a child she should encourage me because I'm taking care of myself sexually. Andy as well as the female doctor and nurse told me that I can't rely only on condoms because they split sometimes and that it's to use two forms of protection when it comes to sex (the condom and the pill).

But mum thinks otherwise. She says it's not like I'm in a relationship with someone at the moment and the only time I should be thinking of taking the pill is when I'm in a stable and loving relationship with a man. That's fair enough, I admit. But what if I do meet a man who I have a real connection with and we decide to be intimate with each other? What then? What if mum reacts the same way no matter if she "approves" of him? One day I was feeling disheartened and I admitted to dad that I'm convinced that mum is heavily against the  idea of me having sex in the future. He just says that it's up to me to do things in life and I have to make my own decisions because they're not going to be around forever. Also dad kinda understood the fact I don't want to remain a virgin all my life.

I've had 29 years of it already and believe me, nothing good comes out of being a virgin for too long due to sexual frustrations and the feeling you are missing out when everyone around you is having sex and/or have had sex already. I feel at times that I'm the only 29 year old virgin in this day and age. I used to be proud of being a virgin in my late teens/early 20s, but now not anymore. It gets harder for me in this day and age our culture and media is so sex oriented. Plus the fact, when a woman gets older her fertility levels starts to decrease - because I want children someday I feel that I'm running out of time and that depresses me. Men, on the other hand, are lucky as they don't have a limited amount of time - at any age they can still father a child.

Anyway back to see, we were meant to spend the entire weekend together due to his landlady visiting her sister until Monday. Earlier on today I was meant to come down to him for 1pm and he would meet me at the bus stop (like he usually does) and we would go back to his place. We were both looking forward to it because the last time I spent the night over at his house was back in September. This weekend was meant to be romantic and everything I could ever hope for until it all went up in flames. You see, I told my parents I was spending the weekend at a female friend's house to cover up the fact I was spending it with Andy.

And then when I was getting ready to go out this morning mum and I had a strange conversation and it certainly put the fear of God into me. It went like this:

Mum: Before you go out, I just want to say something. I hope you're really spending the weekend with Karol and not with Andy.  I hope you're telling the truth.
Me: I'm telling the truth, mum.
Mum: I hope you are because alarm bells are going off in my mind since you mentioned going on the pill a few weeks ago. Your father and I are not stupid, Kayley. You know my feelings about older blokes and that it's alright being friends with them.
Me: I know.
Mum: I will find out. If I do find you're telling lies then you're out of the door.

After hearing that, I didn't know what to do. It felt like as I was standing at a crossroads - do I dare go spend the weekend with Andy knowing that if they were to find out I'll be out of the house, or do I just  back out of it and not risk anything? Nonetheless I was very uncomfortable and so full of guilt and uncertainty that my chest felt kinda tight. I was half tempted to text Karol and tell her if my mum happened to message her on Facebook to ask if I was there just tell her that I am. To be honest I didn't know what to do and before mum left for work she said "I hope you enjoy yourself and have fun. Remember to stay in contact." Now I took what she said as some form of a guilt trip, so I buckled under the pressure. I decided to speak to Andy about my fears and concerns because I was at a loss of what to do.

This was our chat:

Me: Babe, before mum left for work she said something strange. She said "Before you go I hope you are spending the weekend with Karol and not that Andy. Because alarm bells are ringing in my mind all because you mentioned about the pill a few weeks ago."

Andy: OK babe, so you aren’t coming over then?

Me: And then she said "I will find out one way or another. And if you're lying then you're out of the door because you know my feelings"

Andy: Well babe, then it’s better to end things now than drag it out.

Me: I'm sorry about this.

Andy: No problem, thought that it was too good to last, anyway all the best and look after yourself.

Me: We still will be friends, yes?

Andy: Kayley, better to stop completely. It is no use pretending that I wasn’t a support to help you become more independent, and in many ways you have achieved that goal. So best end it cleanly.

Me: I
know you have helped me. And I appreciate that.

Andy: Anyway, as I said, good luck.

Me: Are you okay?

Andy: Yeah. If your mum wonders why i have defriended her, tell her you told me about what she said and I felt insulted by it. It takes the pressure off you to make something up

Me: I just dislike them at times.

Andy: Well, you will get over that, they are your parents and you must stick with them. Anyway, goodbye dear, and good luck.

Me: You're not angry with me?

Andy: No, don’t think that. Just get on with your life and have fun

Me: It's because I don't want you being angry for something I have no control over.

Andy: No worries.

Me: I'm really sorry about this.

It took me a few seconds to realise that he defriended me (as well as my mum) on Facebook as I checked his page a few seconds afterwards. Not to mention I wouldn't be surprised if he has blocked/deleted my phone number too. But in spite of what happen, after losing him as a best friend/lover, I place no blame on him. I can never hate him because up until this point he has been nothing but supportive and kind/loving to me. He's the first man I've opened up to with a space of four years and I learned to trust him. Even when we were first getting to know one another before he kissed me first I told him of my past relationships and issues/concerns/worries and stuff like that and he never judged me at all.

Both Andy and I loved each other in our own little way despite the odds we faced. It really sucked that it couldn't be a real long term relationship due to so many conditions including us both knowing my parents would hit the roof if they were to find out about us.You see, age meant nothing to him because when he was growing up he dated women a lot older than him. There were times in which we felt guilty in our ways - I felt guilty due to my mum and dad and he felt guilty because he was scared that he might have been taking advantage of me and stuff like that. He never wanted to see me hurt, he wanted to protect me because of my past experiences with men/trust issues. At times he felt like ending the 'relationship' because he thought I would be better off with a man my age so I can experience love/sex. I said to him a few times it's up to me to decide who I love and that I loved him.

It's slightly disappointing because I did want to lose my virginity to him and he hoped he could be my first as well. But as to the reason why we didn't have sex is a little complicated even though we came pretty damn close to it  more than once. He's the first man who I've felt comfortable around in real life to be intimate with and he has helped me with my confidence and in some parts of life too. He said if I didn't lose it to him, then it will happen with someone else so there's no problem there according to him.

Then again even though I've gained some experience with him, I still feel insecure about men my age. You see, older men find it a turn on if a girl is a virgin and is more than happy to show patience and guide her through her first sexual experience. But as for the majority of guys my age (or if they're slightly older or younger than me) I fear they are downright cruel. I am quite paranoid and a little bit distrustful that most, if not all, men my age DO NOT want a virgin at the age of 29 in their bed. They see that as a big fat warning sign and they don't want anything to do with her at all. I suspect that men are looking for more sexually experienced women instead of virgins - that's kinda why ever since Nick I haven't got involved with a man because I'm so scared that he will judge me for who I am (or for the many things I am not) and then reject me.

When I was with Andy I brought up this point a few times and he told me that I will find someone who will be more than happy with my lack of experience. I admit I have had plenty of first time experiences with Andy, in which I will look back on and have fond memories of. I'm just sad that it came to an end even though we both know our time was limited with one another. Maybe I was in the wrong to have let what mum said got to me this morning, but I'm only human.

If (and it's a LARGE if) I'm ever fortunate to find a guy who's closer to my age I have to be very careful what I say to my mum because it's a mistake to confide in her. No doubt she will end up ruining it for me yet again...Hell, maybe I should remain single for the rest of my life because let's face it, none of my relationships in the past has worked out for me and I find myself closing my heart so that I won't end up getting hurt. I know full well it's protecting myself for all the "wrong" reasons, but what else can I do, huh? I guess love isn't for me at all...


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Here are the things I'm willing to do:

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:star:Red vs Blue fan fiction.


As for an art/literature trade I will request a drawing from you and in return I will write a piece of literature of your choice. Another option is that we both write something for one another.

Please DO NOT ask for any kinds of drawing requests because I have no talent when it comes to drawing. I ONLY take literature/writing requests.

Track Progress of Projects For OthersI finally devised a plan to show my progress development of my works. Please bear in mind that this is not for my OWN personal projects such as any works that I do for myself. These are for requests purposes and other things like that.
I will be updating this almost every day. I think this will help me in organisation. Also it will serve as a record for me if you look at it that way.
Week 1: 30/7/12 - 5/8/12
:star: Finished off all the stamps for the 'First 25 comments gets a free stamp request' project.
:star: Finished off all the stamps for the 'First 10 comments gets a free stamp request' project.
:star: Finished off all the stamps for the 'First 12 comments gets a free stamp request' project.
:star: Done 57,000 kiriban prize for :iconXxDOAITBxX: (An acrostic poem of her DA name and also a stamp request.)
:star: Done 48,000 kiriban prize for :iconyumigetsuei: (An acrostic poem of her DA name.)
:star: Done 49,000 kirban prize for :iconMarthnely-chan: (An acrostic poem of her D


Please DO NOT thank me for sending you a Llama badge. They are usually a small gift that I give to people.

I would prefer it if you returned the favour by sending me a Llama badge rather than thanking me.

It gets a little tiresome reading "Thank you for the Llama badge!" all the time.

Oh, and for those who send me a note in regards to the Llama badge I will simply mark your note as spam.

Llamas by impersonalinfo

Feel free to visit and browse through my gallery! For more information about donating points, please see my donation pool at the top of my page.


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