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Sorry it took so long to get to Zoe!! I was finally commissionned to draw the fourth lovely lady of Firefly.

Sketchcard: 2.5' x 3.5'
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This is just gorgeous! XD
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Thanks! I don't do this style often, but I was really happy with how it came out. Thank you again for your lovely comment. :)
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A great Zoe!! Worth the waiting, no doubt!
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I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We never see enough Zoe! I love her so much!

anyway this is amazing totally captures her, and it's beautiful, but that's a "NO DUH"!
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This is my favorite Zoe sketch card...and she's all mine! :heart:
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I get a lot of great feedback from this card... and she's all yours!! I'm doing a WonderWoman in the same style this week. Should be fun. :)
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That's some fine artwork there!! :thumbsup:
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Gorgeous! Zeo is the ultimate girl power! Love the belt, the grenades, the gun... ^^
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She really is isn't she. She's one of my favorite sci-fi characters. Thanks for the comment!
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She stole jayne's grenades!!! lol

Love it.. so much attitude here.. totally appropriate!
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how cool! Zoe is a badass character and you got her right down to the determined eyes.
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Looks awesome! What did you use for colors?
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Just markers. Not inking always makes for an organic mushy feel, if you see what I'm saying. Cause on such a small drawing the marker spread shows up a lot more... spread... hmmmm... i mean how it expands because of the absorbtion of the paper. Anywho, glad you like it!
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That's amazing! Markers are tough anyway on such a tiny piece of paper, but the way you did it, it looks like a watercolor painting. I am in awe! :faint:
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In awe?? no no no... I assure you the way it looks is purely the work of the markers. It just comes out like that!
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How you pack so much detail in these cards is beyond me. I love your sketch cards. Your so versatile with your style. Keep em coming.
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Thanks bro!

Detail is actually just a question of what you're willing to draw. Try it, you'll see. And you just might like it :)
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When it comes to detail with me. Its all about the mood I'm in. A majority of the time I feel I get more results with less detail. Plus its my preference(im just lazy). I do get proud when I take on a detailed piece though.
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